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  • How long would it take on a proper diet to put on weight?

    Im not saying how long do i have to be on a diet for

    Im saying im underweight, and i only eat 1 dinner a day that my mum cooks for me. when i start my new job if i pay for breakfast lunch and dinner everyday and drank 2L of water everyday and ate my 5 aday everyday and did it all, would it take long to put on enough weight to be a healthy size? if not ill try eat 4-5 meals a day everyday


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  • How long would it take of a proper diet to be a healthy weight?

    I dont eat well at the moment and am underweight, i was just wondering when ive got the money and start my new job, if i ate 3+ meals a day drank 2L of water a day and ate my 5 aday would it take to become a healthy weight?

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  • ive got a few questions about becoming a fireman in the UK.. i cant fit all questions here cause of the cap.. read description.. thanks?

    Is the job usually a full time job or a part time, emergency call out job?

    Can an asthmatic train up and become a firefighter?

    Is drug testing a mandatory thing or would it only happen if someone grassed? (Im not a crackhead btw lol, just smoke weed)

    Im considering going about training but need to know what to expect


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  • If you’ve ever been under weight, how did you put on weight?

    im underweight for my height, and dont know how to put fat on, i dont have any eating disorders or anything and dont starve myself...

    If im working ill usually eat a sandwich, couple bags of crisps, a couple chocolate bars and have a cup of tea at 10:00am and again at 13:00 then come home and have a cooked dinner.

    But when im not working ill usually just have dinner, and maybe a snack here or there, and when im working and have money i can have like 3 takeaway dinners a week.

    Its not a healthy diet i know, but the food is being eaten and the calories are definitely there, my diet doesn’t seem any different to anyone i know who are normal weight...

    If you’ve ever been underweight what did you do/eat to put fat on?

    I smoke weed regularly if that could have anything to do with it.

    Im very skinny and want to start putting on muscle, but cant if i havent got any body fat.


    Diet & Fitness6 months ago
  • Does protein powder shakes put weight on?

    Im underweight and wondering if protein shakes would help or not, because ive been told it would help by some people, but ive also been told my body wont absorb and use it and will end up just passing it out unless im exercising. If i had 2 - 3 protein shakes a day would i start increasing weight  and putting on fat, or would it be wasted if im not muscle training and going gym?

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  • Whats everyones experience like with ADHD/ADD?

    Ive got ADHD and when i was younger i would be prescribed risperidone, eventually when i was about 14 or 15 i stopped taking it because i felt like it was all a hoax and no medication will make my behaviour change and couldnt change me. Now im an adult still not taking the medication, sometimes

     i literally have to read a sentence like 10 times before i make sense of it, sometimes even if im trying to listen to someone speak to me, i cant pay attention and cant understand what theyre saying and they think im ignoring them but i honestly cant help it, i was just wondering if anyone has this problem, or if they have any other experiences i relate to?

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  • Whats medicinal CBD like for ADHD?

    Ive got ADHD and i feel like its affecting my concentration and attention, i was wondering if CBD would be effective? I have trouble listening to people and paying attention and people think I’m ignorant. If anyone else has ADHD Let me know how it affects you, cause i feel like everyone just makes it out to be just being hyper and rowdy.

    Thank you

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  • Is there anywhere i can post my nudes online?

    I havent had sex because i worry my cock is too small, and i dont want to embarass myself, is there anywhere i can post my nudes so i can see the reactions i get?

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  • How and why am i underweightI for my size and age? Am i doing something wrong or is it something else?

    Im a 6’3 19 year old man weighing about 9 and a half stone maybe 10 at a push, i eat mcdonalds breakfast 5 times a week, i eat a packed lunch or a takeaway at about 10:30 5 times a week, i have another takeaway at about 13:00 5 times a week and then ill have a home cooked meal for most (i still get takeaway more often than a normal person would for dinner some nights) i dont eat as much on weekends and i smoke weed if that matters, and do other drugs sometimes but not often, last time i went hospital the paramedics said i shouldnt be so skinny still knowing all this aswell, and asked if my parents had any medical problems, when i told them my dad had diabetes (type 1 i think) they looked at each other as if it might mean something, i never found out if there was a link and why it meant anything cause nothing was done about it, but i still wonder why im so boney and dont have as much weight muscle or fat to me as most men my size and age. In fact i weigh the same as some 5 foot girls i know. I work as a labourer on a building site and just chill and smoke weed in the evenings, but surely i should put on weight considering i eat fatty foods and plenty of calories. Can anyone tell me why im underweight because i eat plenty? Thanks

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  • Girls, would you date a guy if you know hes got a small cock? Or if you know hes a virgin/**** in bed?

    People tend to say girls dont care about size and skill and it doesnt matter, but i feel like thats just a lie just to stay positive. Am i right or does size and experience not matter? Be honest. Thanks

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  • ladies? whats the average penis size based on what youve seen?

    im a man with a bit of a confidence issue about the size of my cock, science says the average size is 6 inches erect, but thats based on the size of the few men theyve measured,,,

    what would you say is the average size youve come across?? im 19 if age has anything to do with it, thanks!

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  • asthma and honey?

    i heard honey cleanses the lungs?

    that means it's probably a good home remedy for asthma problems?

    if so how should i use it?

    1 AnswerRespiratory Diseases3 years ago
  • can cigarettes soothe asthma problems? (read description)?

    im having seasonal problems with my asthma and keep getting dry coughs, heavy breathing and a tight chest, and everytime i light a cig (not the best idea i know!) the symptoms go temporarily and its easier to cough... why does this happen?

    4 AnswersRespiratory Diseases3 years ago
  • does getting a career in the cannabis industry ask for a lot?

    i live in the UK where weed is illegal, but with the world learning weed isnt a problem and sliowly legalising it, i dont think it wuill be long before England legalises the plant. anyway since trying it ive gained an interest in it and have done alot of research on it and know more about it then most of my stoner friends, so ive always thought it would be a good future career choice, but what do companies in legal countries and states expect of someone applying for jobs? high grades? qualifications in growing other plants? or just an interest?

    in a dispensary id guess its just like getting a job in any old store, but what about cropping or making concentrates etc? would i need any experience or qualifications? and if so how can i get some before its legalised?

    2 AnswersOther - Careers & Employment3 years ago
  • can you get high eating raw weed?

    me and my friends have been debating this for a while. i think you cant because weed needs to be heated first so it can be "de-carboxilated" (activated), but my friends recon it only has to enter your system and that the bodys temperature would activate it anyway?

    everyones heard of that one guy who ate a couple grams raw and swears they got stoned, but there are also people who think holding in hits get you more stoned and science has proven that wrong.

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