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  • What does a landlord look for?

    I applied to a new home with my partner and now wish I would have lied and said we already live together. Now I just have to wait, We are good, no evictions or late payments. This is our first time together on a lease so Im just not sure how big of a deal that its! I guess it's my fault for not thinking to lie about that. Any suggestions for useful things to do now? The landlady is calling references today ... Hope my currant landlord isn't a jerk t o her like he is to me! :/

    fingers crossed!

    3 AnswersRenting & Real Estate7 years ago
  • How to not be homesick?

    Its my 3rd anniversary in a new state and I don't love my work, have not made many new friends and just wana drive back to my home state sometimes. How long should I give myself to know if this will pass? Any ideas? Please help!

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  • Im leaving my job for a new one, can i keep things the old job got me?

    For example, my leather planner I picked out and have worn out. I also have a fancy drag bag that I use for field work... I can't imagine anyone else wanting or using these things, but i'm not sure if I just keep them. I understand things like lap top & cell phones will be returned but what about these other things? They were bought for me but does that mean they are mine to keep now that I'm leaving?...

    2 AnswersLaw & Legal8 years ago
  • bullied by my boss, help me I'm just an employee?

    My boss just made me cry at work, do I have to stay here? He had a ridiculous outburst for the second time in front of everybody and I am crying now. Just wondering about my rights I suppose.

    4 AnswersLaw & Legal9 years ago
  • How should I react to something that pissed me off?

    This guy Ive been dating for over a year just mentioned going to a grandchild's b-day party and i am pissed. I knew he dated some old lady for a while but had no idea they shared a grandchild. It is not his bio grand baby by the way. What can I say? He tells me after he went to some stupid party! I waited to overreact to see how I feel but its just getting worse...

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  • Will I be homeless?!?!?

    Some stranger just asked me if I knew that place I live was foreclosed and was sold in an auction today :? Do I still have to pay rent and what are my options? I had no idea WTF, I live in California

    Please help me :(

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  • My father is being sued for property tax! He does not want the land, is a senior vet and pays property taxes a?

    He does not live at or want the land. As a senior and a vet does he have any rights? Or does anyone know any viable options to respond with? I really want to help out with this but am ignorant on the subject. Please Help!

    9 AnswersUnited States9 years ago
  • can i ask a guy this?

    i want to know of i am his girlfriend

    is their a way to ask that is cute and

    not just humiliating? i assume i am but

    it has never been stated, we call each

    other baby and everyting is good but i

    cant help but wonder about the title, we

    hang out like 2-3x every week and all

    sighs make me think we are a couple do i know?

    6 AnswersSingles & Dating9 years ago
  • i need guy help, please! 10pts?

    this guy i have been seeing left town to visit family.

    his facebook now has some fat girl saying maybe

    she will see him in new orleans lol :(

    I know when he gets back i should just b happy and

    fun but i want to ask about this and i feel the need

    to bug him about facebook statuse too.

    am i jst overreacting and need to chill because i know

    he misses me or should i push these issues.

    what is the best way to ask a guy if he is your


    5 AnswersSingles & Dating9 years ago
  • So there is one thing that bothers me, should I bring it up?

    I have been seeing a guy for 10 months now and we are facebook friends. I really love him alot but have been trying to take things a bit slow because I'm sick of rushing things. I trust him and am loyal and we agreed to be monogamous but but his stupid facebook status says single. I am not worried because he dosent flirt with other girls or anything his wall is totally respectable but it still bugs me to see it says "single" mine is blank and I understand its not the end of the world but why hasnt he tried to change it? I am hesitant because I dont want to deal with stupid questions if I change mine but is something wrong? Also he just left town for vacation time and I am paranoid. I want to text him but dont want to act too needy. I know he is there safe because of stupid facebook so i guess me liking that is technically communicating but I am confused with this stupid technology. Maybe its not any business of facebook if we are together and loving it but should it be? And I mean if this is like the only thing that upsets me about him should I let it go? I just really miss him I guess... Help! Oh and I still cant bring myself to say the love word either, I just go back and forth but I am sure he knows without me saying it. Should he say it first though? Thanks for any help, I am so confused right now...

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating9 years ago
  • Help me with my cat issue! Please!?

    I have been feeding a stray, took her to get vaccinated and they found a microchip. I went ahead and got her vaccinated and then the vet first said she was pregnant, then noticed a tattoo on her and said she was probably fixed :/ We returned home confused, I even gave her a flea treatment and now it has been like 3 days since Ive seen her. I am also house sitting so maybe she has just missed me but she was normally such a nuisance with her meowing. Now I miss her should I be worried? Too late :) I have not heard back about if any one claims her so I'm confused. Assuming she does return I will try to get to get her to a spay apt. but are the odds that her other home kept her inside or something? The vet said she seemed pretty underweight which is why I thought she was abandoned but its never been so long without hearing her and now I must admit I miss it...

