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  • My husband enjoys his video games more than he enjoys me. What is the deal?

    My husband is a gamer, and that's fine by me. I've played video games with him at times, too. We've enjoyed doing that together. However, it's not something I can sit there and do for hours upon hours, but he certainly can. I feel that he enjoys video games more than me. He can stay up late chatting with his friends and playing video games with them but when it comes down to being intimate with each other, it's an argument. I've told him how that makes me feel. We finally have some kid free time. The kids left yesterday and won't be back until Sunday. I thought that having that time to ourselves would help, but he's just taken it upon himself to play even more video games. Video games while I work and video games while I'm not working. It's really frustrating and it hurts my feelings. From the perspective of a guy, what is the deal with the video game obsession over a woman??

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  • Is it possible to get a home loan?

    Okay folks, so here is my dilemma. I have poor credit history (which some have told me is better than no credit history). When I was younger, I had no sense of responsibility what-so-ever. Now that I have kids and run my own business, my responsibility is in line. I have been renting the same home for over three years. Before that, I rented another home for 3 years straight. My history of making my rent payments on time are great. I pay all of my utilities online. I am currently working with a debt consolidator to pay back everything from my past that lowered my credit score but it's going to take awhile. In the meantime, I find this fantastic house. It's great for my family and I and the house we currently live in is in, we have outgrown it based on the size of my family. Because of my poor credit history, lenders are obviously very leery about loaning to me. Here is the deal though. The house I found, it is only $35,000 to purchase. I can afford payments of up to $850 a month and a down payment of $8,000. That more than 20%. So my question is, based on the amount that I can afford to pay monthly and my considerable down payment that I can offer, where can I go to get a loan to buy this house when my credit is as awful as it is? I'm working on repairing it but it is going to take too long and I'm looking to get us into something soon. With this type of down payment, I'd rather buy rather than rent.

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  • Can I reactivate my Paypal debit card?

    Okay, so here's the deal....I misplaced my Paypal debit card.....I knew it wasn't stolen but after searching for 4 days and coming up with nothing I figured I was going to have to deactivate it.....go figure, I found it less than 24 hours after deactivating it....So here's my question, does anyone know if I can call paypal and have the card reactivated or am I going to have to apply to get a new one? I have bills I have to pay and I get paid today for some things that I sold and that money will, of course, be in my paypal account! Now I really need access to it. Any suggestions please? If anyone has been able to reactivate their card then please let me know! Thanks so much everyone! Much appreciated ahead of time!

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  • Does anyone know how I can make $5 fast?

    Hey everyone, I hate sounding this stupid or even this desperate but does anyone have any ideas on how I can make $5 fast? I don't get my check until Thursday and I HAVE to fill a prescription at my local Walgreens. They are 24 hours so I can get the script tonight. I have a co-pay and my co-pay on this script is only $5 and I have a whopping total of 0.07 in my paypal account. I wouldn't even bother asking but this script is not for me. It's for my 7 year old daughter. Please, no sarcastic comments people. I work very hard and I'm a single mother raising three children. Usually I would have a little bit of extra at the end of the week for small incidents like these but my daughter got sick and had to go to the hospital (which is why I need to fill this script!) and so my finances are shot. I do not have family that lives close and I've already talked to the only two friends that I have and they can't help me either. Her father is DEFINITELY out of the question and I can't make her wait until Thursday. Serious suggestions only please!!! Keep in mind that I've considered almost everything. I even offered to babysit a neighbor's child even though my own child is sick and in pain. It was a no go.

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  • How long does it take refund to show up on prepaid card?

    Hi, I've noticed in some of these posts that people have mentioned metabank. I have one of those prepaid cards and the bank is metabank. You can choose to have your direct deposit placed on those cards. I noticed yesterday when I checked on my state return that it says it was issued on the 26th but when I checked my balance I did not see anything. Could someone please tell me if they know how long it takes for tax refunds to show up on these accounts if they have done this also? Please, no sarcastic comments. Just wondering. Thank you so much for your help everyone! PS. Looks like WMR is finally updated and working. After a long wait, my federal shows up with a deposit date of the 29th! YAY!

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  • Looking for a biography for MTV's Sean Cassidy?

    I was wondering if anyone knew where I could locate a biography for Sean Cassidy From MTV's Hot or Not show. He is also a model. Let me know if anyone has any luck because I haven't so far.

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  • Plutonium 210 Outbreak, True Or Not?

    I heard a rumor from somewhere that there is an outbreak in England right now of the Plutonium 210 disease. Is this true or not? I'm hoping someone knows the right answer here. I looked it up and couldn't find anything. Will someone help me out here? Thanks guys. :-)

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