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  • Im trying to make the world's worst gaming controller but im also stupid?

    Im tryna rig a gaming controller and in place of toggles i want to use the round, scrolling, clickable appendages like the ones that sonetimes come in the middle of old computer keyboards or those rediculous computer mouses. But i dont know what to even search for to begin trying to buy one or what not. Please. I tried to call the geek squad but they didnt have a "help me make the worst game controller" option.

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    Why does my dog bark at my mom?

    My mom rescued this little jack Russell terrierand brought it him. The vets said he couldn't be more than a year old. He's a little bit of a menace and none of us are incredibly accustomed to small dogs. Mom seems to be his favourite person- she's the one who brought him, the person he's spent the most time with, he's most excited when she's around, always wants to be where she is, etc. But for some reason he just randomly will start barking at her and he won't stop until someone comes and removes him from the room. We can't figure out why or a good way of getting him to stop. He sits it when hes in a particular room with her, weve theorized its because he cant get up and that chair with her but there's no helping that. But he barks most incessantly when she's in the kitchen. She can do any number of things to set him off- dance, sing, exercise, or literally just stand there. Is this a normal little dog thing? Is he just damaged goods? What is up with this little brat??

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  • youtube video appears but nothing else?

    anytime i click on a video from my watch later playlist nothing but the video appears. The video plays fine but nothing else appears. No playlist sidebar, no suggestions, no title, like button, description, or comments. I use chrome. I ve tried deleting my cache, my cookies, and all of my extensions, nothing has worked. i tried it on safari, still just the video and nothing else appears. Everything appears just fine on the other computers in the house. What has happened???

    1 AnswerYouTube3 years ago