    3 AnswersCats9 years ago
  • I just moved out of state and I don't know how to make new friends and meet new people. Please help me!?

    I work and am dating someone but I still know something is missing.

    I just wana meet some social people and make some new girlfriends.

    I am afraid I have forgotten, but I am feeling lonely and need more

    social interaction but forgot hoe to make friends.

    1 AnswerFriends9 years ago
  • I feed a stray and now it keeps meowing, how can i stop this?

    Soon i will try to catch her and see if she is fixed but in the meantime i feed her and lately she still comes back meowing. I even noticed this morning she would not leave and I had to go to work. I am afraid it might be disturbing my neighbors. She lets me pet her and trys to come inside but I am not very interested in an indoor cat, plus im not sure if she actually has another home or not. I dont want to encourage her but how else do i know when to feed her i tried explaining things but she doesn't seem to follow. It really sucks when i have company, she also does this at night...please help me :)

    11 AnswersCats9 years ago
  • He gave me a ring for Christmas, what does that mean?

    I just relocated and this guy a friend i have sorta been dating gave me a ring as a gift. I had to go home for a few months and he said he bought me something. I bought him liquor and a flask, when i returned for good we hung out and he gave me this lovely silver band. It looks like a wedding band but no proposal :P too soon! what does this mean and does this make my gift look terrible?!?

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating9 years ago
  • CPR instructor, PLEASE HELP!?

    I will be providing training at my place of employment and I can't

    figure out how people usually get paid when they provide training for

    a place of current employment. My boss said it will not be paid per

    head in the class so I am trying to figure out what a hourly rate should

    look like. I am worried about being low balled but Red Cross could not

    help me with this issue. Does anyone have any idea? Thx :)

    1 AnswerOther - Health10 years ago
  • does facebook status count?

    So i have been dating this guy and we are monogamous but his stupid profile still says single. I have heard it is bad luck to change but I have mentioned it to him and it still says single! I went all, its no big deal after I brought it up but it is a bit of a deal to me. How do I touch this subject without effort or pressure. Should I possibly wait until it changes itself? Mine says nothing so...

    Should I just focus on our real life relations which are more than fine or should I worry?!?

    5 AnswersSingles & Dating10 years ago
  • help, my roomate hasfoot warts!!!?

    My roommate just told me he has returning foot warts that he got from a public shower in Europe. Should I be concerned because I wanted to scream because we have this community shower set up and I am guessing that i just need shower shoes definitely but is there anything else I can do?

    2 AnswersSTDs10 years ago
  • Did I blow my chance?

    So I have been on plenty of dates with this guy. I left town and

    got back and we hung out again but I told him I am leaving again.

    Basically moving out of state for awhile. I spent the night and we

    didn't really fool around till that morning but I had to go to work so

    things got cut short. He said he would text me later and didn't. Now

    I really wanted to go all the way and am afraid to just tell him that. I

    am not sure if I should wait longer to hear from him or just let him know

    I want to or just call the whole thing off.....Please help!

    I only have a week left :(

    4 AnswersWeddings1 decade ago
  • I have a yeast infection, trying to cure naturally and i read to drink backing soda and warm water. I drank it?

    i later read that backing powder breeds yeast! i tried to throw it up and cant... wtf? i dont know what to do now except eat a whole tub if yogurt:( will the powder drink really make it worse and what should i do now? all the other things were helping, maybe i am just freaking out.

    10 AnswersAlternative Medicine1 decade ago
  • So, I have been dating this guy for many weeks, over a month or more we met online.?

    He opens the car door, pays for everything. I didn't trust him because I am a bit disappointed about this other guy I was dating for a minute and sort of neglecting this nice cute guy that must like me. We had dinner and drinks, and we went camping with his roommate and some friends and I had fun but we didn't fool around. Even thought we shared a bed. I figured I should take an aggressive step so I texted him that he is cute and he acted surprised. Since we are grown adults I decided that i should test the waters and see if we are compatible on a more physical level. I felt like he was such a good man slave he deserved a reward...It was great, great kisses and i was a bit hesitant but when it came down to it, I wanted more. I told him i had to work all weekend so i could have some time to clear my head and deal with my soon to come menstruation and now i can't decide if i should call or wait? I want him to know it was great but i don't want to look clingy. We are pretty relaxed with calls and texts but I can't help but feel a little vulnerable. I tell myself, even if i never hear from him again it was a nice experience in like every way, but i don't want to neglect the situation either. Which way should I go? Call and offer a compliment, or chill out and wait for one? hopefully? Please be kind :)

    4 AnswersSingles & Dating1 decade ago