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I have a very mechanical mind. I have worked in the machining industry, Aviation and now Pharmacy. I use to own a 04 Jeep TJ with extensive modifications. I dubbed it Equillibrium since the word mean balance and my vehicle and my life is just that. I am not a professional at any of my hobbies. I only answer questions with the best intentions and only with experiences I have had along the way. My pet peeve are those who think they know or pretend to know in order to prove they are better or know better but know nothing. Knowledge is power. I contribute to various questions on health, car audio and electronics, power sports, trade related topics.

  • How do I sell this boat?

    I bought this boat 6 years ago as a fixer upper. Never used it much and stored it the rest of the time.

    When I bought it the owner had a Certificate of origin for the trailer but that's it. It is plated but I don't have the paper copy. The boat has pleasure craft numbers on it but again, no paperwork. I have an old pleasure craft licence transfer sheet but the names are probably from previous owners before I bought it. I have the bill of sale with the owners name and signature but not address or phone number, also don't have the date of purchase. I can't be certain the guy lives around here anymore to call him up.

    Question is:

    If I pursuit new paperwork and trailer registration am I going to get taxed? is it 13% (I am in Ontario) not that it is ethical but if I change the selling price could you get away with it?

    It was not bought at a dealer, it was through consignment.

    Would the MTO be able to grant all this to me with what little info I do have? I want to sell this boat but I also don't want the new buyer to have issues registering it either.

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  • Can my vehicle tow this safely?

    2013 Mazda CX-5 GT AWD

    towing a Rockwood 1940 LTD tent trailer

    Shipped weight (assumed dry weight) 1493 lbs

    GVWR 2255 lbs

    Tongue weight 174 lbs

    I'am likely to go with a class II hitch since the CX-5 can only pull 2000 lbs anyway. Realizing that the Total trailer weight (Dry weight plus total cargo capacity) exceeds the maximum tow rating of my vehicle I don't plan on storing tons of stuff in the trailer. Not even close to the allotted 650 + lbs.

    So if the total thing weight say 1800 lbs am I going to have problems towing it with this vehicle?

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  • How do I view .MOD files with Audio on Windows?

    Files from Canon Camcorder.

    Changing the extension from .mod to .mpg does not work.

    I can view the files on the camera with audio but not in Media Player, there is only picture but no audio.

    I can view the video in VLC player but the picture is distorted.

    I want these files to play with audio so that I may upload them to Youtube.

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  • Failed motherboard or PSU or both?

    Bought a new corsair case and liquid cooling system.

    Asus P8Z68-V board

    OCZ 750 PSU

    All parts worked in the original case until I unplugged my video card for cleaning. (I turned the PSU off first and unplugged it)

    When I moved everything into the new case a few things happened. When I push the power button nothing happens even when the board's power button is pressed. I disconnected the molex plugs on the video card and bam it turned on but then quit a few seconds later. I tried the video card in a different slot (EVGA GTX560). When I plug in the dedicated molex's for the video card from the psu I saw a little flash like a spark and I am worried I may have just pooched my mother board. It will boot and load windows but it is now my final attempt at figuring out the video card issue and now the onboard lan won't work. Device manager says that it is a hardware issue. I think this is beyond the usual drivers and is possibly the mobo or psu that has failed or partially failed. After the little flash in PSU I plugged the two molex's into the video card, the fan spun so fast I broke all the fan blades when my finger touched it and I could smell something burning but there is no evidence. My ram and CPU is fine and this all happened just like that I am just trying to determine if I need a new mobo or PSU or video card or all three. I would think that a minor voltage surge would be absorbed but then it doesn't take much to blow everything to hell. I'm thinking its all 3 since the lan is built in, its driver works yet its hardware related. mobo would not recognize the video card before the swap but i have no way of testing it, cant even get a new driver for it.

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  • Overclocking 2nd gen i7 2600K for newbies?

    have never tried to overclock any of my PC's- dont really understand all the acronyms and numbers in BIOS.

    This CPU is running a 3.4 Ghz and I will be moving it into a new Chassis with Corsair liquid cooling.

    I'm using an ASUS P8Z68-V motherboard with Smart Bios.

    Not looking for blazing speed, just want to learn and understand the fundamentals of overclocking anything.

    Some people have mentioned changing the multiplier to 40 to gain 4.0 Ghz...What does this mean and how??

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  • Calaculate the amount of Elemental Zinc from 200g of Anhydrous Zinc (Given is the molecular wieght)?

    Pharmacy Calculations. Can't find a simple formula or any formula for that matter.

    I do not need advanced Chemestry definitions just a simple explaination.

    3 AnswersMedicine7 years ago
  • What type of Line Output Convertor do I need?

    I own a 2013 Mazda CX-5 GT with the Bose Audio

    I know I need this I just want to add a subwoofer but otherwise keep the Bose untouched since it sounds amazing already.

    Are there any tutorials online with how to wire the unit?

    My Bose system has 9 speakers but no factory subwoofer

    1 AnswerCar Audio8 years ago
  • Where can I find T-shirts or Long-sleeve shirts from the band Samael-Above?

    I know it's hard to find mens clothing in sizes larger then XL, especially for the extreme metal bands.

    I really like this album and the design of the logo.

    Also looking for shirts from Belphegor, Satyricon, Dark Funeral.

    Specific site addresses would be most appreciated. Especially those that specialize in large sizes of LS shirts.

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  • What must I do to add a subwoofer to an existing Bose Sound system?

    The vehicle is a 2013 Mazda CX-5 GT

    It has the 9 speaker Bose Audio system from OEM which I like and want to keep.

    Do not want to remove the factory radio.

    I know that I may need an OEM interface unit but have no idea how to install it to work with the factory amplifier and the new monoblock I would be buying to power the subwoofer.

    Do not know how to remove the dash panel to get to the factory radio mounts.

    Overall system sounds great but lacks bottom end.

    2 AnswersCar Audio & Electronics8 years ago
  • Is there a Director's Cut version of Total Recall 1990 Directed by Paul Verhoeven?

    I'm looking for the uncut version of the original Total Recall.

    Don't like the new one at all, many versions of Paul Verhoeven's film but none that I can find that have all the gore and violence that makes Pauls movies over the top.

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