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  • What can happen if you are pulled over and don't have a registration for your car? In Michigan.?

    Hello, I am wondering if anyone knows what legal actions could happen if I get pulled over in my car and dont have the registration in Michigan. 

    Car is 100% legal, registration is up to date, plate and tags are good, just cleaned the car out and my kids were helping and somewhere along the lines the registration disappeared, and I am moving the car to my inlaws for a couple of weeks. I can order a new registration but wouldn't be in on time, because I need to move it tomorrow, and all DMV offices are closed at the moment. 

    Long story short car is legal need to move it about 40 miles 1 way and its mainly back roads but I do pass by 2 police stations on the way, so If i was pulled over what legal actions could they take?

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  • Can I Leave The Battery Out Of My Car For The Winter?

    I have a 2011 Buick Lacrosse, it has the push button start to it, just a fob you keep with you to start it. I have seen post when replacing the battery last fall that if left out to long will effect the computer, and being it dont take a key really dont want that. I am parking the car in my garage for the winter and want to take the battery out so I can hook it up and keep it charged all winter until next spring, and will once in a while go start the car. I dont have power to my garage and just ran a cord out there last winter and worked out good, but want to avoid running cords out this winter.

    Would taking the battery out for probably 2 weeks at a time be a good idea? I try to start once a week and drive about once a month during winter, but winters get cold here, and I replaced a couple batteries last winter on cars used daily it got so cold, so would like to keep battery safe.

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  • What is Michigan law on name change for firearms after getting married?

    My wife and I just recently got married and she is changing her last name to mine. She has a few firearms that she purchased before we got married and I am wondering as ive never personally had to, should she contact someone for those? She currently has a handgun and a few rifles in her name, should she contact the police station or is there a form? She is waiting til the name change to get her cpl, but just more so wondering about the name registered to her handgun, as well as her rifles.

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  • Can a single story home be turned into a garage?

    Ok so I know how my question sounds, so let me first explain that i have basic knowledge of construction, but far from an expert which is why I am asking this question, and would not attemp this type of work myself.

    There is a home I am looking into purchasing, its a single story maybe 25' wide by 50' long perfect stright walls down each side. It has no basement but a crawl space, the gound under the home is level with ground outside not dug out like some, foundation is maybe 1 1/2 brick high.

    So my idea would be to go in take down the ceiling drywall run large supports from one side of the home to the other (full 20-25') so its better supported for the top and roof, being its on a brick foundation remove all flooring and inside walls. I figure I will have to run some sort of center beem for added support.

    So with pretty much gutting the interior of the home with some new supports added i am think a nice double wide garage door on the back and remove the section of foundation needed, as well as reframe for the new door. I missed a few steps here is a general idea what im thinking, could that be done?

    The exterior of the home and roof and foundation are in great shape and solid the rest of the home is worthless, but sits close to my current property and Im interested in buying it mainly for the added land and to place a garage on, and was just thinking such a good soild building already Id hate to tear it down just to turn around and rebuild one all over again.

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  • Can I swap a ignition switch in a 01 ford f150?

    Long story short, I know these keys are programmed, and I have 2 trucks a 01 and a 03 exactly the same beside the year and color. My 01 has 1 key that only starts the truck and does not work for the doors. My 03 was hit by a tree so Im using some parts off it for my 01, but the 03 has 3 keys that work on the ignition and doors, so I want to swap out the ignition switch and door lock cylinders. Being chipped keys would this require dealer programming or is this something that could be done at home?

    1 AnswerFord3 years ago
  • 2003 Ford F150 wont turn over.?

    I have a 2003 ford f150 and looking for ideas to my problem. Long story short truck ran great, wife went to start it and just clicked so I messed with the starter solenoid (as before I bought the truck it was rigged) truck started right up no problems so my wife drove it the rest of the day. The next day she had to go out of town so I took her truck just incase, and again nothing messed with solenoid fired right up, when to work drove great got to work put it in rev to back into my parking spot and motor just quit light radio everything still worked just motor quit, it has never stalled or even acted as if it would always ran great.

    Truck wouldnt start messed with solenoid nothing so had it towed home bought a new starter all together put it in and tried to roll over for about 1/2 a second then nothing, engine wont turn over. So I tried a different starter out of my other truck same thing.

    My problem is the engine wont roll over, battery is good starter is good, just wont roll over but run perfect before that.

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  • 2001 ford f150 Alternator problem?

