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Things that I have interest, expertise in, or information about: 1. Music Theory 2. Japanese, Chinese, American and British culture 3. Violin and French Horn playing 4. Cosmotology 5. Fashion 6. General advice for crisis situations 7. Microsoft Office applications 8. Deaf studies 9. Mission work 10. World religions

  • Should I transfer to a private university or stay in the local public university?

    Pros of going: Challenging academics, wholesome environment (i.e. no professors get away with sleeping with students), being with like-minded people, professors are more kind and understanding, a fresh start to a different life, cheaper to both live and study, and better networking for a job after graduation.

    Pros of staying: No room or board expense (live with my folks), decent education at an affordable price (but still more expensive for just tuition and fees, vs. the private university which is cheaper, even with room and board), staying close to family and friends, and some job opportunities.

    Basically, it's more convenient to stay, but it would be better for my future if I go. My family is here, but my future is there. I should add that I'm very close to my family, especially my brother and his children. I know there's Skype, but it's not the same. Help!

  • I'm a US citizen wanting to marry a UK citizen. After marriage, what do I do?

    Basically, after we're married and he's able to work and live as a legal resident in the US, what will we need to expect?

    1. Will he need to pay both countries' taxes?

    2. If we want to buy a house, what will that require, if there's anything beyond what's normally required for house ownership in the United States?

    If there's any other kind of information you think could be beneficial, please share it! Any information regarding my questions would be really helpful, believe me! Thanks!

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  • I'm such a messy person, I need to learn to be a clean freak!?

    I know it's laziness, but I don't know how to get over it. I look at a mess and i think, "ugh, I hate that the mess is there, but I really, REALLY don't feel like cleaning it up." How do I make myself get over that and think, "I have to clean it for (insert awesome motivational phrase here)"

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  • What would be a good wedding theme for David's Bridal dress p9599?

    When you see this dress, what theme comes to mind? This is my wedding dress that I absolutely adore, but I can't figure out a theme for the wedding, since I love a bit of everything. So please help me pick out a theme!

    Here's a picture of it:

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  • How do I keep 9 toddlers busy and focused on one thing at a time?

    I work for a daycare center, and I have to say firstly, that I absolutely love it. I love kids! However, if one is to be honest, it's really difficult to keep nine toddlers busy on one thing at a time. Especially when we try and do story time, 3-4 toddlers like to go and play with other things, and what results is a brawl over a toy. Is there a way I can keep those toddlers focused, even for one minute, or am I asking the impossible?

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  • Trying to find a vintage W.A.V.E. uniform, can't find it on EBAY or any search engine...?

    I'm wanting a WAVE uniform for Halloween this year, not just for fun but because I want to honor my grandparents (three of them were in the navy during WW2 and one was in the USO). If you could tell me where I can purchase the WAVE uniform or how to turn a simple black skirt suit into one, please let me know! Thanks!

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  • Weight loss goal question?

    I've been losing weight since January (25 lbs total since then), but I'm not quite sure what size I should aim for, so please help! I'm large boned (my fingers can't reach totally around my wrist) and my current measurements are 43-38-44. When I was 13, I was 5'2, 125 lbs and a size 8 women's. I'm now 24, 5'3, 183 lbs and a size 14 (used to be 208 lbs and a size 18). My question is: what is the smallest I can be (measurements, size, and weight) without risking my health?

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  • How can I improve my communication skills and confidence for the workplace?

    I work for David's Bridal, and I'm a consultant. It's starting to not work for me, seeing as how the longer I work there, the more insecure I become at greeting new brides. Out of the 17 brides I've had so far since working in May, 5 of them requested to no longer work with me. My manager pulled me aside and said for me to work on not what I say, but how I say it and that if I'm not confident in what I'm doing, the brides wont have confidence in me.

