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I have a lot of interests -- just about everything, really! I'm a geek. I read, write, draw, sing (only the shower knows that), I love music... and I play all sorts of computer games from RPG's to FPS's. I love computers, and I'm very handy with them. I love to learn about world history (particularly the development of human cultures), space, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, politics, economics, religions, and every teeny little thing in between. I am currently a Registered Nurse at a wonderful hospital. I enjoy chatting about everything here at Yahoo! Answers, its truly a delight. :-)

  • I'm going for biopsy results and I'm so scared I feel like I'm going to die from it?

    I had an EGD with biopsies of esophagus, stomach and small intestine on 5/26, it's now 6/9, and in a few hours I will get my results from the doctor. The day of the procedure, the nurse said the biopsy result would be available on my patient portal online within a week. It was never published. Does that mean it's going to be bad? If it was bad, wouldn't they have called me sooner than this (2 weeks now). I'm so scared. I'm 33 and I've lost 40 lbs over the last 2 years, I have no appetite and I'm nauseous all the time. The only thing they "saw" on the scope while looking with the eye was gastritis. I was expecting the report before now. Would they have hidden my report and made me wait for the appointment for some sort of good or bad reason?!

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  • Do pathologists speed up testing and notification when they find something abnormal?

    Hi, everyone. I've been awaiting results from biopsies taken during an EGD 8 days ago (they took samples from the esophagus, stomach and duodenum). My symptoms have been a 41 lb weight loss (over a little less than 2 years), bloating, frequent nausea, loss of appetite, and early satiety. I went from one who could pack away 5 pieces of pizza to barely finishing one. 156 to 115 lbs. They said the esophagus and duodenum looked "normal," but still took samples. The stomach had redness of the antrum (they described it as gastritis). My question is, after this many days, should I be in the clear? Do pathologists speed up notification and testing when they realize they're looking at cancer, infection, inflammation, etc.? Or do they wait until all testing is done to notify the ordering provider, regardless of how the cells look? There's an online patient portal that updates immediately, and there's nothing there. If it was serious, wouldn't I have heard by 8 days later? Thanks.

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  • I'm in so much pain. My doctor has given me tramadol and nortriptyline without much relief. I've just taken my 6,000th gram of tylenol?

    How much tylenol is going to destroy my liver? I can't get relief. I take 200-400 mg of tramadol a day with barely any relief. I take 50 mg of nortriptyline a day without any relief. I take meloxicam, 15 mg a day (divided twice) without any relief. This is upper back pain with no known/imaged cause. It's been going on daily for over a year (17 months, actually). I can't take it anymore. My doctor's office won't give me anything stronger. I'm about to ask God to make me just not wake up in the morning. I have a strong faith, I don't want to ask God to take me. I have a husband I love, and three beautiful little children. Please, what can I do? I've done PT, chiropractor, massage, TENS, everything you can think of... with no relief. What the hell am I going to do???!!! I want to die!!!!!!

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  • Karyotype notation in cytogenetics 46,XY[20]?


    I work in the oncology field and I recently saw this karyotype... 46,XY[20]. What does this mean in comparison to 46,XY? I've searched for a while and I can't figure out what the [20] denotes. Thanks!

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  • Do men have a conscience?

    In my experience, men use whatever they want to get whatever they want, with no regard to who gets hurt along the way.

    Do men feel anything at all? Do you have to split atoms to find a conscience? How can I have so much love inside when my husband seems to enjoy ripping my soul apart? I've never truly met a man who doesn't seem romantically motivated beyond pure, selfish, personal gains. Cheating, betrayal, lies. Why does this happen? Why??

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  • What is the purpose of Downloader/private browser?

    Assume I can't imagine what this iPhone application is used for. Why would a person use it, opposed to regular internet streaming or hulu/ netflix, etc. Thanks.

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  • Is a unit of platelets mixed with any chemicals?

