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  • If I restore my MacBook, will that delete all of my information? Including credit cards and Apple Card?

    So I did a factory retire and erased my MacBooks hard drive because I am selling it to someone. I just want to make sure, do I need to do anything else to delete my info? Or that should be deleted already when I did a restore right? I also signed out of my apple account and deauthorized the laptop itself. Should I be good with credit cards and other log in info after I restored it?

    Thank you!

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  • What does ‘design around my company’ mean in graphic design terms?

    Let’s say someone sends you a message and all they say is they have a small company and they ask you to “design around my company, and if your style fits we will talk.” They already have a logo and photography based on their company on their Instagram page. 

    What does it mean if they ask you to design around their company? Does that mean to create some designs with their logo to give examples of what you can make to show off their brand? Such as business cards, banners, merchandise? Or something else? 


  • Do motorcycle’s with higher CC’s cost more to insure?

    I am looking at two motorcycles, a 2006 Kawasaki ZZR 600, so it is 600cc, and a 2014 ninja 300, 300cc. I am not sure what type of bike I want to get since they are pretty different in size. But does it cost a lot more to insure for a brand new rider if the bike is a larger size? I would think so, just wasn’t sure. 

    Also, do you think it’s a bad idea to get an old bike? The 2006 bike I listed before has 23k miles on it. 

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  • Why cant my iPhone be restored or updated? Black screen of death?

    So my iPhone has had this message on an all black screen: My phone does not turn on or update using the methods seen on YouTube. I tried to restore it but that also didn't work, it gave me the unknown error screen when I tried to restore it. I am going to get a new phone tomorrow but I just want to know why does this happen to an iPhone? What could have caused this and why wouldn't it even let me restore the phone all together? I have an iPhone XS Max by the way. It also has a cracked back with a hole in it, and I did drop it in water with a hole in it but it worked for a few days after that but now its dead. Anyone know what could of caused this, or if it was because water got inside of it?


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  • Should I buy a MacBook air or just wait and save up for a MacBook pro?

    I currently have a MacBook pro that is 7 years old and it really slow and I can't do any of my work on it without it lagging and freezing. I do a lot of graphic design work and I use programs all day. I use programs like Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, simple stuff.

    I wanted to buy a fully loaded MacBook pro, but it would cost around $3,900  and I don't want to spend all of that money in one spot right now. I saw the MacBook air, it is only $1,300 but it isn't as high powered as the pro I assume. The air only has a 1.6GHz dual‑core 8th‑generation Intel Core i5 processor and 16 gb's of memory. The MacBook pro that I want has a 2.4GHz 8‑core 9th‑generation Intel Core i9 processor with 64 gb's of memory. My question is this, do you think the new mac air will be enough to do graphic design work, and run programs such as illustrator and photoshop? without lagging much? I am willing to buy the air for $1,3000 and then save up for the pro maybe later this year or next year. What are your thoughts on this? Should i just wait to save up or should i buy the MacBook air? I am worried that the MacBook air won't be fast and will slow down eventually. 

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  • How strict are window tint laws in Connecticut?

    I want to get my car tinted maybe around 20% all around including the drivers windows. But how strict are cops on giving tickets for dark window tint? Has it happened a lot to people or do you know people who have gotten a ticket or asked to rip off the tint itself? I don’t want to waste money on it to have to take it off right away lol. 

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  • What is the best way to connect MacBook pro to external monitor?

    I have a mid-2012 MacBook pro and I am planning on buying this monitor:

    I know that there are different ways of connecting a MacBook to a monitor and using it as the main display, so that I can work on that monitor from my MacBook pro. My MacBook obviously doesn't have usb type-c.

    So what would be the best way to connect my laptop to a separate monitor and still be able to work from my laptop. I do not want a second display, I am just trying to use the separate monitor in place of my laptops screen. Would I use a thunderbolt to hdmi cable as a connection to the new monitor?

    I plan on buying a separate mouse and keyboard and simply docking my laptop to the side and working on the larger monitor, also not looking to use both displays at the same time.

    I also plan on buying a new MacBook pro and using the usb type-c as a connection to do the same thing, working on the laptop but with a larger monitor. Is that easily done with this monitor?


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  • I am looking for a new monitor for my mac, any suggestions?

    I need a monitor that can be hung up or attached to a separate mounting system for the edge of a desk. But I am not sure which type is best for use with a MacBook pro, I plan on using it as a bigger display while connected to my MacBook. What are some good quality monitors that can either be hung up or mounted to a desk mount? Im not looking for something very very cheap, because I want a monitor that will work well and look great with a mac.

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  • Attachment image

    Why do some 208 Jeep wranglers look like the 2017 version?

    So I’ve been searching for a Jeep and I found a 2018 jk unlimited Sahara wrangler, but everything about it, from the headlights to the interior looks just like the 2017 model instead. It looks like they took a 2017 and just placed the 2018 on it as the name.

    I’ve done some searching and there are a lot of other models that look like 2017’s even though they are being listed as the 2010 year. Why is this? Is this something that Jeep normally does? Is this normal?

    I found this very weird because the interior looks nothing like the 2018 model even though they are calling it the 2018, here I am talking about one I saw in person and found on I saw a 2018 Jeep Wrangler jk unlimited Sahara, and it literally looks like a 2017 mode instead, but the Carfax says 2018 on it. What is going on? Anyone have Jeep friends or is a Jeep person who would know?

    Thanks! I will also post a pic of the Jeep that I saw that says it is a 2018 even though it looks like a 2017.

