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  • Friend with epilepsy - memory loss after seizure?

    My cherished friend has epilepsy as a result from a serious head injury sustained many years ago. Thing is, he had a seizure the other day; and now he has short-term memory loss to the point where he does not recognize me at all. Actually, he does some memories; but they're all jumbled - like a game of 52 pick-up.

    My question is has anyone ever experienced this before and what is the likelihood that his synapse will settle down and he'll regain is memory to the point whereby he'll recognize me again?

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  • Seniors I need your opinions and help with this.?

    I am the live-in companion for an elderly man - my prince among men - who is in a nursing home recovering from a terrible accident. His adult children (who are my age) have put me out of the home their father and I shared (his family home) without sufficient written notice (which is against the law). They have also barred me from seeing him claiming that he has dementia. I think I am being lied to about that - but nonetheless, I am complying with their request until I can think of what I really need to do. Their father and I have/had been an established couple for over 6 years and were happy together.

    I believe I have a case against these people but I am torn as to whether to even file as it would be very sad for their father. On the other hand, my rights have been violated and some justice would be good.

    what should i do? file the complaint against my beloved's children for putting me out and restricting me from visiting him - or just walk away and leave the two of us confused and sad? Clearly there is no "good" choice here - but could you advise me as to what you would do in this case?

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  • Does anyone know anything about raising orphan bats?

    This is not exactly the right forum but there is no "wildlife and conservation" forum, I thought I'd at least ask.

    There is a small colony of bats (probably eastern little browns) living in the attic of the cabin where I live (WV-USA). Here in the Eastern US, they are now considered threatened, so I feel quite blessed with my little neighbors - and they are quite welcome to live there. They are an insect-eating variety, so they are welcome to eat as many mosquitoes and other bugs to their hearts' content.

    I have, sadly, come across several pups, most of which are dead. However, if I were to find a living specimen, what is the best way to care for the little sweethearts until they can fly away on their own? I've hand-raised baby birds, but bats are an entirely different branch of the tree.

    Yes, I will contact my local wildlife resources people for more information - but I thought I'd ask if there was anyone out there with experience in rehabilitating orphan bats.

    Thanks for your input.

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  • My son just died from a drug OD. Why do I not feel remorse?

    I just learned that my 25 year old son just died from a drug overdose (everything points to heroin but the Med.Ex. hasn't received the toxicology reports yet) Yes, I am terribly shocked and sad - but for some strange reason I feel more "at peace" than remorseful. He had dealt with addiction for at least a decade.

    I read about parents in this situation going ballistic - tearing their hair and screaming and all that. Why do I feel at peace, almost grateful? I mean, he was my only child and I loved him despite the drugs... and now he is dead for heaven's sake.

    Am I still in shock or what? Any parents out there who may have gone through this kind of tragedy have any good advice for me?

    Thanks for not being snide or mean in your answers.

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