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  • Is melatonin safe for dogs?

    I often take melatonin gummies to help me sleep. While I wouldn’t purposefully let my dog eat people-medicine, she got up on the table (a bad habit I’m trying to train her out of) and nearly ate my evening medicines/vitamins, one of which was said melatonin. She’s a 35-45lbs blue healer if that affects anything. I don’t think I’d ever have a reason to give her a sleeping aid, but I just want to know what to do if she eats one, specifically a people one, by mistake. Do nothing? Vet trip? Etc.


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  • On average, how much should you plan on spending (on packing supplies) to move?

    For clarification, I’m moving out of my family home. I currently don’t have any major furniture, besides a desk and a bookshelf, that I’ll be taking with me. But I have a normal amount of small things. Clothes, books, etc. I’m just curious around how much money or boxes do you think it would take to move a medium sized bedroom. If it helps, I have a decent but not large wardrobe, and a large bookshelf. I suspect my bookshelf will take 5-8 of the “small” cardboard boxes from Walmart, but I’m not sure. Other then that I don’t have much besides normal school supplies, hygiene/makeup, blankets, and art supplies. Overall, I’d say my bedroom is very standard in size and fullness, other then a large bookshelf.

    Guesses or whatever help, just trying to get a rough estimate since there isn’t a consensus online.

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  • Is it cheaper to buy supplies in Utah or Maine?

    In about a year I ll be moving from Salt Lake City, UT to Orono (near Bangor), ME for university. I ll be getting a small apartment which means I ll have to buy quite a bit of home supplies. I was wondering if it be cheaper to buy them in Utah or Maine?

    Don t worry about adding the cost of transportation, I can figure that out later. I m mostly just wondering if, say a kitchen pan, dining table, or something like that, would be cheaper here or there? Given they re of a similar quality & from a similar store.

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