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  • Lawyer regarding Police Brutality?

    I am seeking to get a lawyer who could help me draw up a law change regarding police brutality what kind to you suggest?,

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  • Is God real? Or Isn't He?

    Many people ask the question, and are certain that God is not real. Yet when you look at the complexity that surrounds us there is obviously design to the universe. The human body for one is so complex that it took many years for scientist with many computers to crack the DNA code. Our body a network of different very complex organs that must run in connection with one another to cause us to live. Our heart, our Lungs, Our Brain, and Our Skin. That's right our skin is an organ. Each of these Organs is comprised of Millions of sells that each have their own specialized purpose. Now each of these cells has to do a certain job. Brain cells work in the brain, nerve cells work all over the body (which send electrical signals to the brain at a high rate of speed.) to connect the feeling of the person with their optic vision. You see the very senses that people say proves there is no God are actually God's Handy work. Outside of the physical scientific evidence ( which I haven't completely talked about) there are many people who have had miraculous situations all over the world who pray in the name of Jesus and many of these are medically documented healing. Not to mention the prophecies of the Bible, the Bible has predicted multiple historical events (look in Daniel coming of Greece, Persia, Rome, Jesus...) and geological changes. God is real my friend, but do you accept Jesus that is the question?

    P.S. Just say this Blessing, " I receive Jesus in my heart, and I believe Jesus died on the cross for my sins, and was raised from the dead. that how we go to Heaven.

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  • Is Christianity Violent?

    A.) Jesus (God) became a man to die for His own creation, and Heal Everyone (sounds real violent huh?)

    b.) Jesus told His followers to Love their enemies

    C.) The Bible says do not Kill

    D.) If People were killed in the Old testament they had a trial

    E.) Turn the other cheek.

    F.) Don't Steal

    G.) Don't perform incest

    Now I know about the Crusades, and Spanish Inquisition, Hitler, and the Slave trades, but I ask the question. Was the Bible the real source for these violent acts. There is not one scripture in The New Testament that encourages violence. It is clear that in the old testament, God said He would allow violence against pagan nations so they He could make an example to future nations about if they choose to disobey. However, this was against oppressors (sodom, and Gomorrah, Philistines, Egyptians etc...) . It never once agrees with violence against a servant, or keeping servants as slaves for life. In the New Testament it says that God Himself is taking the judgment for all that man has done against, Him, and each other. Isn't that the opposite of violent, but taking violence on Himself.

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  • What does the word Apocalypse Mean?

    The Bible calls it the Apocalypse of Jesus Christ in some translations of the Bible. So just want to know how many people know what the Apocalypse means.

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  • The Lie of Evolution Why do people Believe it?

    Just call it Evolution!

    There have been no transitional forms found since the founding of Evolution. Meaning there is no evidence that any Creature changed from one type of animal to another. Also the Fossil Record does not support Evolution. So many people have, died not knowing there loving creator, and went to Hell because of this false Satanic fictional lie.

    Wake up Humanism is on of the biggest "RELIGIONS" there is it is all about faith in self, making yourself God, you can do no wrong. Because there is no God to account to. No God who can judge you and allow you to go to Hell. This is Satan's plot how can anyone protect themselves from the consequences of Judgment for sin when they don't even realize what they are doing.

    What about the complexity found in a cell, what about the countless, galaxies that exist, the laws of gravity. They all display order, systems, it was the mind God who conceived of this.

    How can anyone not see it, they choose not to period, not because it doesn't make sense. The Atheist is mad not because he can't conceive of God, but because in his conscious God has shown in he exist, but his anger is his attempt to drown out the sound of his heart, and his conscious telling him he is a sinner, he is wrong, he is guilty. He is not acknowledging his responsibility just like everyone to repent to the Lord. To accept the lord Jesus, God's offer of mercy to them.

    The things of God are foreign to him the is deceived, and kept away from them until they die, and are taken to Hell. There is no purgatory, no coming back as a bird none of that, you will not have time to get things right after you die, if you accept Christ you have been forgiven already, if not then your doom is upon your own head.

    If this offends you I don't care you should worry about offending God!

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  • Let us Reason together?

    I heard allot of answers to my first question. However, most of them were Flip one liners that someone heard someone else say. "People don't believe it because it is stupid," or Because there is no evidence.

