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  • What are your thoughts on last night’s first presidential debate ?

    What do you think of last nights debate between Joe Biden vs Donald Trump 

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  • Why are conservatives trying to overturn the 1973 Supreme Court ruling Roe v Wade ?

    Abolishing abortion doesn’t eliminate abortion it just makes women have abortions on the black market which is unsafe. Abortion should be performed by a skilled doctor at a licensed abortion clinic. After all any woman who chooses to have an abortion it’s just as moral if she killed a fly, since it’s just a fetus 

    5 AnswersPolitics2 weeks ago
  • Why do the residents of Nashville, Tennessee hate mayor John Cooper ?

    Residents of Nashville have nicknamed him Mayor Chicken Cooper, and attempted to recall him but why ?

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  • Is California actually becoming socialist ???

    According to YouTube Channel Turning Point USA, they made a video about California, saying California is burning, not by our Wildfires or Blackouts but by the flame that destroys every nation around the world, that’s SOCIALISM!!!. California has the highest GDP in the nation, it’s the world’s fifth largest economy plus it has a population of over 39 million people. California is nowhere near becoming socialist Venezuela. Why do people keep Fleeing California and why do RED states continue demonizing California??

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  • Would it be possible for California to become its own country ?

    Ok, when you saw the word “country” you probably thought I referred to sovereign states like France, Japan, Brazil , etc... But there are non  sovereign states that are countries like Scotland and England, those two are countries but they are not sovereign states, they are part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. And then there is Taiwan and Hong Kong who are owned by China but have very little similarities with China. Would it be possible for California to become its own country , still owned by the US, but have the authority to issue it’s own passport, it’s own currency, have its own flag , but most importantly be able to make and enforce laws without the consent of the US federal government 

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  • Are there any RINOs in the 116th Congress and if so who are they?

    Are there any Republican Representatives or Senators who have been considered Republican in Name Only in our current Congress and if so who are they

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  • Which political party do I belong to, Democratic or Republican?

    I support some Democratic ideas and I support some Republican ideas, but not sure which party I truly belong to. Here is what I support....

    GUNS: I believe every American qualified to own a gun should be allowed to have a gun. 

    IMMIGRATION: It would be inhumane to deport all these families living here and contributing to our US economy, but at the same time we should secure our borders and prevent further illegals from coming into the US

    GAY MARRIAGE: I support the the idea of two couples in love, regardless of their gender, should be allowed to get married.

    ABORTION: I believe it is a women’s right to have have an abortion regardless of the circumstances 

    GOVERNMENT: I believe keeping our government small, means more individual freedom for the American people. Making the government bigger will be a burden to our lives, take the DMV and Social Security offices, do Americans like the inconvenience of long lines, unfriendly staff, and the poor service and prices they offer.

    HEALTH CARE: There is no need for a Medicare-for-all system in America. The last thing an American should be willing to do is turn healthcare over to the government. Plus Medicare for all wouldn’t be free, It would be expensive, VERY EXPENSIVE once you see how much you are paying in taxes.

    So anyways what political party do you think I belong too

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    Does California even have a big government ?

    In a January 2020 tweet from Governor Greg Abbot of Texas, he gave a fair warning to those Californians relocating to Texas, saying they don’t believe in high taxes, burdensome regulations, socialistic agendas, or big government. 

    While California does have the high taxes, and a high cost of living, its only the 2nd most expensive state behind Hawaii. According to Forbes, it is the 5th best state for entrepreneurs.

    California cities have their own government, counties, have their own government and the state has its own government, and the federal government operates its own government within the state but it just seems big because it’s the most populous state but How is California’s government different than the government of other states ?

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  • Why have over 15,000 businesses fled the State of California, over the last 10 years ?

    According to conservative YouTube channel Prager University, Over 15,000 businesses have fled the state of California over the last 10 years, many of them are moving to Texas. California is home to many huge businesses like Apple, Netflix, Visa, Google, Facebook, Oracle, Salesforce, etc..

    Why are so many smaller businesses fleeing the state?

    5 AnswersPolitics3 months ago
  • What is your opinion about the future of the Los Angeles Police Department and the city of Los Angeles?

    The City Council of Los Angeles approved replacing some LAPD officers with Community Responders. These community responders will be responsible for responding to non-violent crimes throughout the city. CA laws such as Prop 47 replace some violent crimes with non-violent crimes, and downgraded some felonies to misdemeanors. It will be the responsibility of those community responders to handle those non-violent crimes. Those community responders will be un-armed. However when a resident of LA needs an actual armed police officer to respond to a violent situation, the LAPD has been slashed by 150 million dollars of their 1.9 billion dollar budget cutting of several jobs from the LAPD. Los Angeles is rapidly growing city, with a population increasing, they will more likely need to hire more officers. But some people are upset by the recent death of George Floyd and the trend #DEFUNDTHEPOLICE that they are happy by the decision of the City of Los Angeles, but some people say this will make LA residents unsafe. What do you think ?

