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  • Looking for someone for a personal loan of $5000 over 4 months with a return of $7000?

    Need to do a few repairs to a car I have been given, happy to pay $2000 interest over the 4 months. Do not like payday loans as they can be bad for your credit rating.

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  • What is the role of the capillaries surrounding the nephron?

    Would love to be given a basic anwser to this question, would help me greatly and be much appreciated :))

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  • Why is the counter-current exchange system important for fish gills?

    Just wondering why it is important, very thankful for indepth anwsers, thankyou :)

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  • what are the 3 main blood vessels in the body?

    what are the 3 main blood vessels in the human body? Furthermore what are the differences between them in terms of size and function?

    It would be great if i could get some in depth anwsers as i want to expand my knowledge on this topic for biology.thankyou!!! :)

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  • What role do the following have in living organisms?



    Nucleic Acids-


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  • which goes from smallest to largest?

    Molecule,Organelle, Organ, Cell, Tissue, System

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  • Should i take universal animal m-stak?

    im 15 and i am a very keen bodybuilder. I have taken many supplements over the course of 1 and a half years. For example optimum 100% whey and casien, bsn n.o xplode just to name a few. I have had plenty of sucess with them, however im looking to try something else to maximise gains. Im a very big fan of animalpak and really want to give m-stak a go. But is it safe enough for me to take at this age. It does not contain tribulus like animal stak. Im not looking to take tribulus untill im about 18 years old. Im just wondering what a few other people think. Thanks..

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  • Is interval training on a tredmill good for weight loss?

    i run 45 mins intervals on my tredmill. I am always changing it and put it to a high speed for around 4 mins and try to make it as intense as i can. I keep going faster and faster then drop back to a jogging pace. I want to know by doing 2 workouts during the day one in the morning and one at night if ill see results in weight loss. Im 14 years old aswell and am a very good runner. However i have just put on a li bit of weight during the holidays. There is over 1 week left in the holidays and i would like to know if i can shed a little bit of weight off by doing this, i will continue doing it for months and months though. I also have a diet plan i eat 100 carbs a day because i think carbs were the main problem in the first place of making me gain weight. PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!

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  • running question?

    Hey guys, im 14 and do 4-6km running on a tredmill and sometimes go outside for a 30 min run. But mainly i stick to the tredmill. I usually start off with a jogging pace for the first 3 mins the speed is (5) , then i work up to (5.5), then 10 mins in to the run i go to (6) and run untill about 40-50 mins. Im wondering if increasing the speed to like (8) then to (5) for a while then back to (8), if that will make the workout more intense and help me burn more calories and burn fat easier. Ive tried this before and i didn't pull up sore at all and it felt like i was doing more. Please tell me what you guys think. Will doing this for a week during the holidays help me see results? I do it everyday though, however just wondering if it will help see results by the 8th april , cheers and thanks!

    P.S: The machine says i burn about 400-425 calories after the run.

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  • Low carb diet?

    Will a low carb diet which involves 20-35g of carbs a day help with weight loss. Im 14 years old and i do a lot of running for my age 4-6km a day and do weights training. I have found that i have slight manboobs which i hate. I seem to think they are caused by eating too many carbs. I was eating like 300-400 carbs a day easily before i started this new diet plan. Anyway here is what im eating now for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


    1 bowl of oats with milk, (25-30 carbs), 1 glass of water, 1 weet bix (10 carbs.)


    1 peice fish ( 0 carbs), 1 cooked egg ( 0 carbs), 1 can tuna ( 3 carbs) and 1 glass of water.


    i eat either chicken, beef or fish with veggies and water.

    Tonight im having a skinless chicken breast with veggies and salad.

    Anyways thats my diet , im wanting to know if combined with excersise and weights if my manboobs will reduce and if ill lose that lil extra bit of fat i may have lieing around. Is a low carb diet the way to go? Yes/no/why?

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  • By eating less carbs, can it help eliminate manboobs?

    Im 14 years old i eat heaps of carbs to give me energy because i do loads of fitness training using a tredmill and outdoors. I also do weights and cycling. However i fine i have slight manboobs and i would like to eliminate them. Does eating too many carbs cause this? Im thinking of going on the adkins diet and eat about 20-30 carbs max per day and more healthy fat and protein. Tell me what you guys think ive got 2 weeks school holiday and id like to see results by the end of them!

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  • Is it possible for me to lose manboobs preety fast by doing this?

    Hey guys, im 14 years old. I do heaps of running and am a very good sportsman. However ive got manboobs and its really fraustrating. Im wondering if by doing hard intense workouts for the duration of the holidays which is 2 weeks if this will have an effect on reducing my manboobs. They are not gigantic or anything i just wanna burn them off though. I do weights aswell which should help tone them. Here is my excersise plan for each day. Can someone also tell me by eating too many carbohydrates if that can cause manboobs? Anyway here is my excersise plan per day:

    Morning: 10-11

    25 min run, 10 min cycling, 3 sets of 10 push ups, 40 sit ups.

    Afternoon: 25 min run, 10 min cycling, 100 sit ups, 20 push ups.


    1 hour and 30 mins of tennis (game)

    Night: 40-60 min run, 10 min cylcing, Weights 5 reps.

    All the running will be done on a tredmill without an incline. I am on a healthy diet also so i wont be eating crap. Im going for a low carb diet. Aprox 100 carbs per day. Thanks!

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  • Will i see results by doing this in 2 weeks?

