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Heyy, my name is Jayy.... I love people, camping, sunsets, and watching scary movies. I love it when there's creepy music and you're on the edge of your seat waiting to see what's going to pop out at you and nothing even pops out lol, that cracks me uppp! I'm a very open person, and I absolutely LOVE to talk. You can use me as an advice giver if needed lol :P I hate it when teachers say "I dismiss you, not the bell." I hate it when teachers are so obsessive on following the school's rules. I hate it when people are texting and then they tell you that they're so bored meanwhile you're trying to talk to them. So. Like. Um. Yeah. That's kind of all I got for you lol =]

  • Should I quit my restaurant job I've been at for 4.5 years?

    It's such a toxic environment. We got 2 new managers and they are awful. I can't stand them. Since I've been there so long I basically show them how to work the technology or deal with customers complaints yet I'm not being paid to do that, but again the managers come to me for help so I feel obligated since I don't want to be like "F you that's not  my job". Half the time they ask me for help, the other half they boss me around to do things that aren't my job. They never speak nicely when they say it, it's just a demand, an expectation. But it's not my job to help the cooks (even though I know how to since I've been cross-trained in all the positions), so it just makes me angry because I could get 7/an hour and then they boss me to go in the kitchen or whatever to help, meanwhile they should be doing that because they are the manager and I am being paid as a server. 

    I hate working so late (til 2am), whenever I've tried to quit (4x) they've made me feel guilty so I wind up staying. I do love my coworkers, it's management that's the issue. And I don't mind the restaurant business itself, everyone loves me as an employee since I'm such a team player and I do try to help everyone when I can (bus tables, get drinks, expedite) I love my GM but these 2 assistant managers suck any drive I had for the job out of me. 

    I'm a college student and I obtained this employment to pay for college (which it's done) and I'm graduating now so I want to quit. 

    What do you think I should do?

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  • Travelling?! 10 pts BEST ANSWER!?

    I want to backpack Europe for a month in the summer of 2016. I am willing to couchsurf, stay in hostels, etc. I'm 19 years old and I'd be going with one of my best friends- we want parties, beaches, nightlife, meeting new people... what should our itinerary be looking like? I've been to Greece and England so we want to try new places! Basically - how much money should I be saving for this trip if we are going to be away for 4 weeks ?


    (so far I have $2000 saved!)

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  • What should I do about my parents? *10 Pts best answer?

    I can't stand living with them anymore. They've said so many hurtful things to me, have kicked me out and haven't supported me leaving my boyfriend of 3.5 years (which was an unhealthy relationship). I told them some of the things he had said or done to me and they said you take the good with the bad. I was 18 years old at the time and I chose to stay home for school because my parents said they would cut off our relationship if I went away. Now, I realized I made a horrific choice in staying as my home life is nothing but fighting and drama and is not a good environment AT ALL for my "education" as I can't seem to focus. BTW, I pay for my own school, books, food, etc. I had a car but my dad needed me to take deliveries at his restaurant one day and ended up totaling it. But I had also paid for the car and its maintenance, gas, etc. prior to.

    I need to leave my home but I don't want my parents to be upset with me. I'm currently not working because of school- I take 18 credits and am in the nursing program and I'm only a freshman still. I have enough money because I used to work two jobs and right now my dad owes me $1600 anyway because I worked for him for a few weeks while a guy was on vacation and he never paid me. ANYWAY, where do you think I should go? And do you think I should stick with my current major (nursing) or major in English instead? My parents pushed nursing on me and I don't have a problem with it, but I love writing novels and want to be published.

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  • Government?

    I don't get how people could say that it's "only" Christians who are opposed to gay-marriage, when Muslims also oppose gay marriage, Jews, etc. There are people who don't believe in any religion and are against gay marriage. And I don't get why the state is getting involved in the church?

    Personally, I feel like gay-marriage isn't relevant. Marriage was created in the church. It exists as a law between man-and-woman because it promotes childbearing- if gays can't do that, then why would they have marriage? They could form a civil union. I don't think it's right for the government to force upon people what marriage is, and to recognize it amongst everyone.

    I know gay people who don't think marriage is right also. I feel like if two people love each other, they could be in a civil union- receive "tax benefits" and whatnot, but why get married if it's something that religion promotes? I'm just curious

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  • Swollen Lymphnode?!!? (10 pts best answer!)?

