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  • Can you export insta360 one videos to iPhone without a computer? ?

    I have a Chromebook that doesn’t have a insta360 app and won’t read my 360 video on my SD card. I’m kinda of lost on what to do unless I record video with the camera directly in the phone.

    1 AnswerCamcorders2 months ago
  • Can you upload Insta360 video onto a chromebook without an app?

    Just got the insta360 and went to upload my first ones. Plug in the SD card and all the videos are there plus the ones I took while playing with my phone and learning the camera. When I clicked on it “files not found”. There are no available insta360 apps for the chromebook, so am I out of luck? Is there a way to export videos directly to my phone?

    Scanners3 months ago
  • How do I get rid of the hundreds of pigeons my neighbor won’t stop feeding?

    My neighbor is a delightful woman, she just has a love for birds and it has developed into a pigeon infestation. We have 50-100 birds hanging out on our rooftops and in the grass across the street at any given time. We have asked her to stop feeding them, she agrees to only keep the food in the feeders instead of everywhere for the smaller birds but, baby step but ok. She follows this agreement for a week, just long enough to see a small difference in the number of birds waiting around for their next meal. We can no longer park in the Driveway without our cars getting splattered. We closed up our carport because there were some living in there, only to have her start allowing them to hatch their babies on her side. I love this woman, she loves these birds, I don’t know how to get rid of these things without ruining our relationship. I was hoping for an ultrasonic pitch, but it doesn’t seem to work on larger rodent, and want to be sneaky about it. 

    2 AnswersBirds3 months ago
  • i cheated on my girlfriend with my best guy friend, what should I do?

    I'm a lesbian and in the best relationship ever, I never thought it would be me in this situation... Especially with my best friend, who's a man!! I'm the most loyal person. To know that I betrayed the love of my life I hate myself so much right now. How do I make this right? I don't even remember much of it :(

  • If you ve seen Making a murderer, do you think Steven Avery is guilty?

    Personally I think he s innocent, but curious what other people think. Also, if you think he s guilty do you think Brenden was involved?

    1 AnswerMedia & Journalism5 years ago