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  • Do I need a Will?

    I don't have any properties, only a little bit of money and life insurances but I already designated beneficiaries for those insurances.Do I still need a will or living trust?

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  • Funeral Trust?

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  • Final Expense question.?

    Twelve years ago I bought a final expense for my mother which I pay through automatic deduction in the amount of $59.23 a month.

    The other day I was cleaning my files when I saw the policy and I found out that I paid this policy for twelve years and even over paid it. The total amount I paid is $8,529.12. The final expense policy I bought was only for $7,000.00. My concern is will they refund me the amount I over paid? How about the policy? I should not have them deduct more premiums since I paid off the policy right?

    Please someone who has the knowledge with final insurance help me. I am planning to call the company regarding this matter ASAP.

    5 AnswersInsurance6 years ago
  • Follow up on the student loan interest that my tax preparer forgot to deduct.?

    First of all thank you guys for giving me very informative answers.

    Now my question is, would my tax liability affect if I would amend my 2013 tax?

    I already paid my tax and when should I amend it?

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  • Follow up on the student loan interest that my tax preparer forgot to deduct.?

    This 2013 student loan interest was over the allowable limit of $2,500. I paid $2,704.15. Could i still able to deduct the $2,500?

    United States7 years ago
  • What happens if my tax preparer forgot to deduct the student loan interest?

    I took out a Parent Plus Loans for my daughter and son way back 2002 and 2007. Since then I am paying for those loans and every year my tax preparer always deduct the student loan interest from my taxes. But this year 2013 I noticed that after I got my tax papers back she did not utilize the 1098-E that I gave her. When i called her she said their computer won't allow her and she said there were changes this year that all student loans that were took out is no longer allowed to be deducted.

    I could not believed what she said so I made some research about student loans and I even went online to IRS website and I found this article that said, you can deduct all the interest you paid until the loan is paid off.

    If anyone who has the knowledge in filing or preparing taxes you advise is greatly appreciated.

    Should I amend the 2013 tax?

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  • what's the title of this song played in My Binondo Girl?

    could anyone tell me the title of this song played in the background while "Andy & Jade were dancing in My Binondo goes like this....."sana ako ay pagbigyan ng puso...pangako sa iyo ikaw ang iibign ko...refrain:...ako'y sa iyo lamang..ibibigay higit sa kaya...ako'y sa iyo lamang...sanay bigyan ng iyong iyo lamang...iyong iyo lamang ako...

    Pls. tell the title and the singer...Thanks!

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  • Is Mac filtering enough?

    I happened to give my passkey to one of my renters but apparently, when her niece came,she also give the passkey to her without my permission. This renter pays a certain amount for the internet access but her niece does not. I am kinda fiss off because this niece does not pay anything for the access. I think it is very rude and not right for her to just give her niece an access to my network without asking my permission and thus not pay anything.I did used MAC filtering on the niece computer but I don't want to change my passkey to avoid confrontation or whatever.My question is do you think MAC filtering and disable SSID broadcast enough?Would the niece who is not computer savy be stll able to access my network since she has my passkey but blocked MAC?

    Please help me on this.

    PS. I happened to have ATT uverse 2wire router and did everything to blocked those who has no permission to access my network.

    3 AnswersSecurity9 years ago
  • What is the meaning of this.?

    Please interpret this:

    Hepatitis B Surface Ab- Negative

    Hepatitis B Surface Ag Positive

    1 AnswerOther - Diseases1 decade ago
  • Please help us on this final step on unlawful detainer suit.?

    We already got the default judgement on this eviction process and got the wit of possession but when we went to the sheriffs office to deliver the sheriff tol us that there should be a room number on the paper. We all forgot to put the room number on all the papers.Now they said we all have to start all over again,or amend which is still the same as starting all over again.

    This unlawful detainer is already causing us so much stress and we could not afford (considering the time and the expenses,too) to start from the very beginning.

    We are now at lost on what to do.

    Is there anyone there who could give us advice?

    2 AnswersRenting & Real Estate1 decade ago
  • What is ATT Uverse On Demand?

    Are they free?

    2 AnswersOther - Television1 decade ago
  • Superman(it's not Easy) by Fighting for Five ...?

    Do you know what season and episode was the song played?