    Hi! I work in outpatient chemotherapy as a nurse. For the past eight months I have had hives, itching, and red dermatographic marks all over my body very randomly (and quite disruptively), but all tests for "common allergens" have turned up negative. My immunoglobulins show elevated IgE, which means I'm allergic to SOMETHING. Even on daily Zyrtec, I break out a little. I've noticed my reaction is worse after delivering platelets to patients... even though wearing gloves! I've searched the Red Cross and many websites, but cannot find information on possible chemicals that might be mixed with donated platelets. Anyone with knowledge would put my mind at ease, one way or the other!

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  • Odds of having lymphoma?

    Hi, I'm a 28 year old woman. For the last 5 weeks, I've had an unexplained itchy rash that comes and goes all over... arms, legs, neck, back, hips, feet, hands (even my palms!). I get terribly itchy in a spot, scratch, and then notice flat, medium-sized hives in that area for about an hour before it moves somewhere else. There are no boils or pustules or any such thing. It just came up out of nowhere. I had a sore throat for a few days, but it's gone now... yet the rash remains.

    They tested me for lyme disease, gout (my feet swelled up for 2 days, I couldn't even walk), rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and more -- all negative. All my chemistry and blood count values were normal. They tested common allergies like wheat, milk, and peanuts... all negative.

    The only other thing I have noticed is 2 slightly swollen lymph nodes on the right side of my neck. I checked the other lymph node areas of my body, and am sure there is no other swelling.

    The only lab test of interest was a slightly elevated IgE level (it was 157, I believe), which is the allergen-specific antibody.

    I am wondering what the odds are that I have lymphoma vs. a virus vs. a random allergy. I've tried to think of everything I could be allergic to. Being a creature of habit, I've used the same soaps, detergents, deoderants, makeup, shampoo, etc. for years with no changes. I haven't eaten any new foods. I've never been allergic to anything but a few antibiotics, which I haven't touched in a long time. I am stumped.

    Five doctors are stumped. I am at a total loss. I haven't had any night sweats or fevers... I did have an episode of chills near the beginning, but no fever. Any ideas out there???! Thanks so much.

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  • What episode of Stargate SG1 is this from????!?

    It's killing me!!! Taunting me!!!! What is it from? I'm up to season 9 of Stargate SG1 on Netflix, and I haven't seen this! AAAAHHH!!!! :-P

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  • Weight watchers - points calculation of whole wheat flour?

    I came across a strange and interesting calculation question. On a bag of whole wheat flour, a serving of flour (1/4 cup) comes out to 1 point (110 calories, 0.5 g fat, 4 g fiber) . Therefore, you would reasonably think that a whole cup of wheat flour would be 4 points (1 point for each quarter).

    However, if you input the 440 calories, 2 grams of fat, and are "capped" at 4 grams of fiber by the calculator (rather than 16 g, which it would be), the cup of flour suddenly becomes 8 points. What is the correct way to calculate that? What a big difference! :-X

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  • My 3.5 year old doesn't recognize colors... odd?

    My daughter is 3 1/2 years old and she cannot tell me what color anything is, no matter how much we practice (and we do practice a lot). I have told her many times that my hair is brown, her hair is brown, and her sister's hair is brown, and she does repeat that. But if I ask her what color the brown table is, she doesn't know. I will tell her a cup is blue, and an hour later if I ask what color it is, she says she doesn't know. She is great at everything else; this seems to be her only deficiency. Has anyone else experienced something like this with a child this age, or should I be worried?

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  • I want to find a poem I wrote?

    Hey all. Back when I was 14 or 15 (1998, 1999?) I wrote an AWESOME poem and sent it in to a contest advertised in the news paper. For a few years thereafter, I was invited by mail to read it at a convention in Las Vegas... being so young, I never went. These people are probably the only ones who have a copy of this poem. Everything I owned as a child/teenager was thrown out in an eviction. I've tried searching the internet for any hint of collections and can't find anything. Does anyone have any ideas to help me find my one stroke of genius? :-P

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  • Reverse/License Plate Lights not working?

