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  • Could you be friends with someone who believes your sexuality is a “sin”, according to their bible?

    A longtime friend of mine just expressed these beliefs to me. I’ve never heard her say this in the years we have been friends. She says she doesn’t judge me and she loves the sinner, not the sin. I think it’s BS, to be honest. It’s deep seeded homophobia disguised as religious beliefs. 

    What do I even do from here? Have you been in a similar situation?

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  • Red flag or paranoia?

    I’m a female and my girlfriend is not out and has never dated a woman before. She identifies as bisexual, but will only date women now and sometimes have sex with men. We are in an exclusive, monogamous relationship. 

    She dated a guy for 6 years and they broke up a few years ago. However, they’ve remained close and would still have sex after breaking up. To this day, she talks about him all the time, including details about their past sex life. 

    I’ve asked her why she talks about him all the time and if I have anything to worry about. She says they are just best friends and nothing more, that there’s no romantic feelings there anymore, and that he has always been there for her when no one else was. She claims he is her only friend here. She also says that if she ends up marrying a woman, she will use his sperm to have children...and he knows that. 

    Am I wrong for feeling uncomfortable in this situation? I am not a jealous person, but this is a new situation for me to be in. I’ve told her I’d like to meet him, since he’s important to her. 

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  • Roommate issues with pets. Help!?

    My roommate has 2 dogs. Her work is less than 5 minutes from home, so she has the opportunity to go home at lunch to walk them so they are not kenneled for 9+ hours each day. Lately, she’s been using her lunch hour to go to the gym instead of check on her dogs. Then some days, she won’t get home til late because she has to run errands after work. How do I tell her that this is not ok or fair to the dogs? They are constantly kenneled. Also not fair to me to hear them whine my whole lunch break. These dogs are her responsibility, not mine.

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