    2001 Ford F150 XLT 5.4 4x4. Truck runs and drives great, its my work truck. I hooked my boat up to it the other day to pull it out and clean it and left it hooked up over night. Went out next morning truck wouldnt start, battery was weak (the battery is only 3-4 months old) so figured i must have left something on hooked up the charger and fired right up let it run a while and shut it off and it started back up fine. About 4 hours later battery was dead again. (Well weak). Hooked a meter to the battery and said was 12.7. Jumped truck and was reading 19.4. Which i understand is to high let truck run a few minutes to watch the meter never changed shut truck off battery was reading 17.3. Can the over charge from my Alternator cause the battery to die out over time ? Or should i consider looking for a new problem to top this? Alternator will be replaced but should i check anything else? Thanks

    3 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs4 years ago
  • 2001 frod f 150 heard snap sound now feeling a pulling/drag?

    2001 Ford F-150 xlt ext cab 5.4 4x4. 155,000 miles. My truck was driving and riding perfect, no problems what so ever, on my way to work I heard what sounded like something cracked or broke front the front, got to work f i ne no problems looked and everything noticed nothing, left work seemed fine hit a bump heard the same/ close to same sound and now the truck feels as if its draging, and not riding smooth anymore. Everything seems to be solid and where its suppose to be, any idea would help.

    2 AnswersFord4 years ago
  • Will a 115 hp work for a boat rated at 85hp?

    I have a boat about 15' seats 6 (seating for 8 but limit is 6) tri hull design. After looking at the specs plate in/on the boat it says its rated for a max 85 hp motor. I have a friend who has a 115 hp motor that im interested in buying it from them if if will work on my boat. Im not looking for speed, but more so something that will more me around and maybe be able to use speed if needed.

    I have small children so wont be going fast but may want to take out adults and use a tub or skis or something. My main question is will this work? Or will it be to heavy? To much power? Ive had boats in the past but they have always came ready to go, I bought this boat to restore and make my own.


    4 AnswersBoats & Boating4 years ago
  • Is woodchips good for a spare driveway?

    I have a driveway on both sides of my house, and on one side I park my boat and use that side for guest. Being that the driveway aint used much I have considered covering it with woodchip. Wondering if this is a good idea, as it is not used daily but is used. I would like to kill what grass is left and stop the holes that are forming in my yard from there being nothing there. Thinking woodchips would be a good cheap filler, look nice and match the rest of my yard as well.

    Just looking for personal thoughts on this subject.

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  • What is the difference between the dodge 5.7 and the dodge 5.7 hemi? 2003 dodge ram 1500.?

    I am looking at a truck 2003 dodge ram and after reviewing some information learned that the 5.7 hemi has 2 plugs per cyclinder and looking some more I found that some 5.7 (or all that year and newer not sure) have a top and bottom plug? So Instead of it being next to each other like the hemi they are top and bottom.? Im sure I'm probably wrong about something but can anyone explain this?

    2 AnswersDodge5 years ago
  • How to tell a travel trailer model from the vin?

    I am looking at a used 2001 Fleetwood wilderness travel trailer, and have the vin for the trailer but unsure how to read it to find the model of the trailer. I have tried to look it up and nothing is making any sense to on how to read it or better yet said the vin dont make sense when Im reading it. any suggestions?

  • How long can I expect a 2007 Ford F-250 superduty with a 6.0 diesel to last?

    I am looking at purchasing a 2007 Ford F-250 super duty with the 6.0 diesel in it. Current mileage is 154,000 and from what I can find on it has been serviced fairly well and was a texas truck. I only intend to use it to haul a 30' travel trailer a few times a year and maybe some local driving around town from time to time, but not really daily use. But my question is how reliable are they?

    3 AnswersFord5 years ago
  • Can my home and other things of value be used to satisfy a loan from years ago, if taken to court?

    Long story short, I had two car loans back in 2008, after securing my second car a few months later the company I was working from filed bankruptcy and went out of business therefore making me unable to keep up with my second loan. I continued to work up until 2011. 2011 to 2015 I did not work and did not have an income due to other reasons. I recently started working again and about a month and a half after starting, I received a letter stating that I still have my loan and that payments must be made or garnishment would take place. I called the company and explained that I have just started working and cant afford to make extra payments at this time, and am working to resolve this issue.

