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  • Did the McCain supporters riot in 2008? Did the Romney supporters riot in 2012?

    I don't recall either happening. So why is it that Clinton's supporters can't accept defeat with any grace and dignity? I get that Trump isn't exactly a paragon of virtue, neither was Hilary though.

    7 AnswersOther - Cultures & Groups4 years ago
  • Does anyone think it's a good idea to allow people to ask questions anonymously?

    So far it just seems to lead to more troll questions and virtually no accountability.

    8 AnswersYahoo Answers6 years ago
  • Question about a 2003 CLK 430 (C208)?

    My mother is looking a 2003 CLK 430. I looked at it and drove it today, so I could give my input/opinion on the car, and noticed something that gave me pause about the car. When accelerating from a dead stop I noticed that there was some hesitation. The seller mention that he been using regular fuel in it, I believe the car is suppose to use premium. So I'm speculating that the when a load was placed on the engine, the ECU may have pulled some timing, which may have caused the hesitation. Also the car seemed to be slightly down on power compared to what I was expected, not a huge amount, but I was sort or expecting a 275 HP car to pull a bit harder under WOT. The seller didn't know when the last time the car had a major service (spark plugs, filters, etc.) so that may have been part of it as well. The car has 105k miles on the clock. Steering and suspension seem as tight as a drum, body is flawless, paint is very good, everything works, seats only have minor wear, etc. Overall I'd say the car is in very good shape for its age. It's been checked out by a MB shop and given a clean bill of health, but the hesitation has me concerned. I'd appreciate anyone's input on the matter, thanks in advance.

    4 AnswersMercedes-Benz8 years ago
  • Who booked this s**t?

    Sheamus wins the rumble. A double count out on a PPV (Cena/Kane), and a match where the stipulation was largely irrelevant (Punk/Ziggler). Not impressed at all WWE. This is TNA caliber PPV garbage.

    10 AnswersWrestling9 years ago
  • Culturally speaking, Now that the U.S. has hypersonic flying bombs, should China be concerned?

    Hypersonic flying bombs than can strike anywhere in the world in one hour or less.…

    We already know that the U.S, has better planes, so I wont get into that.

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  • Culturally speaking, Now that the U.S. has hypersonic flying bombs, should China be concerned?

    Hypersonic flying bombs than can strike anywhere in the world in one hour or less.

    We already know that the U.S, has better planes, so I wont get into that.

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  • How does Coke Zero compare to Diet Coke and regular Coke?

    does it have the same questionable aftertaste that Diet Coke does? Or does it taste more like regular Coke>

    6 AnswersNon-Alcoholic Drinks9 years ago
  • Tire recommendations?

    I have a 2003 Mustang GT, and it's time for new tires. The past two sets were BFG G-Force KDW2's, I thought they were decent, though they were a bit noisy, but my main complaint was that grip diminished substantially as they wore out. I did have BFG G-Force Super Sports on before those and those didn't give up much grip as the wore out, but their wet traction wasn't that great.

    I'm looking at Bridgestone RE-760s and Yoko S.Drives right now. Anybody have any experiences with these? I'm not overly concerned with longevity, but 20-25k miles would be nice. Price isn't the deciding factor either, but something under $200 per tire would be ideal.

    2 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 decade ago
  • Question about the disclosure of disabilities?

    Why shouldn't the land lord/boss/other entity be denied information about the people whom they hire or lease from? In many cases it's pertinent information.

    To me it's no different than the well-known and very illegal scam that car dealerships pull sometimes where they effectively lie to the customer about getting low financing rates and lets the customer leave with the car for a day or two, then they call the customer back claiming that the financing (that they never had in the first place fell through and that they need to bring the car back and re-negotiate the deal (in which the financing terms will be an order of magnitude higher than the original deal.) In essence they change the rules as they go along.

    It seems that how the laws are now when pertaining to PWD are similar. Suppose you're a landlord and you take in a PWD as tenant. As I understand it, you're not allowed to inquire about the person's disabilities before hand. So once the PWD signs the lease. The PWD can make requests for accommodations and *still* doesn't have to prove anything to get said accommodations. So in essence the land lord can be stuck with the bill for pay for these accommodations and the person who requested them is under no expectation to even discuss why these accommodations are needed in the first place.