    3 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police3 months ago
  • Are there any video tutorials that teach you how to dance the Cupid Shuffle song?

    Is there any video tutorials that teach people how to dance the Cupid Shuffle song by Cupid ? 

    2 AnswersDancing3 months ago
  • Which is more useful a cop or a gun ?


    -Cost on average of $65,000 a year, unless you live in California than they cost $109,000 a year plus lifetime benefits for them and their families  

    -Take nearly 5-10 minutes to respond

    - Fear for their life, will shoot you, a loved one or your pet

    - Not held accountable for their actions 

    - You are subject to arrest if you don’t love and respect them


    - One time payment of the price of the gun plus additional ammunition 

    - Ready to use when needed

    - No life to fear 

    - Held accountable for their actions 

    - Just needs range time and a good cleaning 

    4 AnswersLaw & Ethics4 months ago
  • Why is the city of Los Angeles the best city to live in America?

    LA has sunny weather year round, beaches, movie stars etc..... It’s also not to far from other major tourist attractions like Santa Barbara, San Diego, Las Vegas etc....

    10 AnswersLos Angeles4 months ago
  • Could the Supreme Court’s ruling on DACA jeopardize Trump’s 2020 Re-election ?

    The Supreme Court is expected to rule by late June or early July 2020 on whether it was constitutional for the Trump Administration to terminate DACA back in September 2017 or whether they will allow him terminate the program that provides work, school and deportation relief to about 800,000 DREAMERS. If the Supreme Court allows the program to end, Trump could lose battleground states with high Latino populations like Arizona and Florida. If the Supreme Court allows the program to continue, Trump could lose supporters since getting tough on immigration was his 2016 platform and getting rid of DACA was one of the most notable proposals. What can Trump expect in 2020 depending on what the Supreme Court decides? Is his re-election at risk ?

    2 AnswersPolitics4 months ago
  • Why does YT Channel Prager University keep demonizing the Democratic Party?

    According to Prager University, the Democratic Party did the following:

    ~ Started the Civil War, 

    ~ Opposed Reconstruction 

    ~ Favored Slavery 

    ~ Perpetrated Lynchings

    ~ Founded the Ku Klux Klan

    ~ Fought Civil Rights Acts

    ~ Imposed Segregation

    The Democratic Party is not that evil !!!!!!

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    4 AnswersHistory4 months ago
  • Why is America seeing a shortage of people applying to be police officers, especially in high paying states like Nevada, NY and California?

    Back in the 1980s and 90s, there was a massive amounts of police applicants and not enough positions. Today in 2020 that’s not the case, many major cities police are seeing a decrease in applicants like Newark, NJ is down by 34%, Charlotte, NC is down by 31%, and the highest paying PD in the nation San Jose PD is down by 33%. Many PD are increasing pay, benefits and offering signing bonuses to help with their understaffing. For example, San Francisco has a salary range from 80K to 115K annually plus a 5K signing bonus for new recruits. LAPD doesn’t pay as high as the Bay but it’s the third largest PD in the US behind NY and Chicago. A city of 4M people only has 10K officers, meaning their is one cop for every 400 residents. San Diego recently launched a 50K dollar financial assistance towards the purchase of a new home within the city limits to help new recruits who join SDPD, since SDPD suffers a police shortage and many officers drive as far from Murrieta, and Temecula in Riverside County where housing is cheaper but they have 60 to 90 minute commutes each way. Many departments are making the job more financially stable in order to recruit new officers, and maintain the officers that they already have. Why are less people applying to be police officers?

    6 AnswersPersonal Finance4 months ago
  • Why would cops ever want to work anywhere outside of California ?

    Many people think CA Liberal policies such as AB 109 ( a law that allows felony offenders to be granted parole supervision after being released from state prison), Prop 47 ( a legislation that reclassifies some felonies to misdemeanors, and some misdemeanors to non serious crimes), SB 54 ( a law that limits cooperation with state and local law enforcement with federal law enforcement) and the most alarming law, AB 392 ( a law that only allow officers to use deadly force when necessary rather than when its reasonable) are making cops lives harder and dangerous. But the truth is CA has some of the highest paying police departments in the nation. Salaries in rural or suburban communities can range from $65,000 to $90,000 annually while Bay Area cops have starting salaries above $100,000. Cops in California also get excellent benefits like Early retirements, Spousal and Family Benefits, a Huge Pension, etc. . Other states are broke af, Mississippi pays its cops on average of $39,000 a year, while Texas pays its cops on average of 50,000 a year. Texas is also known for having its pension system broken. So why would cops choose to work anywhere outside of CA???

    3 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police5 months ago
  • Will it be okay to visit either Thailand or Costa Rica in June 2020 ?

    Will either Thailand or Costa Rica be open for tourism in June 2020 ?

    4 AnswersCosta Rica5 months ago