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  • Anyone know anything about hemp seed oil?

    I read online that one of the possible health risks of hemp oil is cardiac dysfunction due to the fatty acids. If it's used in a topical cream, would the risk still be there, or is that only if it's ingested?

    1 AnswerOther - Health2 years ago
  • Gun powder candle?

    If I were to mix gun powder into wax and made a candle with it, would it spark randomly? Or would the wax kind of suffocate the gunpowder and make it inert?

    8 AnswersHunting2 years ago
  • Were top hats a thing in the US colonial era?

    I know most costumes I've seen from the mid to late 1700s were tricorns and bonnets, but were top hats around at that point, or is that a purely victorian era thing?

    3 AnswersHistory2 years ago
  • What part of the blood is uric acid stored?

    I was diagnosed with gout a few months ago. I was desperate for relief, so I was looking up ways to treat it. I came across a site that said blood donation was an effective treatment. I had donated blood a few times in the past, and knew of a reputable organization in the area, so I decided to try it. I ve been virtually pain free since. I m ecstatic. I donated a second time yesterday. My question is, is the uric acid in with the plasma, red blood cells, platelets, what? I was asked to donate double red cells because I m O- and it would help the most people, but I made the selfish decision to give whole blood to stay out of pain. I want to know if I were to give double red cells next time, would it have the same effect on my gout, or would it concentrate the uric acid more, and cause more pain? Thanks for the info in advance.

    1 AnswerOther - Diseases3 years ago
  • Anybody know anything about home school laws?

    A friend of mine has young siblings. They currently reside in Texas, where the laws I hear are pretty relaxed. They plan on moving to Pennsylvania, but buying a house in Texas, so they can claim they still reside in Texas, solely so they can take advantage of Texas' laws. Is that legal? If it helps, from the things she's said, it sounds like the parents are teaching creationism, and pretty much everything public schools aren't allowed to. I mean... it's their choice as parents, but I don't like it... but really, i Don't have to... I just want to know if they'd get into any trouble, or just be blocked from doing this if reported. Thanks.

    6 AnswersLaw & Ethics4 years ago
  • Is an aviation science certificate the same as a pilot's license?

    Probably a stupid question. Just want to make sure before I jump into anything.

    14 AnswersOther - Education4 years ago
  • Is there a way to contact omegle?

    I was talking on omegle, and someone claimed to be a teenage girl who has been sexually abused for several years. i would like to bring this to omegle's attention, even if it's just a troll, i would like to let them know just in case, so they can maybe look into it. Thanks.

    5 AnswersOther - Internet4 years ago
  • Was "We will rock you" performed by Queen written or inspired by Adolf Hitler?

    I know it sounds stupid, but I heard that a few days ago, and I can t find any mention of it online. The person who told me said that much of the lyrics could be found in Hitler s writings. Sounds dumb to me, but I d like to hear what you guys say.

    1 AnswerLyrics5 years ago
  • Do you have to be registered as a member of a particular party to vote in the primaries?

    Probably a stupid question, but this is the first time I've actually cared about/paid attention to politics, and it wasn't mentioned when I registered to vote. I'm in Texas, if it's different for each state.

    3 AnswersElections5 years ago
  • Has any information Edward Snowden released been connected to any deaths, military or otherwise?

    I've been looking around online, and all I can find are predictions that it will, and no proof or credible claim that it has. Does anyone know? If you know either way, please provide reliable sources. Thanks.

    2 AnswersMilitary5 years ago
  • Does Greyhound enforce their policy on knives and tools?

    I plan to soon travel between California and Texas via Greyhound. I have a knife and a multitool ( I carry with me everywhere, and it's at a point that I feel naked without them. Tools and non-plastic eating utensil knives are not permitted on the bus, so I know it's technically not allowed. How well is this policy enforced? If i leave them in my pocket or bag could I possibly get away with it?

    2 AnswersPacking & Preparation5 years ago
  • Can I ask a couple stupid dental questions?

    How is it good for your teeth to take flavored ground up little rocks (toothpaste) and rub them on your teeth twice a day? It seems like it would wear them down more than anything.

    Also: What are the benefits, if any, to brushing twice a day versus once a day (for the mouth. I can only find articles on heart health related to that question elsewhere)?

    3 AnswersDental5 years ago
  • Can I ask a probably a stupid question?

    When I was 2 or 3, my mom would have me go get her a beer and a cup almost every night. And every night she'd allow me to take a couple sips of it. I don't have an alcohol or drug problem, but i do have depression and other psychological issues. Could those be linked? Could the regular ingestion of small amounts of alcohol be detrimental to a toddler's brain development? I've been curious lately.

    2 AnswersOther - Pregnancy & Parenting5 years ago
  • I cannot afford to go see a doctor, what could be the problem?

    Since I was a kid, I have been plagued with nose bleeds. Nearly every time I have ever blown my nose, I got nose bleeds of varying severity. Also, many times my nose would bleed for no reason It was checked several times when i was a child, but no cause was found, and was assured I'd grow out of it. When i was a teenager, it wasn't as bad, but it started back up a few years ago (I'm almost 30), with a couple more issues. My ears are almost always plugged up (similar to when traveling at high altitudes), and pop sometimes, especially when blowing my nose, and my nose always seems plugged up. Thinking it's allergies, I tried daily doses of benedryl, but it doesn't really help. Any thoughts on what the cause is, and maybe a cure or treatment?

    2 AnswersAllergies5 years ago
  • Know anything about emulators?

    Is there an easy to install and easy to use (so that a 5 year old could use it with instruction and guidance) emulator for NES, SNES, Genesis, and/or N64 to be used on a PS3? I also need it to be ready to use, no modification to any hardware or software in the machine, just plug in the flash drive, and play. I know it's probably too much to hope for, but I figured it might be worth a shot. Thanks.

    4 AnswersVideo & Online Games6 years ago
  • How is the electoral college a good thing?

    I've recently been curious about the whole election process, and have been stuck on the electoral college. I may be misunderstanding, so please, correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like it's a major "f^#k you" to the whole democratic process, leaving voting at all meaningless. Shouldn't leaders be chosen by popular vote? The system is corrupt enough even without this feature, why do we have it? Again, I may just be misunderstanding it.

    5 AnswersElections6 years ago
  • Which would be better, a slingshot or an air pistol?


    I'd like to get one of these for protection/hunting/target practice to put into my bugout bag. i know neither are ideal, but I don't have much money. I know the air pistol will get better fps, but the shot size/weight is better with the slingshot, not to mention it's cheaper and it can use just about anything for ammo. Now that I'm typing this out, I'm leaning toward the slingshot. What's your opinion?

    1 AnswerOther - Sports6 years ago
  • What is a more interesting way to say this?

    I'd like to say "Not to be used with evil intent" in a more creative way. I need it to be short and to the point, with maybe a Harry Potter, Percy Jackson or Mortal Instruments reference or even a direct quote. I haven't read any of those, and am not really interested in doing so, but I want to write a note to a friend who loves those series'. Thanks.

    4 AnswersBooks & Authors6 years ago