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  • Should I give my ex a present I bought for him before we broke up?

    So I bought him a moderately expensive present for his birthday shortly before we broke up. He asked me to exchange it since it was missing a certificate of authenticity. After changing it, I didn't have a chance to give it to him and about a month later we broke up. I don't really think he liked it that much, but it feels weird keeping it knowing that it is rightfully his. Seeing it around also kind of reminds me how disappointed he was with me. I haven't even seen him since to collect my things from his house.

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  • How would you interpret this guys behaviour?

    Hello :) I have a big crush on a male coworker (I'm a girl) and we have worked closely together for the past 6 months. I think he may also like me, since he is a bit of an introvert but talks to me A LOT, and I often catch him gazing at me. He always tries to leave work the same time as me and goes out of his way to talk to me.

    For the last couple of months however, he has a habit of talking a lot about his ex girlfriends. He always calls them "crazy" and complains about them - like ALWAYS. He usually complains about the overly romantic gestures they used to make, or how they would get obsessed with him. He also tells myself and another female colleague how girls were constantly flirting with him at his previous job and how girls used to fight over him. Honestly, he's not "that" physically attractive, so we're not sure what to make of it. She says he only behaves this way around me and she really thinks he is making it all up. But I don't know why he would do that? To be honest, I find the ex-complaining and showing off about his popularity with women to be a big turn off and I'm pretty intimidated now by all his experience. At the same time though..I find it kind of hard to believe him. Other than this, he is a great guy and we get along so well together. How should I interpret all this??

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