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I am a computer systems builder, that's been involved with computers since 1978, That's installed multiple types of operating system Microsoft and Apple are not the only computer/mobile operating systems in the world. I keep up to date with the latest up to the minute technology news.

  • know what the next generation of computers are going to be?

    They are going to be the $15 dollar expandable computer systems Here is a introducing to the next generation, Built designed and distributed by Danie Kottke who designed the first Apple computers It's forget Apple, Google and Microsoft computers check out this youtube video on the Pine64 expandable computer.

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail

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  • Is Your Fridge sending spam emails?

    Doing my research today I found this on BBC news tech website. The fridge was one of more than 100,000 devices used to take part in the spam campaign. You need to check your fridge make sure it's not sending out SPAM mail

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  • Read the Internet security news today (Read It)?

    Cryptolocker Ransomware has 'infected about 250,000 PCs' A virulent form of ransomware has now infected about quarter of a million Windows computers, according to a report by security researchers. Dell Secureworks said that the US and UK had been worst affected. It added that the cyber-criminals responsible were now targeting home internet users

    Follow these instructions

    16 Ways To Beat Cryptolocker and Ransomware

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  • Is Yahoo Answers the New Apple Mac Forum?

    (1) Why do Mac users ask questions on OS7 which is a new operating system that users have never used before and expect to get a right answer,

    (2) Why don't Mac users use the Official Mac users website forums for their questions

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  • Ways to Improve Your Android's security?

    This is NOT a question but an answer to Three Ways to Improve Your Android's Lock Screen Security.

    check it out here

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  • how to answer messages?

    Yahoo what are you doing? you have gone from the worlds BEST website on the net to the worlds WORST website on the net, in a matter of months,

    I have Messages from answer users of Yahoo answers and can't answer them because you Yahoo have left no way me to answer them. When I click on reply it brings up the new Yaahoo home page and no way to answer the message.

    I don't want to know all the answers and question I've ever asked or answered, I don't want to know all the questions and answer other users have asked or answered either


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  • MS Patch Tuesday 9th July?

    Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday brings much-needed security updates. Microsoft will release on July 9 a number of seven security patches that are rated as ‘critical’. Until April 8, 2014, when Microsoft will officially kill support for Windows XP, the company is committed to bring updates as it did before. The upcoming security updates will affect Windows XP, Windows 8 (and perhaps Windows 8.1), Windows RT and some support versions of Windows Server. No mention of W7

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  • Microsoft: Uninstall Faulty Patch Tuesday Security Update?

    Do Microsoft ever get things right, They give out security updates then systems crash because of these updates, then they tell users to uninstall the security updates, how can users uninstall the updates when the systems have crashed

    Web report here

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  • The Raspberry Pi $35 Computer and $25 camera?

    How many of you have bought the $35 Raspberry Pi Computer, If you have bought one what are you doing with it, This little $35 computer can and does work miracles the things that's being done with are beyond belief. Now a Miniature $25 movie camera has been developed for it,

    Go to Rapberry Pi webssite and check out what the Raspberry Pi and the camera can do, scroll down the webpage and watch th video, Then think what you could make and do with what you could do if you have one,

    Raspberry Pi and Minature movie camera

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  • Interesting news. Will we have the right to sell.?

    This is a very interesting News story

    Will we have the right to sell our own legally bought products. It seems that another one of our rights is about to disappear, It's time for you to stand up and be counted watch this video and sign the partition and fight for your rights

    copy and paste the web address in the address web address bar

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  • What the hell is going on with Yahoo?

    What the Hell is Yahoo doing with the Yahoo Home Page, Questions and Answers page. Yahoo is becoming a total website DISASTER.

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  • Do you have an Android phone?

    Do you have an Android phone. if you do read this.

    SMSZombie' Infects 500,000 Android Users in China.

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  • Is this the man you admired.?

    Is this the Man you admired. who only invented the Apple Logo

    The real truth is exposed. Steve Jobs at the age of 12 saw staving children in Africa on the front cover of a Magazine, He asked his preacher “Does God know this is going on”, he then stopped going to church. He most have thought, If God can’t control the world, I WILL with my “Widgets”

    He reinforced his sense of what was important. The Apple Logo. Jobs then proceeded to renounce greed by … Making a $337 billion company and a $8.6 billion personal fortune, without ever donating even a single dime to charity,

    jobs-exposed, The empire of ripoff comes under fire

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  • Steve Jobs Vowed to destroy Android Why?

    Steve Jobs said he wanted to destroy Android and would spend all of Apple's money and his dying breath if that is what it took to do so.

    The BBC report

    Was it because Linux Android is FREE and far superior than anything Mac iOS can do on phones and computers, That he would loose control of his widget users if they moved to Open Source Software and operating systems

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  • What would be the best thing for you to have for free (dom)?

    What would be the best thing in your opinion

    Free Cloud Apps (Software)

    Free Cloude Computing

    Free Cloude Disk Space

    Free Cloude Server (Your Own)

    The reason for asking this question, is over the last few months through my research, I'm finding that a lot of FLOSS (Free Open Source Software) applications are now becoming more available to Windows and Mac users

    At the same time, with the next generation of computers, Microsoft are trying to force computer manufactures that want to have a Microsoft Windows 8 ready certifice, they must first agree to fit their computers with a secure Micrsoft Didgital Secure System for hardware and software, where by the computers will only install windows operating system and software, and agreed upon hardware.

    This action by Microsoft would stop computer users from installing any new hardware of their choice. Also it would stop users from installing FLOSS (Free Linux Open Source Software) This would also force computer users to buy expensive Microsoft digital signature secure software This action by Microsoft is to control all computer users. It has nothing to do with computer security what so ever

    We all want, use and need legal FLOSS (Free Linux Open Source Software) We Don't need Proprietary Companies like Microsoft controlling our computers or our lives. What do you say? If you agree and want your freedom then you need to have your voice heard now before it's to late, Or have “Digitally Controlled by Microsoft” logo stamped on your forehead.

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  • Can Salt Make 18 TB Hard Drives?

    With to days technology it's possible to make 18 tigabyte hard drives

    read this technology report

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  • Windows 8 Developers Releases?

    Has anyone downloaded and installed the windows 8 developers release, I downloaded it last night in my opinion this has got to be the worst windows desktop design that I have seen in 28 years of installing windows operating systems, It is a totally confusing desktop, What was MS developers thinking about when they designed this confusing desktop,

    What is your opinion of windows 8 desktop design

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  • Do you know how Windows get infected with malware?

    how Windows get infected with malware

    read this report it may help you in the future to stop getting Malware

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  • Facial Recognition Technology?

    Do you think that using social websites like face book is great thing to give all your personal details away freely, Do you know what's going on with Facial Recognition Technology and how it can effect you?

    This is worth knowing that someone can take your photo and in seconds have all your personal details, Name Address Date of Birth, Social Security Number.

    Watch this BBC news report

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  • Do you want to be controlled?

    Microsoft are now trying force computer manufactures into using their Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) boot protocol, This means if they want to install a OEM version of windows 8 they will have to agree to Microsoft terms of agreement, and install their Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) boot protocol, which in plain English means Microsoft will control everything you do,

    You will not be able to install any other software that is not digitally signed by Microsoft, Any other Free operating system or software like Open Office Libre Office. Other web browsers, will not be allowed to be installed, and you won't be able to jail break the system because it will be embedded in the hardware,

    This will mean Microsoft will have full and total control over Computer Manufactures, Software Developers of games and other software, and windows 8 computer users,


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