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  • Any advice on why my MacBook pro is so slow? Should I get a new one?

    I have a 2012 macbook pro, and I upgraded the hard drive to an SSD samsung drive, and it was great in the beginning. But now it has started to slow down again. I only have less than half the storage filled on it. Here are some specs of my laptop:

    Memory: 4 GB 1600 MHz DDR3.

    Processor: 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5.

    Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536 MB.

    It is using macOS High Sierra version 10.13.6.

    Should i upgrade my memory to more gigs?

    Here are some of my issues: It takes a long time to boot up and turn off, it freezes when doing a lot of work or using a lot of apps. It heats up really fast all the time now, and the fan goes crazy. It is just lagging a lot more than it has before.

    I have been thinking of buying a new MacBook air but would that be enough for Graphic Design work? I do a lot of graphic design on my laptop.

    If you have any ideas of how to fix this or how i should upgrade please let me know. Please share this with any computer friends for their advice if they are willing to share. Thank You!!

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  • Does anyone know any quotes about people who get into a new relationship very quickly after breaking up with someone?

    I heard a quote a long time ago, and it talked about how someone who just broke up with their significant other and they immediately got into a new relationship. but the quote talked about how they were never really serious about the old relationship since they have already gotten into a new one. is there a quote like that? thanks

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  • Is it bad to run an RODI water system on a house with a well?

    I bought an RODI system to make water for my saltwater fish tank. But my play has a well. Is it bad to run the RODI machine all day or for multiple hours a day? Will this run the well dry? Will it cause problems to the well or our pump in the house? Please send me any ideas if it is a bad idea to use it all day to make water. The system takes an hour to make one gallon of fresh water.

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  • What is the best method to cure saltwater ich in a tank full of fish and coral?

    I have a 30 gallon tank, filled with fish, coral, live rock, crabs, anemones, invertebrate. We got ich a while ago after I got a new fish. I took all of the fish out and put them in another tank, used a the copper treatment method to cure it and waited about 3 weeks until we put them back in the main tank. But now they have it again. Does anyone have better suggestions on how to cure the ice and get rid of it from the main tank and the fish? Is there a certain food mixture or some kind of method to help get rid of it that works better than quarantining the fish with the copper method?

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  • My iTunes won t sync my photos from the new Photos app, but will sync from iPhoto? Why?

    I was trying to sync my photos from the Photos app on my MacBook and but my phone is being synced with old images from the old iPhoto app as well. I have already done the migration from iPhoto to Photos when the new Photos application came out. But I have been having weird problems such as old (already deleted in iPhoto) pictures being synced to my phone through iTunes. Is there a way to completely get rid of these photos, or delete iPhoto images in some way in order to only have images from Photos on my iPhone?

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  • Where do I place jack stands on the rear of a 2012 VW Jetta?

    Once I lift my car with a jack, where is the correct place to place the jack stands that I will lower the car onto? Do they go on the wide suspension area, or the torsion beam?

    3 AnswersVolkswagen4 years ago
  • Where is the right place to put jack stands under a 2012 vw jetta?

    i am trying to find out where i can place jack stands on my mk6 jetta so that i can take the wheels off and work on them for a few hours. i know where to place the jack in order to lift the car, but i am only using the standard scissor jack and can only lift one tire off the ground at a time, so i am trying to find the right place to put a jack stand so i can lift the other side after.

    I found this article but am not sure if that is the right spot to place the jack stands;

    if you know an article specific to a 2012 vw jetta please let me know where to place the jack stand.

    1 AnswerVolkswagen4 years ago
  • Has anyone tired to put a clear case ontop of an iPhone skin?

    I want to get an iPhone skin from but i also want to get a clear case to show it off. Has anyone tried to put a case on top of a skin at the same time? I am hoping it won't cause the skin to stretch or be ruined if i try to put a case on top of it.

    If you have ever done this or know someone who has please let me know how it went and if it would work, and also what clear case was used on top of the skin.


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  • Why doesn t my Sandisk Flashdrive open/mount on my MacBook Pro, but it mounts onto my iMac?

    I have this flash drive

    SanDisk Ultra Flair USB 3.0 64GB Flash Drive High Performance up to 150MB/s (SDCZ73-064G-G46)

    I am able to plug it into my iMac, 21 inch, and it opens up, but when I try to mount/open it on my 2012 MacBook pro, it doesn t show up in the finder or anywhere on my MacBook.

    Does anyone have any idea why this happens or how to fix this?

    My MacBook pro has also become very very slow, what is the best way to speed it up and clean it?

    Im not sure why it is so slow, i have a lot of music and pictures on it, but it is impossible to work on productively because it takes so long for files to open up.

    If you have any solution on how to speed it up that would help a lot, thanks

    1 AnswerLaptops & Notebooks4 years ago
  • What does it mean when you get an email from Venom saying, "we will no longer be able to provide our services"?

    Today I got an email from Venom saying "Your Venmo account has been frozen due to recent activity that triggered some security alerts." And the also sent another email saying they have "detected some activity on your account that is in violation of our User Agreement."

    Does the mean that my account has been shut down?

    2 AnswersOther - Internet4 years ago
  • Is it okay to drag photos from the iMac Photo app, and export them into a finder folder?

    If I click and drag multiple photos from the Photos app, and export them by dragging them into a folder on my desktop, will the photos loose their quality/size?

    Is it better to do option+drag?


    2 AnswersOther - Computers4 years ago