    Hey, I'm just posting this out of concern! I'm 18 year old female and right below my right ear I have a swollen lymphnode. It has been there for a week and a half. I went to the doctor on Saturday and had a fever of 102.4, as well as a swollen lymphnode, fluid in my ears and a very swollen/red throat. She told me that it'd probably get better on it's own since I tested negative for mono, flu and strep. What could it be aside from that?

    Any home remedy suggestions?

    My dad has been sick the past 3 weeks with the same symptoms as me: fever, cough, headache, sore throat/difficulty swallowing.

    Difference is, is I have a swollen lymphnode that has now caused my neck to be swollen, as well as the part of my jaw close to my ear. My jaw feels very numb/tingliness feeling. I still am sick. It feels like it's not getting better but worse. The right side of my neck is very swollen. What is going on in my body?!

    No negative answers please. I'm just concerned. 10 pts best answer

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  • Swollen Lymphnode?? (10 Pts Best Answer!)?

    Hey, I'm just posting this out of concern! I'm 18 year old female and right below my right ear I have a swollen lymphnode. It has been there for a week and a half. I went to the doctor on Saturday and had a fever of 102.4, as well as a swollen lymphnode, fluid in my ears and a very swollen/red throat. She told me that it'd probably get better on it's own since I tested negative for mono, flu and strep. What could it be aside from that?

    Any home remedy suggestions?

    My dad has been sick the past 3 weeks with the same symptoms as me: fever, cough, headache, sore throat/difficulty swallowing.

    Difference is, is I have a swollen lymphnode that has now caused my neck to be swollen, as well as the part of my jaw close to my ear. My jaw feels very numb/tingliness feeling. I still am sick. It feels like it's not getting better but worse. The right side of my neck is very swollen. What is going on in my body?!

    No negative answers please. I'm just concerned. 10 pts best answer.

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  • i need help with math?

    hey. So I am in my last year of high-school. I know absolutely no math. I took algebra, barely passed with a 65-67. Sophomore year I took geometry, got like a 70. As a junior I took algebra 2/trig, I passed the class with a 65 and failed the final.

    Now I am in "college algebra" which isn't a college credit or a college level class but just goes by that name.

    I barely know algebra, let alone the other stuff. I am sick of it. I'm sick of just getting by, doing enough work to pass. All my teachers have never been good, and I've never been a great math student to begin with, so it's never been a good mix. My school is known for having a horrible math department. Only 36% of the kids in my grade passed algebra 2/trig. Etc, etc.

    Anyway, I'm a generally bright student. I have gone to extra helps, etc. I am now sick of relying on teachers to help me. I want to teach myself algebra, geometry and trig. I'll ask my tutor or friends that are good at math to help me where I need it. I want to drop the college algebra class that I am in though because I don't think I will be able to handle learning math from the beginning and also trying to focus on passing this class, plus I feel like i'll mix it all up like I have in the past. I can't learn two things at once when I don't know either of them well enough, etc.

    I'm frustrated and angry. My guidance counselor doesn't believe that I could have passed the other classes without being good at math. I can tell you I did that. I did just enough to pass, but now I really want to learn math and DO WELL IN IT. I want to learn and strive. I feel like I am smart enough to do it on my own, I just need to apply myself. I don't know where to begin though and what kinds of textbooks or workbooks I should start with, to try and build a foundation for this. Any ideas?

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  • hey so what should i do for my after prom?

    I don't know what to do for after prom. I want to do something fun, but it's only my junior prom. I'm going with my boyfriend of 2 years by the time prom comes. What do you think we should do? (And my parents are rather strict, so no hotel rooms lol)

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  • My best friend and I had the same dream...? *easy 10 points*?

    This has been bothering me and my best friend for the past 8 years. When we were both 8 years old we had a sleep over at my house. We both didn't think it was a dream but that it was real-- we both thought that we were awake and that my mom had called her mom to tell her that we were behaving badly and being too loud and to pick my friend up in the morning, and her mom said that she would be there at 5 am to pick up my friend.. so my friend and I rushed off to sleep, and we woke up at about 6:30 am, and were relieved that her mother hadn't come to pick her up. Later on though, at about 8, we went to my mom and apologized for the noise from the night before. My mom looked at us as if we were crazy and said that we fell asleep so early and easily. My friend and I were shocked. We legitimately believed that all of that happened, because we both felt it and everything. So we called her mom and asked her. and her mom said the same thing and that she was working a late shift last night anyway so that there wasn't even a way our moms could've talked. So our parents, brothers and us all concluded that we must have had the same dream. We each told our own versions of it to our mom, without each-other being there and it was the SAME!!!! This has been bothering me ever since because how can two different people have the exact same dream?!?!

