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I'm looking for friendships from all people around the world. Who knows that I might drop in your country. I think is nice to have friends from every world's corner. Still looking for myself identity, try to find clarity and stay as good as innocent flower.

  • Immigration in Netherlands. Student Visa or Marriage Visa?

    I'm from Indonesia and my boyfriend is a Dutch national. We plan to get married and live in The Netherlands instead of Indonesia because he owns some companies there.

    Therefore, we need some information about how to get me live there legally until I can be naturalized as a Dutch national. Since I’m still studying here, he also intended to finance my study to be continued in the NL.

    We wonder what are the easiest procedures we need to follow and how to start this, either with Student Visa or with a Marriage Visa. If we follow the Marriage Visa procedures, shall we get married in Indonesia or The Netherlands and what are the complete procedures? In the other hand, if we start with the Student Visa with him as my sponsor, will it be difficult to change to Marriage Visa after we got married.

    Thank you very much in advance.

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  • Have I done something wrong by being honest?

    I recently knew this guy online and we haven't met, but we chat a lot on cam or messenger. The more we talked the more I feel attracted to him. I will rewind this story to the beginning of the year when I met another guy and he came to visit and we had sex. I realized that he wasn't what I'm looking for but we had amazing time and we made a promise that next time, if I visit his country, we would do it again. Months ago, I found out that the company outing, will be visiting his country so I told this guy and he got excited that he even thought to book a room in the same hotel where I'll be staying. That was a couple months ago before I met this guy I like.

    Back to the present;lately I rarely hear from him. I should chat him up before I could hear from him, when previously, he was the first who chatted me up and keep on buzzing me. Now I feel he's so distant and as my outing is closer, I'm getting worried feeling like I have betrayed him, when I'm actually not because we're not officially in a relationship.

    I got this concerns that he also actually being distant because he was chatting with another girl or interested in someone else and all. I asked him and he said he just tired. Then I asked if we're okay or there's anything I need to know, he said 'nothing, we're okay'. But then I decided to tell him about this guy I'm going to meet. I told him about how and when I met this guy.

    His response was 'If you do it without feeling, that it's a sex-bud right?"

    He just said that. I felt relieved but now he's still distant. I feel like I have done something wrong and maybe his silence this time is because he felt I'm betraying him?? Or he actually interested in someone else but he doesn't want to tell me??

    What should I do? I'm fretting all the time and I really feel unease and worried. I tried to chat him up, but he only answering what I was asking or just response with 'lol'

    I'm out of idea and feel lost. Please advise!

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  • He's gone after he promised me a holiday?

    I met this man online. He always talked about having anal sex with me. First I ignored him but later on we changed topic then I found him funny and could be sensible too. He told me he likes me alot and only wants me. We even planned a holiday on my long weekend. He said he has his secretary booked it but hasnt got the details yet which was for today. I asked him if he is serious because I need to tell my parents and he said yeah, its real and I can tell my parents bout it.

    Then, about 2days ago we talked about how we met on the dating site and he told me that he also chat with another girl but he likes me, and I was convinced because somehow he always seems to have time to chat with me. But soon after that, I never heard of him again, even today, the day that we should be in the airport waiting for our plane to fly.

    I got 3 opinion. 1st, he might got accident on his journey to fly to my country. 2nd, he chose the other girl because he lost interest in me. 3rd, he's only a big fat liar and when the time has come he's just disappeared.

    But somehow he seems honest, I was the grumpy and always mad at him because I dont trust him. If he's late I will say that he is having another girl. The only thing I cross from him is he always talk about having sex with me, rarely he can talk about something else without slip to that topic.

    Please guys, give me some advise. Im broken hearted. I only want to find true love and someone who cares about me, Is it too much to ask>????

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  • 2012 Film. Do you believe it's our doomsday?

    Hi guys, maybe plenty of you have heard or even watched this doomsday movie titled 2012. This movie has freaked out many people about the prediction that could be a reality and even counted their age when the doomsday happens. Sounds silly I know but my little brother does that. Maybe some of you think that this is the time to safe our earth, go green or whatever.

    Anyway, let me know what do you think about this movie? Do you believe that 2012 is our doomsday because so many popular Fortune Tellers have predicted it real. Give me reason to add your opinion.

    Thank you very much and I really appreciate your opinion and will chose the best answer myself plus add it to my Facebook. I need some clarification and supportive argument.

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  • Internet love with a guy?

    I met this man online and he always talked dirty about sex and anal. I used to ignore him and asked him to stop write to my MSN but he always came back and I always seemed to find some messages from him when I signed in, even they were all about exchanging bad words to win the battle.

    One day we finally talked about each other life and anything, and I found him very funny even he's still slip to the dirty talks but he said he liked me and even bought me some jewelry when he was in Dubai. Since then we always chat online. He lives in Jakarta alot and we planned to meet up when he finally home.

