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  • When will the BATFE cause Eric Holder to Lose his Job?

    But....When is the 'Main Stream Media' going to start covering the proceedings for the Debacle called GUN RUNNER??? and FAST AND FURIOUS when Eric Holder, Hilary Clinton and De O'Bama Tried to FRAME the US Sportsmen and women with arming the Mexican Drug Cartel???? Telling the world that "It's them Gun Shows that are selling guns to the Mexicans" WHEN it is being SHOWN in the WASHINGTON HEARINGS that the O'Bama Administration is the REAL Sellers of Weapons to the Drug Lords in Mexico.....Thanks Largely to the BATFE....Holder AUTHORIZED it...O'BAMA signed off on it and Clinton ENCOURAGED and Lied about it....NOW Mizz Hitler CLinton is wanting to sign a UN Law to ENFORCE European laws in the US with Gun Confiscation.....How about it AP....When you going to PRINT IT..????..

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  • how can I get my money back from the Wind. Vista up(down) grade?

    I wasted money WITH Windows by upgrading from Vista Home Edition to Premium Home Edition. IS there any way to get Windows to swap up to Windows 7 or crank me back down to Home Edition and refund my money....I didn't ORDER The Vista when my computer was ordered AND Windows didn't tell me that Windows 7 was just a few weeks down the road when I upgraded....I am so p is sed with DELL And Windows I am considering scraping all the Windows junk in my home and invest ONLY in APPLE....

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  • Why have Americans traded the old South Slavery for Socialist Slavery?

    This nation fought a war to maintain the security of these United States. In that war the practice of Commercial slavery was abolished. But today we have the descendants of that slavery once again enslaved. This time however, they are enslaved to a political value of ruin by the same establishment that enslaved their forefathers. Has no one else realized that the party of the White Southern Gentleman’s Club is the same party the promoted and embraced the enslavement of people for profit. That it is the same party that now enslaves those same descendants to a bankrupt system of giveaway politics? This enslavement to entitlements is no different than the enslavement of the body by the old white masters. How do we gain the people’s freedom from this enslavement? What can we show them to make then understand the fallacy of hand out government? If seeing the bribes being made across the land on the nations news outlets, the threats that are used to keep the ‘party’ in tow doesn't lead them to question the leadership of the Old White Southern Gentleman’s’ Club, what will? Anyone have the answer? Does anyone have AN answer?

    Do we need to go into the details of the Democratic Party and the role they played in controlling the slave population in the south? And how did slave ownership by white southern democrats get turned around to blaming the Very Party that freed them???

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  • Who else but an insurance company could have written this Bill?

    You decide;

    You pay into the plan for 4 years before you can use it (Like whole life insurance charging 'extra' for a 'savings account' that you don't have for the first several years).

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  • Are islamic nations schools out of class this week?

    It appears that we are getting a lot of islamic based question (or anti-jewish) these last few days. Is it because school is out for the islamics or is it that the islamic nations have released control of their subjects internet usage?

    Serious question...attempting to get a pattern established for the usage lately...

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  • Senate has already dealt with the Reconciliation plan once, Should we have to revisit it?

    Here is a video of Senator Byrd responding to CLinton when that flock of ducks tried to sneak in a Socialistic Health Care plan...

    If this isn't PLAIN enough what more can be said? Defending Reconciliation is like beating a Dead Horse....

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  • Sean Penn's remarks about Chavez and reporters, What do you think?

    Do you think that Sean Penn is defending Chavez of Venezuela fame because his is a great man, or is he Penn's supplier?

    I'm leaning way toward supplier, knowing the past History of Penn AND Venezuela...

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  • Will our Multi-Millionaire House and Senate Members step up?

    Over 200 of our House and Senate Leaders are Multi Millionaires, Doesn't it make sense that these 'Fine Folks' sep up and do the right thing? Really, they could get $200,000,000 easy, so will they?

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  • How many of YOU are aware that there are over 200 MILLIONAIRES in the House and COngress?

    DO you feel more or less represented NOW that yo know that YOUR representatives in the House and Senate can buy and sell YOU????

    Do you feel More or Less able to get a fair deal in the laws being designed by Millionaires?

    Also, CNBC posted a 'Slide Show' of some of these millionaires....But it's really bias, so make sure you read the FINE PRINT on rankings before pointing fingers...(they jumbled them up rather deceptively.)

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  • Should our three Navy Seals be prosecuted for capturing an Top Alquida Operative?

    It appears that the US Government is going to on on trial, three Seal Members that captures an Al Qadildo top Operative. The whiny boy is suppose to be one responsible for the plan to murder and dismember then hang the body parts of members of Blackwater Security. Now the captured putz has claimed that the big bad Seals hit him in his stomach after he was captured.

    So the poll is....#1. Do we try these Big Bad Men for hurting the little GurlyMan that they captured?

    #2. Does this prove that Al Qadildo members are actually Sissy girls that whine when touched?

