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  • My little sister hits me, what should I do?

    Well so.. I m 16 years old and my sister is 14. Maybe I m the older one but she is taller then me. I went through a lot when I was young. I was bullied in middle school that made me sick for a whole month and it made myself as a person very weak. I went to 3 different highschool s. And my dad left us this year. A lot happened until now and I m sure my mom and sister also have it difficult but this isn t normal.

    Since the age of 12-13 she began to hurt me, mostly physically but also mentally. First it where scratches or slaps that didn t hurt much. But then it begun to be worse. She would try to pull out my hair, kick me or hit me repeatedly. It was so bad that at some point I already begun to back away when she putted her hand in the air when we were arguing.

    First did my parents came between it. But because I m so weak I always cried and just sat on the ground, waiting till it was over. But then my sister became taller. She didn t listen to my parents at anything they said. She felt confident of herself. And then when she began to hurt me again they didn t stop her. At the end they would lecture her but the next moment she would do it again.

    Today she did it again, she kicked me against the fridge that hurted my back very hard. But my mom wasn t here to stop her, so she just continued. I asked what I did wrong but she never gives me a proper answer.

    So if you made this far, please could you help me.

    (Also sorry for my broken English, I m from Belgium)

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