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  • Why has he gone cold?

    Back story my childs father broke up with me during my pregnancy and resurfaced just a few months after she was born. The last 10 months hes been reaching out with the love and miss you txts and calls. I kept it strictly about our child and nothing more but about 2 months ago I had a weak moment and told him I loved him to which he seemed happy about. Will skip a month he seems to have gone cold. I sent him a txt telling him I noticed he doesnt say he misses or loves me anymore and that I worked hard to bury the hurt he put me through and was doing really well for a while only to be hurting all over again.

     We have spoken since I sent the text and he didnt comment on it nor even acknowledge it and hast  really been in contact the last 2 days.  How can you suddenly just be cold towards someone you claimed you loved an missed ? 

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