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  • Is this...a poem maybe?

    5 AnswersPoetry6 years ago
  • If Obama was trying to destroy the USA?

    If Obama was trying to destroy the USA, why did he do anything at all when he took office after he won his first election?

    It seems to me that he could have effectively destroyed the US by doing nothing after he took office, and let things continue on the trends that were set by the previous administration.

    5 AnswersPolitics6 years ago
  • Do men wear a kind of emotional makeup?

    Do men suppress their vulnerability in an effort to appear more masculine?

    If so, is this similar to the way that women wear make up to hide their flaws and appear more feminine?

    11 AnswersGender Studies6 years ago
  • Has the meaning of misogynist changed in recent history?

    I encounter the term used to differently than what I thought it meant.

    More frequently I experience that the term is used to mean "one that disagrees with a feminist".

    Has the meaning changed?

    6 AnswersGender Studies6 years ago
  • A question about cheaters?

    If you realize that someone is married or in a serious relationship, and you decide to sleep with that are you any less of cheater than they are?

    Aren't you just as much a cheater if you are willing to have sex with someone you know is married or in a relationship?

    If not, why?

    11 AnswersMarriage & Divorce6 years ago
  • Do you think women or men are more likely?

    Do you think women or men are more likely to be attracted to someone that is married or in a serious relationship?

    Who do you think is more likely to act on that attraction, a women or a man?

    What, if anything, does that say about that particular gender in general?

    8 AnswersGender Studies6 years ago
  • Why do feminist have such resentment for nice guys?

    What is it about being a nice person and male that brings out such resentment, contempt, and disdain from feminist?

    13 AnswersGender Studies6 years ago
  • How is patriarchy measured?

    What units of measurement are used to empirical quantify patriarchy?

    3 AnswersGender Studies6 years ago
  • How is sexism different from objectification?

    Is objectification a social injustice?

    Are people forced to conform with these roles?

    Are people discriminated against if they chose not to conform with these roles?

    5 AnswersGender Studies6 years ago
  • non-consensual conception?

    A few questions.

    In cases where your DNA was used by another party to induce conception that resulted in the birth of child of which you were a biological parent completely without your consent.

    Would you still pay court ordered child support if you contested custody in the matter and the court's ruled in favor of the other parent even though you did not consent to the conception of that child?

    Do you think there should be laws that protect against non-consensual conception?

    This can hypothetically apply to either gender in the not so distant future.

    Also can you state if you are male or female and if you identify yourself as a feminist or MRA?

    5 AnswersGender Studies6 years ago
  • Women, how would you react if?

    Imagine you go out on a date and things between you and the fella don't work out.

    However about a year after you two break it off, you are contacted with notice that you are a biological mother of a child and must provide child support.

    How would you react if the man had salvaged some of your DNA, used it and his sperm to cause conception, and then paid a surrogate to have the child.

    Then used your DNA sample to show that you are the biological mother and legally liable for child support.

    How would you react to this?

    This is hypercritical may be plausible in a not so distant future.

    Do you think that there should be laws that protect people from

    non-consensual conception?

    7 AnswersGender Studies6 years ago
  • What is a way to increase the effectiveness in prosecuting rape cases?

    Assuming that you live in a society in which the overwhelming majority of people do not commit rape.

    And assuming that you live in a culture that values justice for those that are victims of a crime...including rape.

    As well as considering the forensic difficulty in providing evidence to any reasonable doubt that a rape has occurred.

    What are some reasonable things that a society which values equality under the law by the presumption of innocence for all those accused of a crime can do which would be productive in making prosecution of rape more effective and reliable?

    7 AnswersGender Studies6 years ago
  • If women are not reporting rape?

    Does that mean they are perpetuating rape culture?

    5 AnswersGender Studies6 years ago
  • Where you live, what percentage of the population are rapist?

    In my country it is estimated that only about 4.5% are rapist.

    How much of the percentage of the population has to be rapist in order for your culture to be considered a rape culture?

    6 AnswersGender Studies6 years ago
  • How can I end rape culture?

    What can the individual do to end rape culture?

    12 AnswersGender Studies6 years ago
  • Which is more important?

    Protecting the innocent or incarcerating criminals?

    The crime of rape is difficult to prove.

    Feminist will tell that means our culture is a rape culture.

    But it is because it is the presumption of innocence creates a difficult burden of proof.

    So is it more important to lock up people accused of rape by reducing the burden of proof by removing the presumption of innocence.

    Or is it more important that a justice should start from the point of a presumption of innocence for everybody in all accusations of crime, equally?

    4 AnswersGender Studies6 years ago
  • Only feminist are qualified to establish equality?

    Feminist must be so militant because men are unable and unqualified to determine gender equality.

    It is a feminist duty to educate men about this in order to insure that equality is balanced between both genders.

    Don't you think it is for men's own good?

    4 AnswersGender Studies6 years ago
  • Is it just me?

    For some reason I have this deep suspicion of militant feminist.

    I feel like they are trying to project their issues onto me, and what is implicated by their claims is disturbing.

    Do any other males feel this way about feminism?

    2 AnswersGender Studies6 years ago
  • Should all men feel ashamed?

    Some men are rapist.

    And most rapist are men.

    Ergo...all men should feel ashamed?

    Also...if all men feel ashamed about rape, will that be an effective compensation for the victims of rape?

    Will it heal them?

    Will it restore their faith in mankind?

    In humanity?

    10 AnswersGender Studies6 years ago