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Just an ordinary girl who gets baffled by life, and especially boys. Im on a mission to get fit and toned. Life is precious. Spend it wisely as you don't know when your last day might be. I'll never forget a few special loved ones <3

  • Should I join a dating website?

    I feel like I m never going to find anyone. I m 24 and never seem to meet new people.

    I work in an office and my spare time is spent going on runs or walks.

    I always used to think it would be embarrassing to joint a dating website but I feel like my time is running out to find anyone. However I m worried that I d join and someone I know finds me...

    Opinions please

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  • He always notices my hair changes and compliments it. Being friendly?

    It's happened about 4 times now in the year or so we've been friends. I find it flattering that he notices, as even my brothers or friends I see regularly don't notice or compliment me on it.

    But then I'm like...why does he always notice? Because I never get many complements on my hair after I've had it cut or dyed, but I can always rely on him to notice and tell me it's nice.

    I'm early 20's and he's mid 20's.

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  • How can I tell him I don't want a relationship?

    It's not that he's not a nice guy, it's just that I don't find him attractive and he doesn't excite me as such. We've hung out and gone on a few dates over the past 6 weeks (and regrettably had sex.) I've also met his best friends and his family.

    I don't know how to tell him that I don't want to be his girlfriend. I see him more as a good friend and someone to hang out with, rather than as a boyfriend. It's like....I don't mind going out for the evening with him, but the thought of kissing him doesn't do anything for me. He's always initiating the kiss and I'm just not into him like he's into me.

    Please advice me, I'm in my early 20's and he's almost 20.

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  • Is it bad that I'm 23 and he's 19?

    I feel awkward because of the age gap and like I'm taking advantage of him.


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  • I can't get wet during foreplay or intercourse. Help?

    Until recently I'd only ever had sex with two guys and everything ran as normal. I didn't struggle getting turned on and by the time we were ready for intercouse I was wet enough and there was no need for any lube.

    But recently I've started a sexual relationship with a new person. He's really lovely and I do like him but there's just something missing. We have plenty of foreplay but I just don't get wet enough, to the point where he's giving me oral to make me appear wetter. He's also a little over rough when he's going down on me and rubbing my clitoros, to the point where I physically hurt for the next couple of days.

    Can you please give me any advice? I feel like I'm failing as a woman. I'm 23 btw.

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  • How can I tell him that I don't want the title of being his girlfriend?

    My intention was never to give him the wrong impression, but unfortunately this has happened. We went on a few dates and hung out and I met his best friends. Then on about the 5th date we ended up being rather drunk and I stayed the night at his and we ended up having sex.

    He's now telling people that we're an item but for me it was and still is a casual thing. I don't want the title of being someone's girlfriend.

    How can I tell him this without hurting his feelings, as I know he's more into me than I am into him?!

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  • I'm besotted by a co-worker. Help me!?

    So I'm leaving my current job in two weeks time as I have found something else. I'm delighted to be leaving but I'm gutted that I'm leaving behind some really nice people. In particular a guy that I have worked with for the past year.

    He looked disappointed when he found out I was leaving and was asking questions about my new job. We have eachothers numbers but we don't text unless there's a works do which we're both attending.

    How can I confess my feelings to this person before I leave without making things weird as hell? I would like to see him after I've left but I don't know if he feels the same.

    P.s both mid 20's.

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  • Friend is cheating on her boyfriend and I don't know what to do. Help?

    She's been dating him just over 2 years and has been engaged for almost 1 year. But for the past 4-5months she's been cheating on him with her ex boyfriend. She always promised me that she'd never cheat, and whilst I don't feel it my place to say anything, I can't help but resent her.

    Like she always tells me about what she's got up to with this ex-boyfriend and I've asked her to not tell me but she's totally ignored my request (and it's pretty vulgar stuff!)

    What should I do? She is a nice enough girl but I don't trust her one bit and I feel so bad for her boyfriend. I've tried talking to her but it hasn't worked. Btw she's mid 20's.

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  • If I go on two dates with different guys in a week is that bad?

    Ok, so I'm not so sure that they're dates. I'm going for coffee with one and getting a drink with the other.

