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  • Has anyone had an ear problem like this?

    I have to get my ears syringed like once a year. Apparently I get a lot of ear wax and then come swimming season I end up at the doctors with a clogged ear. Sometimes it hurts when they do it sometimes it doesn’t.

    Anyway I recently went for a pre employment medical and the doctor looked in my ears and said they need to be cleaned out and asked if they hurt or they were itchy (they had hurt the day before but I put that down to my head cold and they do itch a little but nothing that made me go to the doctors about).

    So I went to my local GP today and she got the nurse to syringe my ears and she looked in afterwards but couldn’t see a problem.

    It’s now 8 hours after and over the past couple of hours I have noticed my right ear feels weird. It’s hard to explain. It’s kind of like it’s blocked but I can hear perfectly out of it. It’s a little achy and it’s annoying and worrying me as when I touch it it starts to ache in my top jaw if that makes sense.

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  • itchy ear cause?

    The doctor looked in my ears today and then asked if I had itchy ears. I don’t. On occasions I get an itchy ear hole but not to the point that it worries me.

    I do have to get my ear syringed once a year but that’s usually in summer when iv been swimming.

    Iv got a cold at the moment and yesterday it felt blocked for a little bit but then came good.

    Skin Conditions2 years ago
  • How get the damp smell out of clean laundry?

    Ok so I usually have to do my washing at night and I put it under the fan to dry as I don’t have a dryer.

    The next day even after the clothes are dry they get a yuck smell to them especially the shirts.

    Now Iv read somethings online about maybe putting vinegar or borax in the machine but the property I live at has a biocycle system where I have to use environmentally friendly products like earths choice.

    I even have to watch what laundry powder I use.

    Do any suggestions for smelly washing?

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  • Can't reset iPhone 6?

    My brother gave me his iPhone 6 when he upgraded to a 7. When I go into setting his name is up the top. It automatically tells me to sign in to iCloud. He gave me his password but when I try it it tells me his apple verification has been locked for security reasons. He has 2 emails as well. It than tells me to verify account which Iv done on his behalf and still nothing. Iv tried factory resetting but it keeps telling me to sign in. It then goes on to say the hotmail address Apple ID doesn't exist.

    It's really annoying. All I want to do is set it up as my phone with my name at the top and iCloud details.

    Is it going to help if he deletes the phone off his iTunes on his computer.

    It's hard as we are in different states.

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  • Is there a chance my external hard drive could be infected?

    My laptop has **** itself. It's either the hard drive or viruses. It gave my a few options to try and restore it (which didn't work), to save everything externally (which I'm hoping I did properly) or to factory reset (which I didn't want to do incase I didn't save everything to the external hard drive).

    So anyway I haven't had the cash to take my laptop to a professional. I just got given a free laptop from my mum. I want to check if I did save everything to my hard drive but am now scared incase it has any infected files.

    I plan on getting a paid full subscription anti virus before I start using my new laptop. So should I just wait until then to check my hard drive?

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  • 3 days after a workout and I'm still really sore. Will it go away soon?

    Ok I do Pt once a week for 1/2hr then do my own workouts the rest of the week. Anyway at Monday's pt session I had to do with squats and presses with a barbell (no weights). Not that hard. Well apparently to my body it was. I am still in so much pain. The front of my thighs are so stiff it's hard to bend,walk. The same with my right tricep. When I straighten my arm out the muscle hurts and I tried to do arm circles and it killed.

    I do do weight training at home but only use Dumbbells. I do a little at pt but mostly cardio.

    About 5 weeks ago at pt I was doing pull ups (which I am piss weak at) and sit ups/lying tricep extensions with a 15kg plate. The same thing happened. The next day my arms seized up. The next week I couldn't do any tricep work and I was still a little sore the week after that.

    Will my pain go away soon? Should I see my doc yet? And when can I return to exercise that will burn serious calories, not just stretches?

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  • Anyone used Clenavar thermogenic powder?

    My sister in law is using it and said she lost 3.2kgs in 2 weeks. She said its decreased her appetite but it tastes like crap.

    I used to take Oxy (before it got banned), albutrex and black bombs but the tastes got too sickly that I couldn t stomach it.

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  • How to get ri of fleas outside?

    I live in a rental house and my dogs didn't have fleas before we moved here. I'm pretty sure the previous tenant didn't get the place sprayed.

    Anyways it's on acreage and it's an unlined liveable shed with concrete floors. On 1 side of the shed there is an enclosed patio area that has a brick and dirt/sand floor. At the back and on the other side it's brick pavers then dirt, trees and bush around the rest.

    I treat my dogs with the comfortis tablets. The patio area is the worst affected and that's where the dogs were but we'v moved them around the back.