    For example:

    ~A bride comes in, and I greet with a smile and a handshake that is sincere, yet it's taken as insincere and me looking like I want their money (when I'm so NOT materialistic and I'm sincerely wanting to help them find their perfect dress).

    ~When the bride's party decides to walk into the racks, thinking it's WalMart, and pulls out 20 something wedding gowns and thinks the Bride should try them all on, (when the dressing rooms are only big enough for 3 at a time) I lose confidence because I don't know how to take charge of that situation.

    ~Most of the time, I'm given another bride to work with, so I have 2 brides to help at the same time. I'll have at least one bride, if not both, complain that I'm not giving them enough time, even though I explained to them that it's Saturday (meaning party central), and that I will probably work with another bride at the same time.

    ~I get so nervous that I lose the calmness needed to make small talk and make the customers comfortable around me.

    All in all, my manager told me I made the brides feel awkward with the littlest things I'm doing wrong, yet my manager won't tell me how to do the right thing, instead of just pointing out the things I'm doing wrong, because they're "not here to babysit".

    I just want to give my brides a great experience and help them find their dress at a good price. Help!

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  • Mothers of engaged daughters, may I ask a question regarding bridal sales?

    The question is this: When you arrive at a bridal salon, could you tell me, in detail, what you expect of the consultant's service? I've only been in sales for almost a month and I'm finding it difficult, as well as my co-workers, to please the moms, despite being polite, courteous, -not- pushy with sales and finding out answers to questions if I don't know them at that time.

    Here's an example of what happened to my co-worker: A woman comes in with her mom. The consultant is polite, courteous and helps in every way she can (I know this because I was helping her that day). The woman tries on the first dress and loves it, but the mom hates it and explains to the consultant what she hates about it. With the bride's consent, the consultant gets another dress that doesn't have, what the mom hated, on it. She tries on the second dress, mom hates that one too and is starting to dislike the consultant, thinking perhaps that the consultant isn't doing her job correctly. So the consultant gets another dress that does not have, what the mom hates, on it from both times. The daughter tries on the third dress, and by now the bride is getting frustrated because she liked the first dress, and the mom's getting frustrated cause she hates every dress her daughter tries on and starts to show that verbally towards the consultant. The consultant tries to be assisting and the daughter tries on 2 more dresses, but anything the daughter tries on, the mom is not pleased and they walk out, frustrated, unhappy and upset.

    All in all, it would just really help if you, as the moms, could help me know what you expect when you arrive at a salon with your daughters so that I can better serve you for that happy day! Please help!!

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  • My wedding is England-themed, and I'm looking for some music. Please help?

    My fiance is from England, and his family is also, so I'm wanting a wedding that's England themed.

    What I'm looking for are more along the lines of jigs and folk songs, since my fiance's family are more into the rustic and folky, versus the techno, Beatles, opera and pop music. I've already thought of the lovely dance songs from Pride and Prejudice soundtrack (the one with Kiera Knightly) and Kate Rusby, so if you all can help me out and name a few other jigs and folks songs from England, that would be fantastic! Thanks!

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  • I have ADHD and I'm working in sales...Help!?

    I recently got a job working as a wedding consultant and the job requirement is that I work with 2 brides -at the same time-!! I know it will be difficult, but I really want this job, I think I'd be great at it, I just need suggestions on how to multitask two brides at the same time. Thanks!

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  • My fiance is long distance, and his pet is terminal, what do I do?

    My fiance lives in England, and I'm in America. He has had his pet cat, Claire, for almost -20- years! Recently, she started acting weird and had a strange lump on her head and one of her eyes went funny. He took her to the vet and ran blood tests and found out she has hypertension and CRF: Chronic Renal Failure. Vet has given her 6-12 months to live.

    Thing is, if the cat shows signs of suffering, then my fiance wants to humanely euthanize her and he's emotionally preparing himself for it.