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  • I keep having this recurring dream...?

    I keep having this recurring dream that i'm downstairs with my family and then i get tired/sleepy so I go upstairs to my room and there's a doll hanging from my fan with rope around it's neck (as if it hung itself), this has happened for the passed 3 nights with different reasons why I go to my room.. It really freaks me out, I usually have nightmares but about people dying not something creepy and bugged out like this..

    can someone tell me why this is happening or what this means?


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  • What places hire at 16?

    I'm 16 (17 in early January) and I'd like to know what sorts of places I can work. I do have a job now but it's far and I don't have a car so I want somewhere closer. SOO are there any places (NOT FAST FOOD) that hire at 16 ? Please and thank you (:

    p.s- I don't want to work at fast-food because i don't like it at all, but I'd apply as a last resort, since it's always better than nothing.

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  • How long will it take to become an ER nurse?

    I am in my junior year of high-school. I want to become an ER nurse and I'd like to know how I should go about it for college, what kind of programs there are that I can do. I'd like to know the overall age of when I'd be an official ER nurse.

    I am on a D-1 soccer team, varsity soccer, varsity cheerleader, and varsity track. I also do dance, am a tutor and sunday school teacher. I work 3-4 days a week.. and I have a 3.2 GPA.. I'd like to know what kinds of schools I'd be able to get into? Thanks !!!! (:

  • how to do amazing in school this year?

    this is my junior year.

    i want to be absolutely amazing and get at least 85 in all of my classes.

    I'm taking really hard classes this year: AP US History, Honors English, Chem, Trig, Advanced Theatre, Medical Sci, so I really need to step it up and do good.

    I did extremelyyy well in 9th grade but in 10th grade my grades slacked so now I want to step it up and have my parents never question me about my grades again. I want to be amazing.

    I do all my homework but I need some studying strategies and I have a Trig tutor because I'm not good at math/don't have a good teacher (she goes way too fast and everyone complains about her) I go to chemisty extra help after-school everyday and I sometimes go to Trig extra help during my lunch period but that's not enough for my parents. I need to get extremely good grades and not just minimal Bs or B+s. Please help me!

    -studying strategies

    -how to have my teachers love me and WANT to help me

    - how to balance my 3 soccer teams, and the clubs I'm in with homework/studying

    Thanks :D

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  • Help, how do I politely ask my friends for my books back?

    Hi, so I read A LOT and many different kinds of books as well. I'm not a nerd, I play many sports and get good grades, so don't give me any dumb comments please.

    So in 9th grade I lent a lot of my books to my friend since I was visiting the bookstore on a weekly basis buying books. Typically, my friend would give me back my books but for some odd, strange reason she found it that she did not give me 1 of my books back. I really want to reread it and this happened in 9th grade- i had no classes with her this year or last year so I really want to know how I can politely ask her for that book back in the hallway, even though I no longer talk to her!!

    Also, i lent 2 different friends last year Pretty little liars books. Both haven't returned books so now I'm stuck and i want to reread the series and I can't because they have the books. I asked my friend last night for a book and she did not bring it to school today. My other friend I don't have classes with/don't see him so how can I politely text him asking for my book!? PLEASEE HELP. I want my books back and I am no longer going to lend out books because I've already hunted down other people for other books. This is getting to be ridiculous.

    Please help me!

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  • how can i convince my parents!?! 10 points best answer, no dumb answers please!?


    Ok, 1st of all, I want to try and go away for a week to the Dominican Republic, Vermont, somewhere cheap but that can be kinda far and relaxing. I already can pay for my ticket and whatever I just want them to take off so we can take a family vacation.. We haven't gone somewhere in about 3 or 4 years, the last place we went to was Virginia for like a few days and every now and then we go to North Carolina.. I want to go somewhere! They said they wouldn't let me go without them so now I have to somehow convince them to go.. I just want to be on vacation):

    ON TOP OF ALL THAT,my boyfriend's mom asked me to go on a cruise with them this summer. My boyfriend and I have been dating for over a year and a half and by that time it'd be over 2 years together. I'm 16 now, but then I'd be 17 and he'd probably be 19. I really want to go on this cruise with them, I can afford it.