    Tried a vinegar/lemon juice spray but of course that didn't work. Just got the place professionally sprayed and he tells us after he sprayed that he used an "environmentally safe spray" as we have 2 young kids. We only noticed a couple that night but 3 days later their back with avengence 😡 The patio area is where we have to walk to come into the shed. Haven't noticed any fleas inside yet. I'm pretty sure the fleas are coming from the other side of the patio area where the dirt and palm trees are. I heard that using other product aswell as a professional treatment will stop the pro treatment from working?

    Anyways any suggestion because I'm going insane.

    Also a friend said the real estate should reimburse us for the spray but we haven't mentioned anything to them and we have been here for 3 months months.

    3 AnswersDogs5 years ago
  • Put on weight and trying hard to shift it again?

    I'm 34yrs old, female and weight 65kgs. I know what I have to do to lose weight. Back in June 2013 I started at 73kgs (after having my 2nd child) and by November 2014 I was at 59kgs....and then it all went to **** basically. My workout buddy went back to work so I didn't have that support anymore. We kept each other motivated. I started eating the wrong foods again and drinking alcohol. In 3 months I had put on 4kgs. 11 months later I'm at 6kgs heavier.

    I don't have a problem with working out I'll get up at the butt crack of dawn to workout it's just what workouts to do. We use to do pt twice a week then workout together 3 times a week then day a workout by ourselves 1 day. I google workouts like there's no tomorrow but don't know how to mix them up (weight training how long for and how heavy to go).

    The eating side kills me. I'm always looking for the next fad diet 😔. Iv kept diaries, input food on MFP, tried 12wbt, 5:2diet. I find it hard to stick to 1200 calories. I'm either over or under (but under more). Iv tried carb cycling. I think my problem is I don't stick to one thing long enough.

    The other adults in my house don't give a **** about their weight either and always keep junk in the house.

    I find I plateau a lot aswell.

    Does anyone have any useful suggestions?

    2 AnswersDiet & Fitness5 years ago
  • How to stop my screamer?

    My son is nearly 3 and is quite a handful. I'm surprised I haven't signed myself into the looney bin yet. Anyway whenever things don't go his way he has the highest pitched scream and it drives me bonkers. Anything from hearing no to his sister tormenting him to him being frustrated because he can't do something sets him off. And it's not just at home it's in public aswell and quite embarrassing. I dread to think what our new neighbours think.

    So does anyone else have this problem? Will the screaming stop soon and if not how do I fix it?

    I try reasoning with him and even putting him in time out but he will just sit/stand and scream constantly.

    13 AnswersNewborn & Baby5 years ago
  • What are the best suburbs to live in with a young family in Townsville?

    Thinking of moving to Townsville next year and would like to know where the best suburbs are for living and school. Also what areas are prone to flooding? Will be renting and I have 2 kids ages 7 and 2. I usually like to rent properties on acreages so any info on nice properties out of town aswell would be good.

    Thanks in advance.

    2 AnswersQueensland (Brisbane)5 years ago
  • Can I exchange my TV?

    I bought a TV from big w today and it looked a lot bigger in the box. When i got it out its way too small. Iv got everything it came in except I peeled that clear sticky stuff off the edge of TV (plus receipt).

    Am I entitled to take it back to exchange for the next one up which is $130 dearer.

    2 AnswersOther - Computers5 years ago
  • 2 year old keeps getting cysts under eye?

    My son is nearly 2 and a 1/2 years old and for months on end now has been getting eye cysts. They first just started off as redness on his upper or lower eyelid.

    A couple of months ago he had the redness on his lower lid and I kept warm compressing it but then noticed a big white pus spot on the inside. Hospital told me nothing to worry about as its only been there a couple of weeks and just to keep compressing it. It eventually went away but not long after that I noticed he had no redness just a lump under lower eyelid. Took him to my GP and she said it s just blocked ducts and to keep warm compressing it. The problem with this is it says to apply compress for 5-10mins, I m lucky if he lets me hold on there for 5-10 seconds.

    What to do? I try and hold him so I can do it abit longer but he screams and kicks. Will this affect his vision in any way? Will it be a constant thing?

    2 AnswersToddler & Preschooler5 years ago
  • were the landlords suppose to fix this?

    My brother has 2 bathrooms house was a duplex but now 1 big 4bd house. Had his brother in law living with them when shower head in the brother in laws bathroom fell on his head. Landlords changed it. About a month after BIL moves out. A couple of weeks later go in to clean bathroom and white shower has blue splatters everywhere. Landlords blame BIL for "maybe putting cleaning agent in shower and forgetting to clean it". Turns out it was a leaky shower. Something wrong with pipes...lead or corrosion or something and it leaks blue. Landlords clean with acid then remove shower head as no one is using that bathroom.

