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  • During root canal bleach spilled into mouth & when rinsing came out right nostril. Sinus burned and bending over now I drip rt side only.?

    The endodontist accidentally let the bleach into my mouth. My mouth burned for over 30 min. It was awful. I ran to the bathroom to rinse it out and when bending over it came out my right nostril. The endodontist numbed me up a lot more to finish the root canal. When novacaine wore off my right sinus (I guess) was in so much pain. It was like a pulse ever couple of seconds that it would burn. That was the whole second day too. and the right nostril would not stop running. I was worried and called the dentist the day after the procedure. I was already on an antibiotic and he added a prescription of prednisone and said to take sudafed and do a nasal rinse where it goes in one side and out the other (Netipot). So, I took sudafed and an antihistamine to go to sleep and woke up and the sinus pain is better. It is not pulsing but everytime I lean over, I am dripping. I may even feel something around my right eye. What is causing the dripping? If it is just my sinus was burned will it go away or do I need to see a dr? I have not had any head trauma or injury to cause csf. But could burning the sinus with bleach do any other damage? Thanks!

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  • meat sauce in cupboard few days it loudly popped open and smoke/steam/fog came out. What is that?

    I had a jar of meat sauce that was in a cupboard for a few days after previously being opened. When I opened it again the jar popped pretty hard or loudly and smoke/fog/steam rised from the inside of the jar and did not stop for several seconds. What could that be? What kind of food poisoning could it cause?

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