    What I would like to know is how I can help? I feel horrible not having the financial resources to go over there and be with him during this tough time, so in what other ways can I show my sympathy? I realize this is just a cat, not a person, but even still, the cat is very special to him, and thus very special to me. Please help!

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  • Advice for a potential David's Bridal employee?

    I go for my second interview to work there, and I'm just kinda wondering what to expect from the second interview with the managers, and then the third with the district manager. I'm wanting to be a Bridal consultant.

    Please, NO answers regarding how badly you were treated at David's. I realize that some stores are really bad, but the one I'm applying at is not bad at all, seeing as how I just bought my dress from there 2 weeks ago and was very's the reason I decided to apply there!

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  • How to counsel a promiscuous teenager?

    Shianne, my cousin's daughter, is like a neice to me. She will be 13 this August and is already not a virgin. She's also addicted to porn.

    Here's the background info: No dad in her life much due to the parents being divorced and the dad was abusive, the mom dates alcoholics and doesn't have a good relationship with her, 2 little brothers to take care of as well as schoolwork, boys, friends, and outside influences.

    I want to help, but how? What if I give advice and she doesn't respond but just shrugs it off? I want to be an aunt with her and take her places and be a good role model for her, but I'm not sure how to start. Any ideas?

    Please no stupid comments; this is serious and I will report you if you make them.

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  • Ideas for an England-themed wedding?

    I'm American and my fiance is from England, and the majority of my family isn't very familiar with the rich history that the United Kingdom inherits. Do you have ideas to help me incorporate British history into a wedding and still have it be simplistically elegant? Please don't say silly things like "I hate england, don't use it", because this is my wedding and that's what I choose.

    I'm already using some traditions, such as the something old, something new, etc, as well as tying a little horseshoe charm to my bouquet, but those are merely traditions and doesn't do much to help my family be familiar with my future husband's heritage. Please help!

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  • Why did the Roman Catholic Church find fault with Martin Luther?

    Basically, I have been researching on the internet for any Catholic interpretation of Martin Luther. I can't find any explanation for why his views are in error. I read the papal bull given to Martin Luther, but again, there are no explanations for Martin's 95 thesis and why they are wrong. It simply says that Martin is wrong. If someone could point me to a website or perhaps answer on here, that would really help.

    And just to be clear, I'm NOT stating that Martin Luther is either right or wrong. I'm simply seeking both sides of the coin, so to speak. Please do not answer my question by shouting out silly, ridiculous, religiously fanatic, stupid, or gospel-preaching answers, for I am not asking for those. I'm asking for answers regarding Martin Luther. If I see those answers, they will be reported. Thanks!

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  • How do I create an East Asian-style bedroom in a small space and limited colour options?

    My room is 10x10, including a closet, and the top half of the walls are white, whilst the bottom half the wall is painted a magenta/Barney purplish, painted by the former residents of the home. I'm not able to change the colour so I'd like to create an East Asian style bedroom that would include that colour. Got any ideas?

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  • Help me not to be ugly!?

    Here's my picture:

    I'm already trying to lose weight, but I don't know how to put makeup on. I'm really pale w/ dark brown eyebrows and eyelashes, so no need for mascara. I have green eyes and a rosy complexion. Please help me out, and don't say stupid answers like "there's no hope for you" or I'll report you. Thanks :D

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  • Can you tell me a really sarcastic comeback for this unjust situation?

    I have an awesome close friend whose husband decided to post on his social networking site that he's "extremely grieved that ****** has chosen to divorce him, and has given up trying to pursue her.", when in fact, he's bi-polar and abused her and posted this for the world to see. She then tells him "that's not what this site is for", but he continued to do it. He lives nowhere near me, so I'm not afraid of reprisals and I really want to stick it to him. Got any comebacks I could administer?

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  • What style/cut should I use for my hair?

    My hair is curly, frizzy, somewhat thick, and long. (I'm the girl)

    I want to keep my hair long and curly, but I'm not sure how to style or cut my hair. Please help!

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