    On Monday, I found some messages from him and he said he was very drunk because he went to the embassy to celebrate The Fall of The Berlin Wall. I noticed that messages was from 2am in the morning and he said he would probably find me online tomorrow which was Tuesday. But yesterday he didnt come online and he doesnt even show up today. I was so worry that he might have found someone else. I was looking forward to meet him and have something special with him.

    What possible could happen to him? Has he found someone or just bein busy? Or he might have got an accident?

    I know I shouldnt have thinking this way and expecting him. Plenty of fish. But I want this fish. Please advise me. Thanks

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  • Why I have split marriage line?

    I have split marriage line (fork/Y) on my right hand. It's the deepest and longest marriage line I got. I know some people said that means a divorce in relationship. But just in the middle on the split lines, there's a vertical line cuts the split lines. So it shaped like a triangle on the split ends.

    Could please someone let me know what it means? I heard lines on the marks/signs shows something that already happened. But I havent married and I'm only 25.

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  • Can I do this? Punish without judgement?

    I know this guy who helped me a lot when I lived in UK and I fancied him with unreturned love. Now I'm back to Indonesia and he's working in Thailand. After xmas, he got his friend comes to visit him, a girl who he has a crush with. I used to fancy him but now I only can consider him as a brother since he loves someone else. Now in the end of the year, I got so much pressures and because he said he doesn't mind to call me even when she's there (because she's only a friend, like me and him), I asked for his support. I asked him to ring me so that we can talk about it (because I needed someone to talk). But he didn't even when I started to harm myself because of stress. He still didnt call, instead he text back saying something like I intended to ruin his days with this girl because of jealously. I started to realise that he never meant what he said and he actually never care about me that I decided to blocked his emails and deleted his contacts. I know somewen, when this girl goes back home, he'll ring me when he thinks of me. But I wouldnt be talking to him because I'm still upset with him.

    Do you guys think that I'm being selfish this way? I know that I actually can talk to someone else about my problems instead of him because he's trying to impress the girl he loves. Am I guilty to ring him when he needs privacy (even he said he would ring even she's there) and asked him to ring back and moping around over him? Do I punish him without judging him first?

    Please help? I need you guys to tell me shall I keep in touch with him because he's innocent or stop contact with him because he deseves it?

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  • When someone gets rid of you?

    How do you know when someone's trying to get rid of you? I got this man who moves to Thailand because he got a better job position. First, he keep saying been busy then he said I never could understand him after I told him we nearly lose contact. Now he said that I need to meet new people because he thinks that he's my only friend and that I give him massive headache. I know it's a soft excuse of get rid of me, so I blocked his emails and his number because I'm tired of his text that keep making me feel bad about myself. The problem is, I still love him and I unblocked his emails and numbers, waiting for the phone to beep and the emails from him. But I know I might be disappointed because if he really had enough of me, he surely wont write or even text me anymore. I'm so sad and scared. What should I do? Please make me feel better!!!!!!!!!!

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  • How to make a man who wants to stay single changes his mind and enter relationship?

    Hi guys, I really need your help. I'm 25 Asian girl and I have an English friend who's 30. I lived with him for over a month while I was in UK b4 I got back. He really took good care of me and very nice all the time and we did have sexual relationship. I know he's a player coz I found his sex video on his mobile by accident. But I have fallen in love with him and when I told him that he said he doesnt want to have a girlfriend. But he didnt reject me too, he still wants to hear from me even we have been on different part of the world. He even sent me money and ringing me everyday. He even makes me love him more, but when I asked him not to sex other girls, he said he's single and can do whatever he wants. I'm confused, why he cares bout me alot if I cant be good enough to be girl. Why he's so upset and cries when I asked him to stop contacting me? Could I make him change his mind or just leave him even I owe him my life? He cares bout me lots but how can I make him accept my feeling?

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  • How to behave maturely when my boyfriend's son is around?

    I'm 24 - living alone and paying my own bills also live faraway from parents. My boyfriend is 35 and he has a 5 yrs old son from his previous relationship.

    I love him so much that I want him to be proud of me. But one day, when his son was with him when I was there - I had to sleep on his son's bedroom (not with him), because he uses to sleep with him when he's around and on his son's mind is only both of them - no one else. He didnt even kiss or hug me in front of him made me feel that I've been pushed away.

    Then I was at the end of anger when he asked me to sleep on his son's bedroom. Really pissed me off that made me ended up on the couch.

    I want him to be proud of me. I want to know how to act maturely and understand his feeling also tolerate his son. But what is an adult? How to act maturely? How to tolerate a 5 yrs old? For me, I think he should learn to sleep on his own bedroom so I can have cuddles at night. Is it selfish?

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