    (I work and save ALL my money)

    My parents would not have to pay for ANYTHING so I really need help trying to convince them...over the summer i went to north carolina with my cousin to visit family there and my mom said that my boyfriend would have Been allowed to come..

    So I really wanna go on this cruise, I get good grades, I try hard, I work all the time, I'm in clubs and sports and all that, so... I just need them to stop being overprotective and just let me do this! (: Remmember I'd be dating him for over 2 years! What do you think!?

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  • Should I work at Hollister? HELP 10 POINTS BEST ANSWER?

    Me and my BFF were asked to work at Hollister by a girl there and the manager, but the min age is 17.. I told them that I was 16 and they said it was fine and asked me to fill out an application and gave me a receiving card thing.. Do I show up to the interview even though I'm 16? What do I wear to the interview? In general how is it working there? And the pay? Do i get a lot of hours? (This isn't my first job, i've been working at a restaurant as a cashier for 2 years) BUT DO I SHOW UP FOR THE INTERVIEW!?!?!?!

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  • Recruited by Hollister..?

    Yesterday me and my bestfriend were shopping at hollister.. we went to the cashier and she asked how old we were, I said 16 my friend said 14... she then said my friend was too young but that i could model for them or something lke that, and asked me to fill out an application.. I filled it out and she gave me a recruiting card, and gave me Friday, Tuesday 4pm, for the group interview date.. Does that mean I show up at Hollister at that time? I gave them my information (Phone #, email) so do they call me and tell me ? I want to work there though because I hate where I work now :D And do I need my working papers? What do I do as a model?

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  • PARTY Planning career !!!!!!!!!!!?????!?!?!?

    Ok so I've decided that I want to be a party planner.

    What I am thinking is that once I turn 18 I will go to school to become a nurse, while working at an event planner place that is local.

    I'll gain experience.

    But eventually I will want to quit and start my own business...

    Now, my dad has 3 restaurants and a catering business and I've done loads of catering jobs with him (i'm 16) and so I have that experience. Also, at one of his restaurants that's a bit more informal I am one of the manager-type people there because I know how to do mostly everything at that restaurant joint.

    Anyway. I want to be a party planner but I want to know what should be some of the credentials i should have... I figure that i can become a nurse and work 3 days a week 12-hour shifts, and I'll have those 4 other days to be able to plan parties until I can make a living off of that.

    Can I please have some advice?

    I'm very organized, a hard worker, creative, mature and responsible. I'd much rather be a party planner then a nurse any day, but in the mean while to earn cash and be able to have benefits i'd have to be a nurse. Maybe one day i'll fall in love with nursing but until then, my goal is to become a party planner.

    I need advice :D

    (Oh and right now, I'm helping plan my boyfriend's grad party and one of my closest friends sweet 16s- as well as trying to figure out how to start my own babysitting business)

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  • High School Relationships?

    Okay so my boyfriend and I started dating when he was 17 and I was 15... Then in January i turned 16 and two months ago he turned 18.

    Soo now he's graduating high-school...

    we've been dating a year and a month...

    we both want this relationship to work while he's in college.

    But we won't be seeing each-other this summer because he's going to be in a college program for 3 weeks, then he's going to greece for another 3 weeks. I'm only going to see him on weekends for the college program..

    I'm going to prom with him too. I'm going to be a junior this year..

    Anyway, how can we make this work while he's in college? He's not dorming there either, he'll be coming home everyday...

    But i really want to make this work, so does he... we've gone through sooo much together, ups and downs and for the last couple of months we've been really, really happy together.

    We both know we love each-other and we both make it work every single day.

    Our families love us and everything..

    He's my best-friend and i love him a lot. He loves me a lot too. We've worked through problems, have overcome so much together and we both agree that we want to marry each other.

    I know that we are young but obviously we have something if we've lasted this long with only one breakup which lasted a week before he came crawling back on his knees. >:D


    we both are virgins, want to remain that way until marriage, of course if we do have sex then if it happens, it happens.

    we do other things though and we both have a lot of chemsitry with each-other. we're both really smart, good GPAs, he got into a good college and I plan on it too. He wants to be a doctor, I'm unsure what I want to be yet though..

    His immediate family is a little more broken up though, whereas mine is really close, either way our families LOVE both of us.

    We're both Greek, he's 50% Puertorican and i'm 50% british..

    So Yeah (:

    We both love each other a lot (:

    we both plan on making it work (:

    but what are things that we could do to strengthen our relationship and build on it ?

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