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Sorry I'm not the saviour that I claimed to be

  • Do you think I’ll get diagnosed with adhd ?I’m 20, I don’t really strike anyone at first glance/? (Already got referred to psychologist?

    But scafed he say no ) of having it but knowing me after a good week

    You’ll start to see a lot of things that relate to adhd gyperness and or inattentive ness

    Whether it be me never completing a task, as basic as it is or me being unable to pay attention to my own words while I speak, I’ll forget what I’m saying half way through

    I lose too many things, I’ve lost my glasses multiple tones

    My phone everyday like clock work

    Right before I leave the house to get to work

    Forget to load directions to work

    I’m messy af

    I can only present myself well enough to get a job for a limited of time then slowly but surely I can’t hold myself together

    I start to take longer than normal to finish something

    My McDonald’s job was mess

    I didn’t finish taking orders or I would take an order than make a cofffe but wouldmiss to take an order

    I couldn’t multi task in drive through, when everybody else could take an order and count change

    I can barely count change by myself staring at it

    I’m sometimes slower than slow or smarter than smart

    I try so hard but I always come off as inadequate

    So many more examples I could give

    My biggest issue isn’t school or home life

    It’s now work life cuz me not being able to function like a productive normal 20 year old is getting in the way of work and I can’t keep quitting when I realize I can’t do a job or wait until my shifts get cut because I suck,only ever get stay 4monthsISH, cuz I’m Lowkey chills/personable but that doesn’t always fly/last.

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  • How can I gain confidence in myself ?

    Others around me believe in me

    But I just constantly think I’m garbage/trash

    So I don’t even try st things I want so bad

    How can I be confident and stop holding myself back??

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  • Why did I quit?

    I quit a canvassing job (for sick kids ) because I didn’t want to wear makeup everyday

    But these people in just 5 days made me feel so

    Beautiful, confident smart and just content with who I was

    I felt like I finally found my home, my people, a place where I was seen in a good light

    Like in McDonald’s I used to be yelled at by customers and made fun of for messing up (not being trained properly) and I hated myself with a passion

    That place made me feel as if I was too stupid to be working there

    And the previous job before that was retail, and this real sleezy manager used to grab my arm yell at me

    Tell me how Terrible and disrespectful I am

    I was just talked down to all the time

    But at this new canvassing job door to door

    I felt so alive, seen as an actual person

    I was given respect

    The boss liked me a lot, he called me sharp, and beautiful ahahaha

    And my trainer was like my bff she was tooo nice to me

    She bought me coffee

    She texted me saying nice things like “I believe in you, you have what it takes “

    Honestly it was just everything I wanted in a coworker place

    be like “she quit” but at the same time I didn’t want to go because I wore makeup everyday like I was breaking out

    It was suicide to my skin

    But it’s been 1 week and half since I quit, without a good excuse, I just told the boss through a text wasn’t for me thanks for the opportunity etc”

    But I regret it so bad

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  • What should my plan be moving forward ? How to get out ? Without failing? I’m 19 and my mom wanted to attack me because I said “no”?

    My older sister has been forcing me to do stuff all day

    Clean clean clean

    Take off the sound off your phone

    Like I’m a clean person, I know when to clean

    But right when I wake up in the morning

    And the first things out of her mouth is “we’re cleaning the room today, and make sure you wash your plates”

    I just woke up, of course I’m dead tired and of course I say. “Not now I’ll do it later “

    And she gets so mad she’s like “give me an exact time or I’m telling”

    I didn’t give her an exact time cuz I would do it when I felt like it, which was in 6 hours

    Cuz honestly I’m tired, I have insomnia and I only sleep rarely like twice a week

    And I have iron defiencey, I’m not trying to make an excuse but when I saw I’m exhausted it’s like when you wake up in the morning, and you her alarm sound, yeah that’s how it is for me all day everyday

    But whatever she tells my mom and says “she’s not gonna do the dishes”

    Then my mom talks to me and says “do it”

    And I told her “no I’ll do it later and thags what I told her I didn’t say I wasn’t ”

    Then my mom was like “clean it, honestly don’t worry just do it now what’s th big deal get it over with “

    I said “I’m sorry I’ll do it later”

    That’s when my mom came at me and tried to attack me I had to block the door and she was trying to hit a hangar at me directed to my face, all she could do was scratch my arms

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  • Should I take off my hijab for unit or continue wearing it to not cause severe drama ?

    Or should I just wear it for my parents/in case I get caught

    I really don’t want the stress of getting caught

    Or being outed to my parents by someonelse

    To distract me from my studies

    But I also know I have to take it off cuz it’s driving me insane

    I don’t want to wear and I never have

    I would like to be religious it’s jusy appearance wise that irritates me so much

    Idk what’s the smart move here

    I’m thinking of just not wearing it and if it goes bad put on the following semester

    It’s just 3 months for the summer semester

    Plus I’ll be commuting from my home

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  • Should I become a lawyer or become a nurse?

    I'm good with memorization but terrible with bio

    But I think I can push myself to actually study

    Because I remeber bio in grade 12 I was so lazy and I was struggling

    This school offers nursing and there's a prep course that just requires an A in English

    And I have that

    But I thought my hopes of becoming a nurse was over after bio so I felt lost for 6 months after grade 12

    Then I convinced myself that I should become a lawyer because English is something I'm good at

    Plus I like being the one to help someone

    And I love dressing professionally 😂

    Now I'm conflicted cuz I want something with job security

    And everything about law school people are saying "don't go to law school""can't find jobs"

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  • Can someone give me a pep talk about living my life independently at times? Like I can't do things alone?

    I'm too scared and always will y someone when I go shopping watch a movie

    Out to eat



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  • Is water fasting without doctors consent harmful? Whatare some effects that could occur?

    Im still going to fast. For a couple of days regardless but I'm just concerned because if it could lead to serious health consequences then probably won't do t

    I want to fast for at least 3 weeks

    But realistically I know I can get through 7 days before my mother spazzes out/finds out

    I'm 19, yes ik immature but I want to cleanse my body and lose 30 pounds because some how sadly along the way of growing up I now base my happiness on looks and I hate the way I look and I hate myself so

    Water fasting it is.

    I weight 135

    And I'm 5'8

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  • I turn 19 today?

    What was life like for you at that age

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  • What if this is my calling?

    You know when people know in their hearts what they wanna do or when they're so lost in life, the fall into something

    I feel like I'm destined to commit suicide

    And I know it's wrong to think but I'm so over this ******** life

    I just want to be happy but I don't have the courage

    I'm about to be 19 years old and I have have as many rights as an 8 year old

    I don't want to break my moms heart by living cuz then I wouldn't be able to enjoy life

    And I can't leave because I know my dad has really bad high pressure

    So I feel stuck being a slave and obeying their ****** up laws

    I can't live like this anymore and I just don't know what to do

    Out of all my siblings they failed my parents

    And they always tell me how I'm their last hope

    Honestly I wish I wasn't me

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  • What's a job that pays 25-30 dollars an hour ? That only requires a 4 year bachelor degree?

    Hopefully no math or bio is needed to get into whatever bachelor program

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  • Is this wrong of my dad to do?

    I really want to learn how to drive so I have to learn with my dad but he's like

    "If you drive with me you have to wear a skirt, you can never wear pants infront of me "

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