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  • My ex blocked me. How do I approach this?

    Okay so we broke up about a year ago. Aug 20 2019 to be precise. **Take note that she broke up with me right when she moved to her new apartment** I asked if there was someone else. She said no. She told me that things between us were moving too fast and she needed space. "I think the best thing to do now is take a break, let everything figure itself out and go from there." -Bailey ...We decided to remain friends. Fast forward to May 2020 I find out she has a BF that lives with her. Not just any BF, it was her supposed ex that she moved with from NY to here. She told me (when we first started dating) that their relationship was rocky moving here so they mutually broke up. I still have feelings for her (I know ridiculous right?) I was passive aggressive and posting indirect snap stories that were about someone (her) lying to me. Yes I admit the mistake of doing that... I did this two days in a row and then kinda cooled off. It gave me months to think a lot about the situation.  Ever since I found out in May we haven't spoken a word to each other since. Like we'd view each other's snap stories and see each other's posts on other platforms but never directly spoke to each other. I found out this past Monday she recently blocked me on EVERY social media platform. Now I feel bad. If being friends again is out of the question then I at least want to make sure we aren't on bad terms. I hate having this on my conscience.

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  • Questions about the PS5?

    So I saw some of the hardware reveal along with the exclusives being released. I didn't get to watch all of it. I see there is going to be a standard PS5 and a digital only PS5. Which one would you prefer and why? Part of me wants to stick to the classic hard copy games, but the other part is telling me that it's a thing of the past and THIS IS THE FUTURE. Go digital.-- Any idea when we'll be able to pre order them?

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  • Is it easy to walk away from someone?

    Someone you truly care about and love? So I've dated this girl for about a year 2018-2019. Everything was perfect. She broke it off because her life got 'busy' and she's 'dealing with some s**t'. I guess and she couldn't handle a relationship anymore, and this was when she moved out of her parents house and into an apartment. She broke up with me as soon as she moved in to her new place. We remained friends. Fast forward 9 months I find out she has a BF (and this is an ex that she's been with for 3 years before she dated me) that she lives with. It was one of those things that I was hoping I wasn't going to find out about. I guess she didn't love and respect me enough to tell me the truth after all? Chances are, I've been a side dude this entire time while she was cheating on him with me (or is this negativity in my brain?)I haven't approached her about it yet. What do I do? What do I say to her? She doesn't know that I know. It hurts too much to JUST be friends with her. I really want to go off on her for lying to me but I know the right thing to do is be respectful and just walk away.

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  • Have any of you or someone close to you legally get a name change? How did you go about approaching and notifying family about it?

    I'm really considering on a clean slate and starting over life. I'm just concerned about how my parents and relatives would react. It would be a complete name change so I wouldn't be under my original family name anymore either. My parents are very supportive but also family traditional. Any tips on how I should approach this and tell them? I already got my name granted by the superior court.

    2 AnswersFamily4 months ago
  • Making my own Man of Steel suit?

    I want to cosplay this year and have a deadline of 7 months. I want to go all out but the only thing is I don't know where to start. I want to make something similar to Henry Cavill's Man of Steel Superman suit and as close to cinematic quality as I can get. If any can help point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it 😊

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  • What exactly is the "Infield Fly rule" in baseball? 10 points?

    Can anyone give me an example scenario?

    3 AnswersBaseball10 months ago
  • What is that song that is played every time the Cubs hit a homerun in Wrigley?

    The kinda goes "Ooh hey hey! Ooh hey hey!" That s all I know.

    1 AnswerBaseball3 years ago
  • I think she is indifferent? Why does she stare?

    So there s this girl that I like. We always hang out with the same group of friends. She comfortably talks to every other guy but me. I don t know why. I never gave her any signals or showed any signs that I like her. However, I ll catch her staring at me every now and then. Sometimes, she ll even hold that glance for a couple seconds.... We just hardly ever talk. Sometimes I feel like she kind of avoids me to, so she seems impossible to approach, but that staring part is confusing me. How do I tackle this?

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  • Does she like me? Is she just shy?

    Not really sure if this girl likes me. I hang out with her brother a lot and I keep catching her looking at me. Her facial expression is neutral sometimes but she ll also smile if I catch her looking. I try initiating conversations with but she seems a little nervous when I try talking to her. Also, in our mutual group of friends, she ll talk to every other guy except for me. We have each other on social media but she never likes any of my things (not really a big deal) but she likes other guys (also mutual friends) things on social media. She s kind of hard to read. Just this last Sunday, I caught her just sitting there staring at me. Not sure if that means anything but she does keep looking at me every now and then. I would love to talk to her, and maybe ask her out in the near future but I also need to know if she s into me. It s kind of hard to read her.

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  • Does she like me? Does my presence annoy her?

    So I ve been going to this new church for about two weeks... well two Sundays. I made this friend and I catch his sister glancing at me every now and then. No smile, no nasty looks, just neutral face expression. So I can t tell if she s checking me out or if she s somewhat annoyed by my presence. Which I don t see why she would be lol I'm 22 and she's 21 (if that helps at all?)

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  • Does she like me? Does my presence annoy her? Should I ask her out?

    So I ve been going to this new church for about two weeks... well two Sundays. I made this friend and I catch his sister glancing at me every now and then. No smile, no nasty looks, just neutral face expression. So I can t tell if she s checking me out or if she s somewhat annoyed by my presence. Which I don t see why she would be lol

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  • What is a VIP ticket?

    What exactly are VIP tickets? Like, do you get to meet the singer? Or do you just get good seats?

    2 AnswersOther - Music5 years ago
  • Is Cerritos, CA a safe place?

    I'm going to a concert there this Friday. I'm coming from San Jose, and I've never really been to Cerritos. Is it safe?

    1 AnswerLos Angeles6 years ago
  • Alabama Crimson Tide?

    What do the fans chant after every first down? I can't understand them?

    4 AnswersFootball (American)6 years ago
  • How do football players know how to read an offense?

    Can they tell automatically that it's gonna be a run or pass? Or is it like a 50/50 guess based on what formation they're in?

    3 AnswersFootball (American)6 years ago
  • Help for NCAA Football 14?

    I play online most of the time but usually can't stop anyone's offense. What's a great Playbook to use? Does it matter what team I use?

    Bonus: I can put up at least 21 points every game but I want more. Is there a really good Playbook for that too?

    2 AnswersVideo & Online Games6 years ago
  • Why do people hate Desean Jackson?

    And it's mostly Eagles fans. Is it ignorance? I mean, he is under contract and didn't have a choice of getting released. Do people just not know that? Why all the hate?

    6 AnswersFootball (American)6 years ago
  • Country/Texas Blues music?

    So my friends started to get me to listen to country and Texas blues and now I'm actually really enjoying the music. The thing is I don't know any Singers or groups of this genre. Any suggestions? :)

    3 AnswersBlues6 years ago