    However you can tell that most of these people have probably never read the Bible, never searched the Scriptures, for the truth, never called on the Lord Jesus for themselves. Most people are not aware of the countless manuscripts (that happen to be more then any other book in history) that historically document the Bible. Most people don't know about the dead sea scrolls, or finding of Noah's Ark. Most people have never looked into the countless documented case of people returning from the doctor who one minute had cancer, and another minute were healed miraculously.

    Most people just pass it off as foolishness, but then again Jesus said most people are not going to Heaven, for this very reason, they're laxness toward the truth. Jesus said, " As in the days of Noah so shall it be in the last days' "they ATE, DRANK, and MADE MERRY, until the flood came upon them without warning. He also said this about sodom. You see what Jesus is saying is that they were only interested in just being cool just, doing their thing never putting their mind on God on their creator, only living up his blessings while ignoring him.

    Jesus said The Way of Destruction is "WIDE", and many will follow this path (he didn't say might he said WILL) my friends what he means by Destruction is "HELL" The place of eternal fire, and torment, where the demons don't stop torturing, and the worms (that right worms) don't stop eating. He said many will follow that path, but "THE WAY" is narrow, and few follow that path. You see Jesus knew then that many people come forth talking about that their are many ways to the Top of the Mountain, we are all the same, their is no one way. That is what satan tells everyone to get them into Hell. So Jesus let us know that "The Way" is narrow, and few are they that find it. His disciples said how can we know the way (just like people the way was in front of them, but they thought it was a place, but it is a person) Jesus said, I am THE WAY, THE TRUTH, THE LIGHT, no one come to the father (God) but through me. Now their are countless resource you can see such as, or doctor If you look at these sites they have written tons of books about the evidence for creation. Not that their needs to be evidence to prove that is something is made someone had to make it. Someone because of the complexity of the solar system, the complexity of a human cell for that matter. It just could not get there by chance.

    There are countless cycles we see in nature, such as the water cycle, or the process of plants releasing oxygen the gas we need to survive, and we just happen to release carbon dioxide. If we evolved, when did the plant decide to evolve into a plant, and release the exact amount to Oxygen to survive, not to mention a whole host of variables like where the earth is positioned as opposed to the Sun is just in the exact distance it needs to be to support life. Now if the earth was any closer then it would melt, if it was just a little closer, or if it was a little farther it would freeze, however it is in the exact right place.

    You all have been conditioned to believe in evolution because they drill that garbage Theory into our brains from the time we are teenagers, or even elementary. There are some many other variables like why there is just the wright amount of Co2 in our atmosphere, and all of these gasses work together to support life, yet no scientist can tell you why they don't work together like this on another planet. There are countless other examples I can give like were are the missing links. Evolution is a lie from satan to deceive many so they will never come to God, and will go with him to Hell. He wants to steal your soul from wright under your nose, and steal you from God.

    Now as far as the crusades, it obviously don't bother some of you change history, to suit your point. You see to say that the Crusades were because of Christianity, you would have to have a very messed up understanding of the Bible.

    Scripture clearly says to love our neighbor as our self, to love our enemies, and pray for those who spitefully use us.

    You see most of the Churches first Century, and today was spent being persecuted. Many Christians were fed to lions, who refused to recant Jesus, however, they did not take up violence, and they certainly would not try to forcefully covert someone. If fact the Bible says wipe the dust from your feet if they won't come, because even the dust of their city is cursed. So you don't have to do anything.

    The Bible also warns about false prophets who would call themselves Christ followers. It is a know fact that during the crusades the Bible was not even allowed to be read by the parishioners, they

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  • Why do so many people in the world still denounce the reality of the Bible, Jesus, Heaven, and Hell?

    There are countless examples of people who have had testimony after testimony, Non-Christians of Hell experiences, Christians of Miraculous happening. When did it become unless we can't put something in a test tube you can't believe it. God is real and I am living witness of that. Why is it that people can say all manner of curse word, or peverse thing, on television, that can talk about any philosopher, including budda, yoga (new age Hindusim) etc.. but all you hear about Jesus is negative, and trying to disprove him. The Divinci Code, Doubt, Broke Back mountian, The Simpson, The Family Guy.

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  • What is the meaning of the name Goward?

    My name is Goward So I am just curious about the name.

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  • Can I possibly Post my own articles, on yahoo, or make my own page?

    I am trying to make an news article, and put it on the web, can you please let me know about how I may do that?

    1 AnswerPreferences and Settings1 decade ago