    #3. Are goats in the vision of the Vest Bomb Martyrs? (Virgin Goats)

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  • To Coffee Roasters. Why does Starbucks over roast their coffee beans?

    Having roasted coffee for some years now, I am always amazed that the coffee beans offered by Starbucks (Also known as *$'s and Charbucks by many home-roasters) is always roasted to the darkest possible degree. Most of their coffee tastes BURNT. Do any of you other coffee roasters know why or understand why they do this?

    Sorry, but to me when you roast the Beans that dark you have lost the uniqueness of that origin. Your thoughts on that?

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  • A question for coffee roasters. Do you know why Starbucks over roasts all their coffee?

    Having roasted coffee for some years now, I am always amazed that the coffee beans offered by Starbucks (Also known as *$'s and Charbucks by many home-roasters) is always roasted to the darkest possible degree. Most of their coffee tastes BURNT. Do any of you other coffee roasters know why or understand why they do this?

    Sorry, but to me when you roast the Beans that dark you have lost the uniqueness of that origin. Your thoughts on that?

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  • How many others think Starbucks is overpriced?

    As a Home roaster I am paying around $5.00 a POUND for my green Coffee Beans. That is less money than MOST of Starbucks drink prices.

    A simple yes or No answer will be O.K. But if you would like to expound upon your reason for agreeing I am O.K. with that also.

    I am pretty sure that it doesn't cost Starbucks (Also known as *$'s or Charbucks) anywhere near what I pay for my green beans because they go straight to the farms in some cases, in which case they only pay $0.75 to a dollar a pound to the poor farmer. Thoughts on that???

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  • Where did this money go? Stimulus money, is it going to our enemies?

    this headline from one of the Alphabet news outlets is reporting that the stimulus money is being given to nonexistent congressional districts. So, is the money being sent to terrorists or drug lords OR is Michelle spending it on her Entourage of 22 hand-servants?

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  • With 22 'Attendants' Should we address this woman as Queen Mother?

    Michelle presides over 22 attendants, people who take care of every whim this woman has. Does this not suggest 'Royalty', and should we address her as such?

    Historical Note: I can find no other 'First Lady' with more than 1 (One) assistant on salary in the US...

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  • The 'Pandemic' threatens to shut down Internet?

    Anyone else seeing a pattern here with this administrations attempts at censorship? Wasn't it about two months ago that the administration was 'suggesting' giving the Prez the 'authority' to shut down the Internet in case of 'National Security Issues'? Now with the fraudulent reporting to the CDC by the nations emergency rooms (at the request of administrators) of ALL cases of flu being the H1N1 variety, the Prez has his 'Emergency' that would allow him CONTROL of the Internet.

    ANYONE else concerned???? Anyone else getting the feeling that this administration is using the Karl Marx Playbook????

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  • Is The WHite House RUNNING SCARED??? Fear of FOX?

    The latest round of demonizing FOX NEWS appears to be the administrations attempt to scare the public away from a news source that does not Follow the Liberal Party Line as does ABC/CBS/NBC/CNN. Does anyone else see this as the White House Fear factor on the rise???

    Check the History of Presidents VS news outlets...NO other President in History ever attempted to SHUT DOWN a news media. Many have shot back barbed remarks over a posting, but NEVER has one attempted to shut down the media Until This socialist influenced and infiltrated Administration...

    Anyone else see this as fear??? and if so, What do you see them being afraid of?????

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  • TRANSPARENT Government? Who has seen the Final Draft?

    Where is the public access to the pending Health Bill, the access 'Promised' by the TRANSPARENT government recently selected by the people? Has anyone had a copy made available? The ACTUAL BILL that they plan to vote on THURSDAY???

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  • Blue Ribbon Chevrolet operating with questionable tactics?

    Today a friend has spent most of the day on the telephone attempting to get the title for a car she had purchased from Blue Ribbon Chevrolet in Okmulgee, Oklahoma 4 months ago.

    She placed a check for $2,000.00 down payment after signing a contract with the dealership in which they agreed to provide financing for her.

    She was issued a citation a few weeks ago for failure to pay all taxes due the state of Oklahoma, since she was still operating the vehicle with the original dealer temporary tag. Blue Ribbon allowed the tag date to expire while failing to provide the financing as agreed upon in the signed contract.

    Blue Ribbon Chevrolet is now demanding that she return the vehicle to them because her ‘credit’ had gotten worse. As anyone with any credit knowledge knows, every time a request for credit is made on an account and denied, the credit score drops. Blue Ribbon Chevrolet has made repeated loan request through various lenders causing the credit bureau to lower her score.

    Has anyone else had a problem with this agency using this tactic?

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  • ANYONE? want to explain the difference between these two men's golf and media?

    Here we have a story about the Media loving the Anointed Ones golf and the "How Dare He" golf of Bush... Please explain...

    1 AnswerMedia & Journalism1 decade ago