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  • What is an online social group that you pay for monthly?

    I want to find something like this that has zoom or similar meetings because it will be less likely that I get scammers if I pay. I tried googling this but just kept getting Grand Theft Auto Groups. I think the algorithm is saying something about me lol. Where do I find this?

    1 AnswerOther - Internet2 months ago
  • Why do people in the YouTube beauty community not think?

    They are sympathetic to someone who unleashed an angry mob by making an explicit video about a teen suddenly complaining that she received a fraction of the heat. And also all these people doing 500 dollar Sephora hauls when people from Sephora were laid off, it is just all so dumb!

    2 AnswersMakeup2 months ago
  • How to reset the algorithm's view of you?

    I have noticed over the past several months that I do not get the same likes, comments, interactions on what I post as I used to. But people who know me are the ones who still interact. I believe that the algorithms on YouTube, Yahoo, Facebook, etc. Don't like something I wrote at some point and decided to screw me. I have a Samsung Note 9 and don't want a new phone as this one was an investment and is reliable. Is there an app to reset or anonymize myself within the algorithm?

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  • What is a dating site or app that is geared towards having an active conversation?

    I'm tired of having a minimum of 3 hours between sentences, it takes me at least two days to get any scope of who a person is. I also feel someone who also wants a more active conversation will have that in common with me and communicate better. So I'm either looking for a site geared at this or that has a feature that auto deletes conversations that wind up taking too long. I'm not concerned with whether there is a huge number of people on it, quality > quantity.

    Singles & Dating2 months ago
  • What do you think of the Tati and James Charles drama?

    I'm team James, she could have made a video about him without getting into everything and making it so explicit. Now she is complaining that his fans are after her but she is getting treated better than he was treated. I think instead if making an issue again she should be glad she isn't getting sued since a year has passed and just accept a little mellow drama and move on. 

    YouTube2 months ago
  • Polite way of addressing this with my psychiatrist?

    I've been with my psychiatrist for a few years and have done psychotherapy with her. I'm starting to not agree with the advice she gives (trying to expect me to empathize with someone in another country running a background check on me when I was just having an innocent chat and didn't give my full name) and I'm at a point where I just want her to make it more medical as she is good at medication managment. What is this called so I can discuss it politely?

    7 AnswersPsychology2 months ago
  • Do you think Amy Klobuchar is introverted in a good way?

    I like her, I'm more likely to vote for the Democratic ticket if she is VP. Question is if what appeals to me appeals to the majority.

    4 AnswersElections3 months ago