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  • What fighter, fictional or historical do you see yourself as?

    This is purely for fun, but I am curious, with all the movies, tv shows, comic books, novels, and biographies that are out there, what fighter do you see yourself as. You can answer either personality and philosophy wise or purely based on similarities in fight styles.

    For example my two younger brothers fight almost exactly like Rocky from the Rocky Balboa movies, and Bruce Lee (though obviously not nearly as good.)

    I personally see myself fighting like Batman from the newer movies. Not using the same style, but based on the fact that he's more of a counter fighter and a little heavy footed. And as far as personality, I match up with Wolverine, the somewhat gruff protector type whose biggest struggles are all inwards.

    So what about you? Who do you see yourself as and why?

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  • Tips for setting the pace of a match? And tips for better angling?

    I am naturally a counter fighter. I have excellent vision for seeing openings and setting up counters, but sometimes I find it hard to be the one to set the pace in a fight because I naturally want to react off of the others and I am always setting up counters. Does anyone have any tips making it easier to set the pace of a fight? I can do it, but it doesn't come naturally for me, and I was hoping people could share tips, strategies and practices that will help it come more naturally. What are some of the things you've trained in for setting the pace that helped you get better.

    Second question. I want to up my level in setting up angles. I can do it in a counter, but have a hard time setting up angles when I'm on the offensive. Does anybody have any tips or practices that helped them up the level of their angles? Thanks.

    1 AnswerMartial Arts7 years ago
  • Anime Recommendations.?

    I'm looking to watch a newer show with an intricate storyline, darker feeling, and good character development. Something similar in feel to Steins; Gate. I have seen many series, so try and keep your recommendations to ones that have been produced in the last three years. If you want to recommend an older one that's ok too, just make sure it's an obscure series like "Now and Then, Here and There", otherwise I most likely have seen it. Thanks!

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