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  • I still have this tenant who should have been gone Oct 21st...?

    I served her three day notice to pay and quit and still not move out. I went to the court to file for unlawful detainer.Last Saturday I gave her mail from the superior court and apparently it was a summon. I know that she has five days to response to the summon. I wanna know what happens after this. How many days should I wait till a sherriff comes to move her out.

    By the way, I am from California and I know states have different law on this.

    Please help me and tell me the process of this.

    3 AnswersRenting & Real Estate1 decade ago
  • Are self employed eligible for unemployment benefits?

    Let's say I am a self employed who paid taxes and everything. If ever my business did not work out,could I file for unemployment benefits?

    1 AnswerOther - Careers & Employment1 decade ago
  • Do we really need to purchase a long term care insurance?

    Until now, I really do not know if we really need a long term care insurance.

    I am 49 yrs. old and have many health issues like diabetes,hypertension,sleep apnea,high cholesterol...etc. I long term care insurance needed?

    6 AnswersInsurance1 decade ago
  • Does this tenant who was suppose to be gone could still receive/invite friends?

    I am about to start with the three day notice for non payment of rent this Monday but this tenant is still accepting visitors and her boyfriend still sleepover.Do I have the right to apprehend this visitor that they can not enter my property most especially the boyfriend that sleeps at night?

    It is in our rental agreement that the room she has rented is only for one person.

    This tenant ended her agreement( in writing) herself last Oct 21st.I have the paper to show.

    4 AnswersRenting & Real Estate1 decade ago
  • How do we get a tenant to move who was suppose to already be gone?

    Our tenant gave her 30 day notice to move out on Sept 21,2010 -Oct 21,2010. She was suppose to move today, but has not. We are first time landlords. How do we get her out of the home? We have new tenant waiting to move in.

    In addition,when she gave her 30 day notice she did not pay the deposit (which was so late).that is also why she gave did not pay because according to her she wants to move out after 30 days.

    She also violated a lot of house rules and is sneaking in/out her boyfriend.

    From Oct 5-till her move out day which is today she has not pay her prorated rent. She is ignoring all my notices of late payments, even her boyfriend's illegal sleepovers every night and the worst thing is her boyfriend's bicycle is brought in the room instead for my instruction not to bring the bike to her room.

    I am trying to avoid expenses to the court proceeding which I'm aware is very expensive.

    I know that there is like a mediation center something in some cities in California that help landlords like me.

    Please help.

    4 AnswersRenting & Real Estate1 decade ago
  • How could I check if the person is on probation in California?

    I want to find out if this person is on probation and I want to speak to her probation officer.

    3 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police1 decade ago
  • How to find out if a person is on probation in California.?

    I have this renter (female) who is really a pain in the ***.She has been with us for about an month and so. She did not pay the deposit and before I could serve her the eviction notice she give me her 30 days notice last September 21st. She said she would move out because she could not follow all the house rules. Just a couple days after she moved in she was so verbal as telling me that she feels she is in a booth camp.She has done so many things like stealing,not paying the deposit, full payment was also late,inviting lots of friends at night,not cleaning after her mess,loud noise...etc..etc.

    I asked her to write and sign her 30 days notice so we have documentation.The following day she was arrested of possession of a controlled substance. I thought she would not get out of jail but she did last Oct 4th but before this she wrote a note that she would be coming back to pack her things and will keep what was agreed upon (30 days notice) until Oct 21st.

    Since she came back she has done so many nasty thing like trying to plug up the toilet...throwing moldy bread, rug with blood, not cleaning her mess, vacuuming at night. With all of these nasty things she was always reminded to act properly but she would just ignore me. Now she hasn't pay the 17 days from Oct 5-21st.I could sense that she really would not pay me. I am just following what is the regulation of the 30 days notice.

    What i notice is, she is very active at night...meaning she does her activities at night..i also suspect that she is a prostitute or might be selling drugs.What I am worried about is this is giving us a bad reputation since I have an business downstairs ( she rents a room at the back upstairs). I am thinking of reporting or tipping this to the local authorities so they could do some surveillance.

    Do you think this will not affect us? How about our business?

    I am so stressed out and confused. Should I report this to the police?What if she retaliates? She has some friends who would sneak at night and I don't trust them.

    2 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police1 decade ago