    Hi there. I have a 2005 Honda Civic LX, 4 speed automatic, 4 door sedan. Recently (unfortunately) I was ticketed for "inadequate license plate lighting." So I replaced the bulbs that illuminate the license plate, but that did not fix the problem. A friend of mine had me do a test of all my lights, and the reverse lights don't work either. All other lights, from headlights, tail-lights, all 4 blinkers, hazard lights, brake lights... they all work fine. It is only the license plate lights and back-up lights. So I went into the fuse box under the hood and found the fuse that controls the back-up lights (thanks, owner's manual). It looked good, but I swapped it with a fresh one of the same amplitude anyway. Still no lights back there. So its not a fuse problem or a bulb problem... what else can it be? Thanks so much for any help. My inspection is due by the end of the month and I doubt it will pass without REVERSE lights!


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  • What hairstyle/haircut would look good on me?

    I'm a busy mom and work as a busy nurse and I have ridiculously long, thick hair that I can't stand anymore. I've had shorter hair before, and I think that would be easiest to manage.

    I want to draw attention away from my big nose and big forehead. I want a cool, choppy look. Maybe a different color?

    I'm thinking of a style no shorter than the jawline but no longer than the shoulders. What would suit my face? Thanks for any ideas.

    Here's a picture of what I look like (shield your eyes from the big forehead!):

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  • Are there any minivans that look like SUVs?

    My husband is upset because we have to get a minivan (we have two girls who are 4 and 2, and also just had a baby, and we can't fit three car seats across the back of our Honda Civic). He is saying that every minivan out there will "demasculate" him because they all look like "giant rolling whales"... is there anything out there that might look more like an SUV that would make him happy? (Actual SUV's appear to get terrible gas mileage, so I think they may be out of the question here, unless anyone knows of a good SUV with third row seating that doesn't suck on gas).

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  • What is Ozone Torrent?

    It seems like a big secret. What is it used for? I need to know exactly what it is and everything it does.

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  • How do you get certified checks for closing?

    I'm going to close in the next 8 days on the house we bought, and I've read about "certified checks". Where do I get one, and how will I know how much to make it out for? What if it's not the right amount when I get to the table, will I have to go get a new one? I want to be prepared. Thanks!

    PS: The funds for the purchase are in our regular savings account right now, if that makes a difference.

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  • Which of these repairs should the seller cover (if any?)?

    Hey, all!

    So, our purchase offer was accepted on a very fine house. We got the house for $4,000 less than the listing price, which is good and was very fair for the neighborhood.

    We had it inspected by a professional today, and he pointed out some minor repairs that need doing.

    - One of the bathrooms has a soft sub-floor just around the tub that needs to be replaced.

    - The fireplace chimney needs a new crown

    - The exhaust chimney needs a cap

    - The exhaust duct has one small portion rusted out that needs to be replaced so exhaust won't back into the house (probably from the missing cap on top of the chimney).

    - A small portion of the roof over the front stoop sags just a little because a support post was removed from under it.

    None of it is too dire, but I feel that the exhaust pipe (an estimated total repair of $95) is the most important.

    Which of these, if any, would I want the seller to cover? I've never bought a home or lived in one, so my expertise is limited.

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  • How exactly does a closing work?

    We're preparing to draft up an offer for a house tomorrow. We plan to offer $135,000 ... we'd settle for $140,000. Say the closing costs are more than we expected once the mortgage application is complete (it's already pre-approved, but not yet complete, as we haven't actually made an offer yet).

    If the closing costs come to more than we actually have on hand at the time of closing, (say, $1000 more), can we postpone the date to, say, the next date we get paid so we have the extra cash? Is it customary that you MUST close on a certain date or you've broken your contract, etc?

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