    Months after no hot water at one end of house (2 small hot water heaters outside). Electricity company said that size heater is not big enough for family of 4. Brother told landlords but instead of buying a bigger size tank they just got plumber to run all hot water through the one little tank.

    BIL moves back in and still no second shower or bigger or 2nd water heater.

    The landlords were kind of like well your on long lease and don't plan on going anywhere and we can't afford to fix it (but can fix or car and JetSki).

    Are the landlords suppose to fix the above problems seeing as their paying rent for a 4bd 2 bathroom house?

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  • Breaking lease in qld?

    My brother and his family have been in their private rental property for 3.5years. They still have 7 months left on their 2 year lease. They are a 1 income family with 2 kids.

    My brother was in the same job for 5 years but got told to basically take a job offer if it comes up. So he didn't wait around he found a job straight away only to find out he has to take a massive pay cut.

    They now don't know how their going to afford their rent. He's going to talk to landlords but wants to basically move out before it gets to the point where he stops paying rent because he can't afford it.

    So how does it work? They don't get their bond back? They have to keep paying rent until either someone else moves in or lease expires? They pay advertising costs?

    They really don't want to have to break it but don't see any other way unless lanlord drops their rent by at least $150. Their that desperate I think they might be moving back in with my mum 😒

    2 AnswersRenting & Real Estate5 years ago
  • How long do anti depressant meds take to work?

    My sister has depression. She s on sertra the strongest ones. The doc said it will get worse before it gets better. She s nearly at 2 weeks on them. She said they make her feel really weird like all spaced out. She also has anxiety meds but they give her massive headaches so she stopped them.

    She doesn t work, she sleeps all day is up all night, eats crap, doesn t exercise, doesn t help with housework.

    It s really hard because I don t know how to help her. I got her to ring a counsellor the other day to make an appointment and they never rang her back.

    I have two younger kids who absolutely love her but obviously don t see what s going on with her. It s pretty draining for me too as I m trying to figure out ways to help her but I also have two kids to look after, housework to do plus look after myself.

    Will they start to make her feel better soon. I feel bad saying this but I don t know how much more I can handle

    1 AnswerMental Health5 years ago
  • Where did the add playlist selection go?

    Iv got an iPhone 5. When I 1st got a made a playlist but then deleted it. Now when I go into playlist down the bottom it doesn't show the add playlist button with the plus sign. So I can't make any playlists. I even reset my phone but it didn't come back.

    1 AnswerMobile Phones & Plans6 years ago
  • could my laptop be infected?

    I pressed yes on an online survey center pop up (dumb i know) but didnt go any further. I didnt enter any info just clicked out. My laptops been runny slow since like i'll search something then click into it. It will just have a white page saying its loading.

    I use personal hotspot for internet on my laptop. I have avast free anti virus on both. Iv run scans but nothing.

    Iv restored. First time worked. Now it doesnt.

    Could i be infected with malware?

    2 AnswersSecurity6 years ago
  • why am i so sluggish?

    So from june 2013-dec 2014 i was physically active 5-6 days a week and i watched what i ate and drank (i had lost 14kgs). Come just before xmas last year i didnt exercise or diet for 3 weeks straight.

    just after new years i decided to get back on the workout/diet train but it didnt go to plan. Im lucky if i workout 3 days a week and i try to eat right but the end up eating something bad.

    In 2 months i put on 5kgs which put me back in the overweight range instead of healthy.

    iv just lost all motivation, im tired all the time, feel nauseous, want to eat more than often, iv been getting headdaches more than usual.

    the past year my period has been all over the shop. I missed my period in january. did a home test last month but it was negative and then i got my period.

    i got freaked out because of the weight gain,fatigue, nausea because they were my symptoms when i was pregnant.

    so im going to the doctors. But what if im not pregnant? What other reasons could there be for everything i described above?

    1 AnswerWomen's Health6 years ago
  • could i be pregnant?

    im 23 days late. I did a home test a few days ago it was negative.i havent had a period since 2nd of jan. I did miss a tablet last month.

    late last year i missed a period a couple of months in a row. Did home tests and at doctors.all negative. I had missed a few days of my pill those months which then brought on bleeding. my doc said if i even miss 1 tablet it could stop my period that month. Im on noriman by the way.

    the only thing thats stressing me out is iv put on 5kgs in 2 months but i just took that as because iv been eating lots of fried fatty foods,takeaway and drinking alcohol and soft drinks. before that i watched what i ate and drank and worked out quite alot.

    im freaking out!!!

    1 AnswerPregnancy6 years ago