    Does this make me a bad person?? I'm early 20's and just want to have some fun. It's rare that anyone asks me out so this is definitely not a regular occurrence.

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  • All she talks about is herself and her boyfriend. Help me please!?

    I've been really good friends with her for nearly 2 years and we go out every week. It never used to be a problem but recently, say the past 5months, all she talks about is her boyfriend. Literally everything we talk about always reverts back to him. For example we can be listening to the radio and she'll tell me how the song reminds her of him and then divulge stories to me which I don't want to know. And she's constantly on her phone texting him and then showing me photos of them together and things like that.

    It's not that I'm not happy for her, but I feel like she's always rubbing my nose in the fact that I'm hella single. I've asked her in the past to tone it down and not talk about him but she always finds a way to revert back to him. It's getting me to the point where I dread going out with her because I don't want to hear about them or what they've got upto constantly. Sometimes it would be nice of her to ask me about myself and what I've been doing.

    How can I approach the subject with her?

    She's mid 20's and I'm early 20's.

    3 AnswersFriends5 years ago
  • I am ravenous all the

    I've struggled with my weight for a while but through diet and exercising I've managed to get down to a good size (around 126lbs and 5'6.)

    But for the last month or so I have been an absolute animal, eating everything and anything in sight. I've literally been so hungry all the time and I've barely exercised. I've put on about 7lbs in the past 6weeks and I can't explain why I feel so hungry all the time.

    I don't want to keep eating, I feel terrible in myself and I physically feel sick right now through what I've eaten today.

    Please help me. What can I do to get my diet back in control and to curb my huge appetite?

    Diet & Fitness5 years ago
  • Should I offer to give him a lift?

    There's a works meal at the weekend and I invited him along as he dropped a hint that he wanted an invite. He doesn't drive so do you think I should offer to give him a lift?

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  • I like him but does he like me? I can't read signals.?

    We work together and have done for the past couple of years, although we were never on the same shifts till recently. Obviously we'd spoke before but only the odd chit chat. Anyway since we've been working together we've spoke more which leads me onto what's happened.

    •He asked why I didn't go out drinking with him and some work friends and said I had to go next time

    •He commented on my shoes which was odd as I was wearing trainers

    •He walked me to my car after the end of our shift even though he walks and doesn't go through the car park

    •I invited him to a work do at the weekend and he's agreed to go even though he doesn't know many people

    •He made about 5 almost sexual innuendo, referring to 'white stuff' being everywhere


    I can't tell whether he's just being nice or if he likes me. Like he's complimented me before and told me that my hair looks really nice and he also added me on Facebook and liked my profile picture when I updated it. We're both early 20's.

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  • He asked why I wasn't out at the weekend. But why?

    I got invited out drinking by some people from work but then got told that it was in jeopardy because not many could make it. Anyway I then found out that about 5 of them were still going out but I was working so couldn't make it.

    Today I saw one of the lads that went out and he asked "why didn't you come out with us at the weekend?" So I said that I heard that not many were going and that I was working anyway, but he was suspicious and said "were you actually working?" Before saying "come out with us next time."

    Why's he so bothered? Both in our early to mid twenties.

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  • Why do I only seem to attract older men?

    I'm 23 and I always seem to attract men who are well into their 50's.

    Can't I just attract some fitties who are my age?!

    Where am I going wrong?

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  • How many people do you hate?

    And I mean properly hate, not just dislike.

    BQ: why?

    Me = 3, because they are former friends that betrayed me.

    13 AnswersPolls & Surveys6 years ago
  • Does killing people with kindness really work?

    Because I hate them and they hate me, but I want to annoy them and make them feel small so I'm thinking I go about this by being super sweet to humiliate them.

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  • How to react when you see someone checking out your ***?

    I don't know whether to be flattered or slightly creeped out. We work together and I was bent over putting something away into a low cupboard and I turned around and he was looking at my bum from a distance.

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  • How often do you workout a week?

    BQ: what do you do and for how long?

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  • If I make a chicken curry can I freeze what I don't eat?

    So I'm trying to get healthy and I've seen an awesome thai green curry that I want to make. Only problem is that it serves 4 people and it'll only be me eating it. So after I've made it can I separate it into containers and freeze it?

    7 AnswersCooking & Recipes6 years ago