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  • My cats meow is starting to get weaker.?

    My cat is very energetic even though he is about 15 years old. He likes to meow a lot when we call his name. but lately his meow has been a LOT softer, and almost weak. Am I just over reacting?

    1 AnswerCats11 months ago
  • Is it normal for a scab to turn black?

    A few days ago, I went ice skating with my cousin for her birthday. I didn't wear socks that wen't up very high so my ankle got a little gash on it, (about a centimeter long) I though nothing of it untill it started to itch and turn black. Is this normal?

    2 AnswersInjuries11 months ago
  • Solve the paradox?

    You invent a time machine, and you go back in time and run over your grandfather. But if you grandfather was run over, that means that your parents wouldn't have been born. And neither would you have been. But if you were not born, how could you run over your grandfather? Do you exist or not exist. ADD ON: You invent a time machine, and you go back in time and run over your grandfather with a ford explorer. But your grandfather happens to be the creator of ford, and you ran him over before he could create his company. So how could you run him over if you didn't exist, and how could you run him over with a ford, if ford never existed?

    6 AnswersFord11 months ago
  • What is your favorite cheesecake?

    My personal favorite is a chocolate moose cheesecake

    10 AnswersPolls & Surveys12 months ago
  • KFC or Popeye's?

    Do you prefer KFC or Popeye's, my personal favorite is KFC

    40 AnswersFast Food12 months ago
  • Is Donald Trump really all these terrible things people has claimed him to be?

    My current view of Donald Trump is that he has been blamed a TON for things he didn't do. People call him sexist, racist, and many other things. But I want SOLID PROOF that he is those things.

    12 AnswersPolitics12 months ago
  • Is reading books bad for your eyes?

    I am currently having eye and head pain because I've been on my computer for too long. So i was thinking about reading a book. Will that make it worse?

    14 AnswersBooks & Authors12 months ago
  • are queen palm tree seeds poisonous to dogs?

    My dog swallowed a seed from our queen palm tree, it was green and about the size of my thumbnail. I'm really worried and i dont know if its serious or no because i know that dogs have trouble digesting some things

    3 AnswersGarden & Landscape1 year ago