    Hey guys, im 14 years old and do loads of excerise per week which involves running 4-6km per day, cycling and weights training. I am very fit but i just want to get that little bit fitter over the holidays, the last few days i have been pigging out a lot because its easter , not chocolates though more hot cross buns and that kinda stuff. I usually never pig out though i have a strict diet which i stand by during the week. Im wondering if i do this much training from the 23rd march- 8th april will i see very good results or if not when will i see them. Here is what i will be doing each day.

    Morning: 10:30-11:30am

    25 min run on tredmill, burning aprox 200 calories.

    10 min cycling

    5 sets of 10 push ups.

    Afternoon: 3-4:30pm

    1 hour and 30 mins of tennis, game for the majority of the time.

    Night: 7:30-8:45pm

    40-60 min running on tredmill, aprox 300-500 calories burned

    10 min cycling

    Weight training, sit ups, push ups ( 30 min)

    Will doing this with breaks in between help me?

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  • is this a good diet to lose weight?

    hey, im 14 years old and do a lot of excersise. I run about 4-6km a day, do some cycling and weights. However i have recently found that i have been binging a little and put on a lil bit of weight not too much but id just like to get rid of it. I burn about 400-800 calories a day from excersise a lone. Here is my diet plan (im trying to make it a low carb diet since i dont think eating heaps of carbs is neseccary and it causes weight gain, i know we need them for energy but too much is bad.


    1 bowl of oaths with milk (25g carbs)

    1 orange juice (17g carbs)


    1 can of 98% fat free tuna ( 1.6g fat, 4g carbs, 15g protein)

    1 glass water


    1 breakfast bar (21g carbs, 0.7g fat, 100 calories)

    1 glass water


    For dinner i usually eat meat. Chicken, Beef or fish. Low carbs

    high in protein. So i would probly be eating (15-20g fat), (5-10g carbs), (12-20g protein.)

    Im just wondering if this diet will help me lose weight. I also eat veggies n salad

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  • Can someone give me a diet that would work for me?

    Hey guys, im 14. Im a very active person, keen about my sport. I run 4-6km a day and do weights. I burn 300-800 calories a day through excersise a lone. However i find that not all of my body is how i want it to be! Which is really supprising with all the work i do. I watch what i eat aswell , im starting to wonder if it could be caused by eating too many carbs. Anyway if anyone has a diet plan that will go with all the excersise i do and will make me lose that lil bit extra it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  • Ive been wondering about this for a while now.?

    Hey guys, im 14 years old and do a lot of excersise per day. I run 4-6km a day and do weight. I usually burn 300-800 calories a day threw excersise. I eat healthy foods but im wondering if eating unhealthy foods for 1 day not really unhealthy but some unhealthy foods, would it help you lose weight after you have eaten it. Because ive heard that it does something to your metabolism and you start burning fat faster again if you eat fatty foods every now and then aswell as healthy foods. Just wondering if its true thats all peace!

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  • Is this a good meal plan for someone whos trying to lose weight?

    Hey guys, Im 14 and am a very good sportsman. Im not fat or anything im normal however im trying to lose a tiny bit more weight and bulk up. I am just wondering if i eat too many carbs if it will be harder to lose weight and yes i know i need carbs for energy.. i know my stuff so please dont waste time by saying that. I eat most of my carbs in the morning and try to have a limited ammount during the day. Here is my diet plan tell me what you think.


    1 bowl of oats, 17g carbs (aprox) Without milk included.

    2 weet bix ( 21g of carbs (aprox) without milk included.

    1 crumpet with vegemite no butter (16g carbs aprox)

    1 orange juice (17g carbs)


    1 98% fat free pita bread sandwhich with ham ( 25g carbs aprox)

    Afterschool snack:

    A breakfast bar (100 calories) 20g carbs


    I try to have as limited carbs as possible. I usually eat meats such as chicken,beef,fish anything with low carbs really. So id say id have about 10 carbs max at dinner time if that. thanks!

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  • How many carbohydrates should i eat per day? and not put on weight.?

    I try to eat most of my carbohydrates in the morning to give me energy throughout the day. I usually have a very large breakfast which contains the folowing:


    1 bowl (serve) of plain oaths with milk. (aprox 20g carbs)

    2 weet bix (with milk.) (21g carbs)

    1 crumpet (16g carbs)

    1 glass of orange juice (17g carbs)

    1 very small serve of prune juice (high in fibre) aprox ( 10g carbs)


    1 breakfast bar ( 100 calories) 20g carbs

    1 ham sandwhich multi grain bread (aprox 28 carbs)


    I usally try to limit my carbs when i eat dinner and get a good source of protein from meats. I usually eat the folowing meats:

    Chicken breast fillet (skinless)

    Fish (grilled,skinless) (3g fat, 15g protein)

    I may have side dishes with the meals thay may have around 10-20g of carbs but not all the time.Im 14 aswell and i just dont want to eat too many carbs. Im very fit and run 4-6km a day. And burn 300-800 calories a day just from excersise a lone. I also do weight aswell. Ty!

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  • Is it best to eat most of your daily carbohydrates in the morning?

    Ive been wondering about this question. Because i eat heaps of carbs in the morning, oats, weet bix, orange juice, prune juice. And i dont like to eat too many carbs. Im trying to eat fewer carbs and more protein. Will eating a large ammount of carbs in the morning give me all the energy i need to get through the day? Remember im on a low carb diet and i still eat plenty of them in the morning and wil eat about 10-20g after breakfast but not much more then that. Thanks!

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