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  • Do you think I have fallen out of love with my bf or am I just stressed/depressed?

    I’ve been w/my bf for 4 years. At the moment Im v stressed & not unmotivated. I haven’t got enough energy to give so much affection to my bf. He doesn’t understand that & constantly tells me how I’m changing/different. I feel he holds v high expectations of me, sometimes I don’t have the energy to reach.

     He broke a glass during a disagreement which was OTT, he is quick tempered.I don’t like that he tells me every thing I do wrong. I feel stupid & also little insecure, like I’m being picked at. But he says he is trying to help improve myself. He hates how I might curl into myself as to not draw attention to myself,because he thinks I’m uncomfortable w/ him. He

    gets frustrated when I cry.Ive had

     trust issues in the past because he’d lie to me but he’s  not done it since. But I always remember them. 

    There’ve been months (previously) where I’ve been more affectionate than he has & put more effort in. He has recently given me the effort back.

     I’m scared of a future w/him, I don’t want to leave my family to live in his country & I don’t want force him to live in mine (though he agrees to). In his culture marriage is big & I’m still young I’ve only realised how scary it


    Majority of the time my bf is good to me. & when he was off w/me today, I didn’t want to lose him. So I have no idea what I want. 

    Do you think I am having these feelings because of my stress at uni/life in general & my anxiety for a serious future, or because I have fallen out of love? 

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