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    Who was the most beautiful royal wife?

    Who was the most beautiful royal wife? Wife of a king or kind to be ...

    Alexandra of Denmark

    Mary of Teck 

    Elizabeth Queen mother

    Wallis Simpson



    Kate Middleton 

    9 AnswersRoyalty3 days ago
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    By endlessly questioning Biden's mental health, hasn't Trump lowered the bar for Biden so much that Biden is guaranteed to win the debate?

    All Biden has to do is show up and be semi-coherent and he'll have proven Trump wrong.  And in the meantime, by simultaneously portraying himself as the picture of mental acuity and coherence, Trump has set himself up for a massive loss when he goes off the rails, as he usually does, and rambles and rants incoherently like the Alzheimer's patient he is.

    Can we just declare the winner of the first debate to be Joe Biden now, please?

    8 AnswersPolitics56 mins ago
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    Do you think those Trump Tax returns are legit?

    Trump did not release them so Are they real?

    14 AnswersPolitics1 hour ago
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    The US is a shìt show.  Time to leave?

    There's 190 million whites.  Half of them are homosexuals and feminists.

    There's 40 million blacks.  Most of them are in prison, on parole, on drugs, and committing crimes.  They usually sell drugs on the side and increase costs of medical care, and all that.

    There's 40 million Hispanics.  Most of them are construction workers that sell drugs on the side.  They help spread the opiod epidemic, run up the cost of medical care and increase the crime rates indirectly through their drug dealing businesses.

    Then there's the Asians.  They're mainly quiet, work hard, study hard, do good in school, and get lucrative engineering and tech jobs.

    151 AnswersPolitics3 days ago
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    Trump wants to jam an extremist on the Supreme Court while the coronavirus continues to be out of control in America?

    Cases of COVID-19 are on the rise again, with the nation tallying a troubling 55,000 in a single day Friday.The hike follows a generally downward trend through August and early September. It was the highest single-day increase since Aug. 14, when the country reported 64,350 new cases over 24 hours.The U.S. has now recorded more than 7 million cases and more than 204,000 deaths. New cases are on the rise in 22 states as Americans head into fall and face an increasing likelihood of contagion indoors and a complicating flu season. Some states have set new records in recent days too.

    56 AnswersPolitics1 day ago
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    My husband got an inappropriate gift from a friend...?

    My husband received a very VERY personal and important gift from a female friend. This gift was something that meant a lot to him... he has wanted it for years but never got it... and now she got it for him. It upsets me that he even told her about it and even more, that she went out of her way (during COVID) to get it for him... I’m so upset...he keeps telling me that I am overreacting... I get that she’s his close friend (clearly I don’t like her) but I think this crosses a line... am I wrong? 

    16 AnswersMarriage & Divorce18 hours ago
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    what is your favorite all time Science Fiction movie?

    Favourite answer:

    The Day The Earth Stood Still with Michael Rennie as Klaatu, 1951, classic movie.

    18 AnswersMovies1 day ago
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    Do you have to take it?  (Used stuff)?

    Several months ago my 24 year old daughter surprised me with the news that she's giving my my first biological grandchild.  I come from a large family with 6 other siblings and this will be the family's first and only biological great-grandchild.  I've had full custody of my daughter since she was 2 and I have never scrimped on buying her what she wanted or needed.  As a single dad I prided myself on  giving her the best.  Now that my only daughter is pregnant my oldest sister, who claims to be my daughter's favorite aunt, keeps telling me about a co-worker or friend of hers who has a bunch of baby stuff she's no longer using and wants to give it to me.  Personally I've never been one to use used items and things but every few days or weeks my sister will call me and tell me that this girl has a used changing table she no longer uses and wants to give it to my daughter.  My wife and I have already purchased a crib, car seat, stroller and a few other things for our house so we're not hurting financially but am I obligated to take used furniture?  My sister knows how I am with my daughter and that I'll give her the would but I'm not about to have my grandchild using used furniture.  I don't know the condition of this furniture nor do I care.  Am I being bougie if I don't accept this furniture and why is my sister of the mindset that I need to keep taking what this other girl no longer wants?  Again, my 1st bio grandchild and I want the baby to have all new things.

    5 AnswersFamily5 hours ago
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    What’s the point of life?

    I quit my job two weeks ago. I was working as an entry level mechanical engineer at a large aerospace defense contractor. I didn’t mind the work at first, but I grew to hate it after six or so months. I didn’t care for the people or the environment and I never felt like I belonged there. My job required me to work in a cubicle in isolation. Along with my work, I spent most of my time feeling like I was missing out on life and that the 9-5 life just wasn’t for me. I thought I could keep my misery at work, but it eventually followed me home and took over my personal life. I couldn’t sleep, focus, or enjoy the things I use to. My inability to sleep turned in to night sweats and nightmares. I later fell into a bout of depression and lost all motivation to go into work. I decided to put my two week’s notice shortly after. I worked at the company for 1.5 years. 

    I now work as a freight handler at Sam’s Club. I feel so lost now and have no idea what I should do with my life. I’m afraid of going back to professional work because I don’t want to experience the same thing again.

    Is this what life is all about? Working a job, chasing money, being miserable and dying? I’m so lost and scared right now. 

    26 AnswersPsychology2 days ago
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    How can I win my husband heart back. After having an affair I realize I much I love him ?

    I thought I had fell out of love with my husband but after I had the affair and realize how crappy single men are I realized I don’t want to live without my husband I realized how amazing he is . He left me a couple of weeks ago said he’s moving to a different city. My entire attitude has changed once I went out there and seen how crappy other men are compared to my husband. I was very young And sheltered when we got together so I needed to experience life And things I felt like I was having a mid life crisis or something but now I know for certain I don’t want to be with anyone else for the rest of my life. He said that he’s not trying to be the scraps I settle for. That is NOT the case!!

    19 AnswersMarriage & Divorce1 day ago