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  • Hi! So my dog used to LOVE me the most, and suddenly he seems to be interested in my siblings and parents more.?

    I first got my dog, around a month ago, and each time I came home from something I had to do.  He would jump in the air, and start wagging his tail! And when I came over to greet him he jumped on me!  Now, he ignores me and is only excited to see my siblings and my parents.  I don't recall doing something wrong, that could have deeply traumatized him, or make him keep his distance.  He still follows me around here and there, but way less than when I first got him.  He now doesn't like sitting with me as much as my siblings, and he usually picks my siblings over me, without hesitation.  I don't understand how he went from loving me the most to not liking me at all.  If you guys have any tips or actual answers, I would love to hear them! :)

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