    Now my question, me and my wife own our home and own a couple vehicles that are paid off, bought the cars in 2014 and the home in 2015. Both mine and my wife's name are on the titles, and deed. If the loan company did decide to take me to court, being that my wife was never on my loan, could they sue me and use my home or cars to repay the loan?

    Sorry really not good at explaining or asking questions of this nature so please work with me and my state is michigan if that helps.

    3 AnswersLaw & Ethics5 years ago
  • 2001 Pontiac Montana After Market Radio Install.?

    ok so I bought a new after market radio for my wife's van, and have in the past installed quite a few radios and never came across this problem. I bought the radio the connector dash kit everything to do it correctly, hooked it all up plugged it in and nothing no power. I unplugged it and plugged in the factory worked great, plugged the aftermarket back in nothing. I got a wire tester and tested the plug connector, and discovered the 12v ignition wire was not working, upon further investigation I discovered that I was unable to find a 12v ignition wire at all and only a 12v constant.

    Is there something I am missing? Where can I find the 12v ignition or a 12v ignition to use? I hooked up both my 12v ignition and constant off the radio to the constant and everything works great, right sound out of the right speakers, etc, but need that 12v ignition so it will shut off, I will bypass the connector if needed....

    any help would be great

    1 AnswerCar Audio5 years ago
  • 2001 Pontiac Montana Fuel Gauge?

    2001 Pontiac Montana,the fuel gauge always says its full, when you first turn the key it will go up so far (which I assume to be the correct amount) and then after started goes to full. I don't know how long its been doing it and personally have only drove the van once and that was home, as my wife bought it from her family, I generally don't buy Pontiacs as I've never had any luck with them but wondering what some options I have to correct the problem????? I assume a new unit in the fuel tank is where I'll end up overall but in the meantime I'd just like to know its keeping good gas.

    1 AnswerPontiac5 years ago
  • 1996 Oldsmobile Bravada fob (remote) programing, how to?

    I am looking for information on how to program a fob remote for my 96 Oldsmobile bravada. I have done some research but would like it explained a little better in more detail as to where the locking control is that needs to be jumped. Thanks

  • 99 dodge durango, idle problems.?

    I have a 99 Dodge Durango 5.9L 4x4 some days it runs great others it idles weird and will stall out when stopped at a light. Only happens every couple weeks like today it has been doing it, but has been great the past couple weeks It has around 206,000 miles on it and I trust it to go anywhere starts great, and when it does stall always fires right back up but don't always stall just a really low idle. I noticed that the last couple times it has acted up when I apply the gas pedal to leave from a stop it's don't want to move and slowly rolls for about 5-10 seconds and then takes off and no problems what so ever, and days its not acting up it drives just fine no problems nothing. It has been well maintained since new and runs better then some newer cars but wondering what my problem may be.

    2 AnswersDodge5 years ago
  • Panasonic TV problems.?

    I have an older Panasonic TV, model number PT-52LCX66. I turned on the TV this morning and was working great put in a new movie for my children to watch and left the room to get lunch ready came back in the room while my children were eating and the screen was black no sound and TV was blinking red, didn t really think much of it so I didn t bother counting the blinks. ( I assumed maybe the kids turned it off and back on as it generally blinks a few times before it comes on) after the blinks tv shut off I hit the power button and the red light came on and stayed on no blinking nothing. Hit the power button again and red light still there TV would not do anything. I unplugged the TV let it sit about 30 minutes and plug it back in and now nothing what so ever no lights no blinking nothing.

    I got this TV from a friend a few months back and replaced the blub back in may and since have had no problems with it, and there were never any problems besides the bulb that I am aware of, but don t wish to spend a lot to fix it, but if reasonable I will, but not really good at TV repair, or repair of electronics in general but do know a little bit here and there. So basic repair I can do.

    My question is what could be the source?

    1 AnswerTVs5 years ago
  • What is the best way to move a boat without a boat trailer?

    I am looking a at 27' bayliner, from the specs its 27' 8' beam around 5500-5800 lbs Single engine. It is a larger boat but would love to have it for my family. I dont have a trailer designed for a boat that big as I generaly stay around 18' and under. I would purcahse a trailer designed for the boat after I purchase it aand have it home. My question is what other ways would there be to move a boat of this size? I have considered looking into renting a trailer but closest thing I found local that way is a uhaul car hauler which I highly doubt would work and dont even wish to consider it.

    Any ideas helpful thanks

    5 AnswersBoats & Boating5 years ago