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  • Need financial advice?? ?

    I am 25 years old I am a waitress making 100-150$ a day 5 days a week. So at least 500$ a week. Recently I had a bad car accident out of state costing me tons of money . 500$ a month to pay off my hospital bill after already paying 2,000$ towards the bill. 290$ a month for my car payment monthly, 150$ for insurance payment , and 150$ a month towards an emergency surgery I had done. All of these payments on top of electricity and WiFi and gas, etc. I don’t make quite this much a month . What is a smart way to go about paying all of this? I work overtime already so working more isn’t an option. I also walk dogs as a side gig . What happens if you can’t make a payment plan payment ? Should I open a credit line ? Please help! All my mom says is to find a new job but I make more than most hourly workers ! 

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  • How to regain access to my fb ? ?

    I no longer have the email or the phone number linked to the account and it won’t let me back on no matter what ... HELP!!! 

    2 AnswersPassword and Sign In5 months ago
  • Work availability ? ?

    I work almost everyday at a restaurant. They approved my availability for Monday -Saturday mornings only and they have me scheduled for evenings that I cannot work. If i call off and say that I can’t work because I’m not available at that time can they fire me ?

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  • Work availability? Help ?

    Hi. So I work at a restaurant and my availability has always been Monday through Saturday 8am-5pm and they usually schedule me everyday. Well recently they put me on for Monday evenings in which I cannot work at all due to my mother working and my sister who is mentally challenged and diabetic needs someone to monitor / watch her. Due to covid-19 she no longer can go to her place to be watched so I told my mom I’d love to watch her. 

    If I call off work today due to this will they fire me ? Is it ok for them to put me on for work days I can’t work ? 

    4 AnswersOther - Careers & Employment5 months ago
  • It’s been 10 days and my package is still not at UPS access point . ?

    Hi I have my unemployment coming in the mail and it was supposed to be here the 22nd. My ups tracking info says it’s inbound to cvs but that hasn’t changed yet. Is something wrong ? I don’t understand.. cvs doesn’t have it 

  • iCloud photos ? ?

    Hello, my bf just got a new phone and backed it up through his icloud and got all of his pictures back.. even really old ones. When we first started talking he had tons of nude pictures of his exes and of his tinder dates .... if I made him delete them awhile back are they now back on his phone since he had an iCloud? Or are they permanently gone . I expressed to him that if they were in his phone I would appreciate him to delete them but I know how he is and he won’t but will say he did . 

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  • I still haven’t received my debit card from unemployment in the mail after 2 months?

    I am still awaiting the arrival of my unemployment debit card. Online it says pending debit card but three payments were applied to it . It has been two months now and I can’t talk to a real person they won’t answer their phones and they have my correct address and everything . Is anyone else still waiting to actually receive their unemployment money far after they applied ?

    Credit6 months ago
  • Unemployment ? ?

    Any one else still have not received their credit card in the mail and / or any of your payments ??? I’ve been waiting almost three months now for the credit card and they have put over three unemployment payments onto it yet still no card ... and correct address . They still don’t have phone people to answer my call 

    3 AnswersCredit6 months ago
  • Blood sugar 212 and not diabetic? ?

    At dinner my sister did her blood sugar then my mom, aunt and I did ours to see what they were . Mine was 212 which is high I guess for a non diabetic. I did have two sodas a sprite and a root beer , then I ate dinner and had Rice Krispies for desert . I am also on hydroxycut black which is loaded with caffeine.... also have had an ovary removed due to a cyst not to long ago. Are these the reasons for my high blood sugar ? Should I be worried ? I’m average weight and 24 . No symptoms other than my high sugar ....

    10 AnswersDiabetes6 months ago
  • I am 25 debating what to do with career/school.?

    I feel old and unsuccessful, I turn 25 in Sept. I went to college on 2015-2017 and did all prerequisites towards an ultrasound program which I got denied from three years straight with perfect grades (A and above in everything) . Upset and feeling like a failure I turned to an ekg program and obtained my certification in the end of 2018. Unsuccessful in finding a job in ekg since all last year due to them wanting experience, or EMT/ Medical assistant , I feel very defeated and like I’m stuck and going nowhere. I am debating going back to college . If I do will I have to start 100% from scratch? Prereqs and all? Should I keep trying to obtain a job in Ekg? I don’t see myself being an emt or a medical assistant. I want to remain aiming towards the medical profession, do you know any good positions I should try for ? I am very smart I love school and was always a great student but it hasn’t been an easy path for me . Please help with opinions, insights, knowledge , anything !!!! Appreciate you all! 

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  • I stupidly submitted a new unemployment claim!?!?

    Hey everyone , in a time like this where I can’t get ahold of a real person from Illinois department of employment Security, I am coming to you ! 

    I filed a claim last month and it got approved and I certified for a week but when I went to decertify for my next payment I accidentally resubmitted an unemployment claim (meaning I have my original approved and a new one pending).

    Will they approve my new one with the old one still there? Will I not be able to get paid for my weeks due to this mistake? How should I go about handling this if they don’t have phone staff? Please help 

    1 AnswerUnited States7 months ago
  • Haven’t recieved unemployment credit card? ?

    I have not recieved my unemployment credit card in the mail. I filed for unemployment beginning of April. I recieved a message saying that ides is delayed due to high volume. It says on my account that they deposited money onto the card that I have yet to receive and activate. Is it just delayed and coming in the mail soon? Who should I contact if I don’t get one ? If o do get one and activate it how do I get the already deposited money onto it if it wasn’t active at the time the money was deposited? 

    3 AnswersCredit7 months ago
  • Help!? Could this be a blood clot or pneumonia? ?

    I don’t have a fever .. before a recent surgery I had slight right chest pain and shoulder pain (towards the back of my shoulders) . Now after my surgery I have tightness in my lungs while breathing , have been waking up with a raving heart, shoulder pain is more prominent and I’m tired. I have been laying with two pillows and in weird positions due to recovery ...could that be why my shoulders hurt ? and I still have the lung tightness and diaphragm pain but my body may just be under stress. What do you think ? Should I go to the Er ? 

    1 AnswerRespiratory Diseases8 months ago
  • How bad did your laparoscopy hurt ? ?

    On a scale of 1-10 how bad was your after pain from a laparoscopy? I am getting an ovary taken out through a robotically assisted laparoscopy. I will also have it removed through a c section like cut . Just curious please be 100% honest 

    1 AnswerPersonal Finance8 months ago
  • Huge pelvic mass/ ovarian cyst but no pain? ?

    Hi, I’ve just been told that I need to have my pelvic/ovarian cyst which is 15cmx10cm removed with robotic laparoscopy as well as a mini c section. I don’t quite understand how I have such a huge mass and no symptoms or pain . Is this normal? They’re going to remove my left ovary .... will my pain after surgery be unbearable since I’ve never had any pain beforehand ? I’m kinda torn that something that is only taking up space and not affecting me pain wise or any other way is going to make me have pain and remove an ovary from surgery . Why cause myself pain if there was none to begin with :(? Need some guidance and understanding please and Thankyou !!!

    2 AnswersWomen's Health9 months ago