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  • iOS 10.2 Problems?

    Ever since I downloaded iOS 10.2 I ve been having problems with my phone. Right now its the worst. I can t go into the music app, it keeps deleting my photos, I can t download apps it just kicks me out of the app store, I can t text on iMessage, it won t let me sign into iCloud, and I can t even take videos on snapchat!! Is anyone else having these problems?? I have enough storage on my phone for sure, I deleted a bunch of photos, videos, apps, and texts messages because I thought it was a storage problem, but still nothing!! Help?

    1 AnswerCell Phones & Plans4 years ago
  • I waxed my eyebrows while on Accutane?!?

    I know that it was a stupid idea, because my skin is extra sensitive. But yesterday, I had my mom wax my eyebrows and today I woke up and it looks like the first layer of my skin ripped off and it's red. I tried applying makeup over it to cover it up, but the makeup wouldn't apply on that area, it was weird. I currently have Vitamin E on it to help it. Will the Vitamin E heal it and stop it from scarring?? Thank you!

    2 AnswersMakeup4 years ago
  • I can't think of what to draw?

    I'm really into drawing but I can never think of what to draw. I can't draw from my imagination so I usually have to look at a picture. Any ideas on what to draw? Thanks in advanced!

    3 AnswersDrawing & Illustration4 years ago
  • Is this illegal?

    Okay so it started out as a Snapchat. This girl snapchatted me saying that she was creating a modeling website and she was asking if i was interested. I, of course, said yes. She then asked me to send a picture of myself, so i did. She then asked me for a "body shot". I felt like that was a little suspicious so I asked for proof that it wasn t a scam. She told me she had no proof which made me even more suspicious than I already was. I stopped replying for a bit, and then she sent me another snapchat. I opened it, and she said she was a lesbian and just wanted to see me. Along with her confession of her sexual orientation, she threatened me that if i didn t do what she asked, that she would photoshop all of my Instagram pictures so that I would look nude and send them to everyone I know. (Forgot to mention, she also stalked my instagram before snapchatting me). I then said I was reporting her. She tried telling me not to report her because her mom would send her to her dad, which is a pedophile (Don t worry, this was a lie.) She tried making me feel bad by asking, "do you want him to rape me? Is that what you f***ing want?" I then stopped replying again because I got really mad. She then Snapchatted me AGAIN asking "what does your vagina smell like?" and I asked her why she was even asking these questions. And she said "i dont know, I m a boy by the way." At this point he lied to me at least three times. He sent me pics of himself, he said he was 14, but he looked 30.Illegal?

    6 AnswersLaw & Ethics4 years ago
  • Question on The Vampire Diaries?

    Okay, I have just started Season 3 of this show. I love Damon and Elena together as a couple, although they are not together yet. I was wondering when Damon and Elena finally KISS. I already know that, in Season 2 Episode 22, that Elena kissed Damon when she thought he was dying from the wolf bite. So, when exactly do they kiss? Not including the time when Elena kissed Damon because of the fatal wolf bite. Thanks!

    3 AnswersDrama4 years ago
  • Xbox Help?

    Okay, so I have 2 Xboxes. One at home, and one at my new house, which I am moving into. I turned on the Xbox in my new home and downloaded my Xbox profile. I realized I didn t have any game progress when I downloaded it. I have a USB flash drive in my original Xbox at home. If I put that USB in my other Xbox, will I be able to access all my gaming progress? Thanks!

    1 AnswerXbox4 years ago
  • Will my acne clear up if I ignore it?

    I have a bunch of tiny little acnes on my forehead, cheeks, and chin. When I wash my face and after I shower they turn really red and they're really noticeable. But once my face dries it is not that noticeable at all, and can usually only be seen if you're right up on it or if the light is hitting it from certain angles. It still really bothers me and it makes me super depressed. There's so many of them and I tried product there is to get rid of it, nothing worked. Will ignoring my acne help it clear up? If I don't use any products on my face will my acne go away? If not, what will make it go away?

    5 AnswersSkin Conditions5 years ago
  • Should I take Accutane for my acne?

    My acne isn't that bad, but it never goes away with any product. I was wondering if Accutane is safe to take? Do the benefits outweigh the horrible side effects? Thanks!

    4 AnswersSkin Conditions5 years ago
  • Are the terrorists going to shut down the United State's electricity?

    I heard that Donald Trump claims this. Is this true, will they actually do it?

    12 AnswersPolitics5 years ago
  • Do guys like when they hear a girl likes him? In other words, do guys like being liked?

    and when a guy hears a girl likes him, does he eventually become more attracted to her?

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating5 years ago
  • Black Ops 2 problem? How do I fix it?

    I've had my Black Ops 2 game for awhile now. I just recently noticed that when I try to go on multiplayer my screen goes black and everything freezes. Is this an issue with a new update or something? I don't remember updating it though, does it automatically update itself? How do I fix this freezing problem?

    Software5 years ago
  • How do I add and subtract negative fractions and mixed numbers?

    I'm in 7th grade and we're learning how to add and subtract negative fractions and mixed numbers. I have a test soon and I don't understand it? Help?

    3 AnswersHomework Help5 years ago
  • Please help I need it ASAP!!!?

    I'm going away next week for about three days and I have a German Shepherd. I wasn't thinking about what I'd do with my dog when I made these plans. I already booked a room and paid for it. I also don't want to change the date and can't afford to board the dog in a kennel, as I already spent $700-$1000 to book the room. My dog cannot go outside because she tends to run off into the woods (I live in the woods), although she comes back after an hour or so (she likes to explore.) So knowing this, I don't feel comfortable setting up a doggy door. I also cannot keep her in the house for three days because she won't have a place to go to the bathroom. I love my dog and she loves me so I want the best for her. Any ideas? Please help asap! Thank you!

    8 AnswersDogs5 years ago