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  • Hello! I need help with my history assignment.?

    The task is to create an acrostic poem that describes the life and accomplishments of Queen Elizabeth 1. Use the letters of the monarch’s first name. It does not need to rhyme, but one line should flow smoothly to the next. Each line must be more than one sentence or idea. It's due 6/14/20. Please help.

    Homework Help3 months ago
  • I need advice?

    So I really want to get a guitar for a while, about 9 months now, and I keep asking my dad to get me one, but he keeps saying I have to first learn 10 surahs and then get into prayer and praying 5 times a day to get it. I find this really unreasonable, considering I just want to get a cheap starter pack for $200 (The Yamaha Gigmaker Staterpack to be exact). But he knows I'm not religious and I don't know how to get him to get me the starterpack another way. I mean I'd get it if he was getting me something like a Gibson Les Paul or something but c'mon I mean it's a $200 Yamaha Starterpack. Smh. Advice?

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  • Would a good high school accept me?

    If you graduate 7th grad with an accumulative average of 90, yet have approx. 18 absences, for medical reasons, would a good high school accept you?

    5 AnswersPrimary & Secondary Education2 years ago
  • I need advice..?

    So there's a guy I like named Chris. He didn't know I liked him, well until today. My friend asked him what he thinks of me, and he said I was pretty but he has a girlfriend. . So my friend told him to follow her and they were going to talk to me. We were standing across from each other while she was on the side. She said "So, you like him Lyn?" I was just like "Uhh.. yeah I guess." She said to tell me what he told her, he said that he thinks I'm pretty but like mentioned before, he already has a girlfriend. My friend then asked him if he broke up with his girlfriend, would he date me? He said yeah. What do I do now? Also, me and my crush has never spoken before this incident, which happened today.

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating3 years ago