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  • What Do You Think This Reoccurring Dream Might Mean?

    I've had this dream twice now, back to back. The weird part is, I haven't been able to remember any of my other dreams as of late, except for this one. So the dream is mostly the same, but there are slight differences.

    I'm in my car driving on a straight 4 lane road (2 on either side), I pass my boyfriend in his white jeep (he's going the opposite way). I'm the only one driving on my side, meanwhile he has his work buddies driving a work truck, and there are also these 4 guys sitting around a black table playing cards or something on his side. Well, as I pass these guys at the table, I stare at them. When I finally look forward again, there are 2 cops cars blocking my lanes, so I swerve to try and dodge them. I end up swerving into a wide boat launch.

    Now here is where the dreams slightly differ.

    1st dream:

    I land in the water slightly but I'm able to drive back up. For some reason, my car ends up hitting this giant rusty metal wall that suddenly appeared in the middle of the launch, so it makes a loud bang and my car slides back in. I'm banging on the window of my car as it fills up with water, the faceless cops just stare down at me. I wake up.

    2nd dream:

    I land in the water again, I drive up, I hit the rusty wall, I fly out of the windshield and then I wake up. 

    And that's my reoccurring dream that makes no sense to me.

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