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  • Wavey hair when wet, dead straight when dry?

    I know absolutely nothing about hair!! Help!

    Does anyone know how to have my hair dry with the waves still in it? It's wavy when wet but dries completely straight. 

     I don't want to use heat or hair spray, but I want a reasonably cheap product that I can put in it to hold the wave??? Thankyou!!

    1 AnswerHair3 months ago
  • Light blue-grey floor.. south-west facing room.. help?

    Making it into a spare room. Want to keep it reasonably light. 

    Colour scheme ideas?

    3 AnswersDecorating & Remodeling4 months ago
  • Wall colour?

    Tinted light blue ceiling and a light blue-grey floor.. ideas for wall colour?? (Spare room decoration so gender neutral)

    1 AnswerDecorating & Remodeling5 months ago
  • No-Poo Hair Advice?

    I am on my 6th week of not using shampoo.. how long should I wait to see improvement before turning to sulphate free shampoo?

    I have long, fine hair that needed washing every day before I started attempting No-Poo. 

    1 AnswerHair5 months ago
  • Training my hair.. Advice?!?

    I am using quarentine to try and train my hair into needing to be washed less often. I have long, fine, naturally blondey brown hair that gets greasy incredibly fast to the extent where I'd wash it daily.

    I looked into converting to shampoo bars in oppose to chemical shampoos, but after finding out that bars don't react well with hard water and I am too low maintenance to go this route in a way that would make it work. I have decided my goal is to wash my hair with sulphate free shampoo much less often than I am having to wash it now.

    Therefore I am trying the no-poo method of not washing my hair with chemicals and have done 3 weeks of this. I am stuck on where to go next as I have little to no knowledge on how my hair would actually benefit. 

    I am stuck between carrying on the no-poo method for as long as possible to see if I notice results (it is currently just incredibly greasy) then shampooing it when quarantine ends, hoping that it will now naturally need less consistent washing - or washing it with my new shampoo now and wash it with this every other week to seek improvement this way.

    Or any suggestions that would be better is much appreciated!!

    3 AnswersHair6 months ago