    Wouldn't it be fair to everyone involved to have all the information laid out beforehand?

    note: I may be mistaken in how I interpeted the disclousure laws, so if I'm mistaken, I appologize and any clarification would be welcome.

    6 AnswersPeople with Disabilities1 decade ago
  • Question about votes.?

    Are there any countermeasures in place to keep someone from having several accounts and voting his/her answer as the best answer? And If you suspect someone of doing this, what would be the best course of action to take to make sure everything is on the up and up?

    5 AnswersYahoo Answers1 decade ago
  • Question about the defination of "100% disabled."?

    Sometimes people will refer to themselves as "100% disabled." What does that mean exactly. It sounds like it means that the person cannot do anything. I'm envisioning someone who is a in vegetative state, can't talk, can't move, etc. But clearly that's not the case since there are many people who are able to post on Yahoo answers coherently for example. Which means they are at least capable of some action. If that's the case isn't the label of "100% disabled" kind of a misnomer? What's the legitimate definition of "100% disabled" ?

    9 AnswersPeople with Disabilities1 decade ago
  • Y! Answers suggestion regarding thumbs up / thumbs down.?

    I don't know if it's feasible or not, but how about giving Y! Answers users the ability to see who gives their responses thumbs up and thumbs down. This could cut down on trolling and keep things a little more honest. Good idea or bad idea?

    6 AnswersYahoo Answers1 decade ago
  • Mr. Kennedy V. Miz feud.?

    I'm thinking this would be an ideal way to get Kennedy back in the picture. Granted the wrestling aspect of it wouldn't be the greatest. But there is alot potential for dueling promos, which could prove entertaining. What say you.

    5 AnswersWrestling1 decade ago
  • Question for the Brits?

    After watching some British motoring shows (Wheeler Dealers, Auto Trader, Top Gear,etc.) I have noticed that there is a trend where certain trims of same car are considered far superior than the base model. For example the "Sport" trim level has the same engine and transmission as the base spec car. But since it has a body kit and bigger wheels it's somehow superior, when in an actual race the base model would likely be faster since it's slightly lighter and has less unsprung weight. However people will flock to the "sport" model even though it's a slower car. Why is that? Over in the states if you have a slow car that has pretentions of speed you will be mocked mercilessly. However it seems that across the pond it's acceptable.

    1 AnswerOther - Car Makes1 decade ago
  • What are some underrated gimmicks?

    What are some gimmicks (not wrestlers) that you think were underrated? I've always thought that the Waylon Mercy "Cape Fear" gimmick was really good. As well as Sean O'Haire's De-motivational speaker gimmick.

    3 AnswersWrestling1 decade ago
  • Hot water heaters. Wouldn't make more sense to keep the temp higher than 120 degrees?

    Due to insulating properties of water (and those of the water heater) wouldn't it be more energy efficient to keep the temperature of the water heater at around 150 degrees or more? When you take a bath or shower you be using less hot water since you would increase the ratio of cold/hot water to reach the same temperature. For example you would use more hot water to achieve an overall water temp of 105 degrees it your water heater was set at 120 degrees. I realize that it would take more energy to initially heat the water to a higher temp, but keeping water at say 150 degrees wouldn't take considerably more heat than keeping it at 120 degrees. Also since you wouldn't be using quite a much hot water, the heater wouldn't be having to heat up as much cold water to replace the hot water that was used. I'd be interested in hearing about the maths and science involved in this. And the reason why 120 degrees is considered the better option. I'm not interested in the safety aspects of it, just the scientific reasoning. Thanks.

    2 AnswersGreen Living1 decade ago
  • Has anyone else noticed the increase in handicap license plates/placards in the last 15-20 years?

    Back when I was growing up in the 80's I don't remember seeing nearly as many handicap license plates as I see now. Is that because there are more handicap people these days or because there are more ailments/health issues that are considered to be handicaps these days. I am *not* trying to insult anyone, it's just something I've noticed and was wondering if others have noticed the same thing.

    10 AnswersPeople with Disabilities1 decade ago
  • Why is it that police tend to hassle import drivers more so than people who drive domestic cars?

    I'm not trying to put down police officers at all, I have the utmost respect for them and have always been treated respectfully by every cop I've ever encountered. I drive a modified Mustang which is pretty loud and have never been pulled over for anything. But my friends who drive mod'd imports like 240SX's and Preludes get pulled over all the time for excessive noise, etc. And I never do. I just that that was odd.

    5 AnswersOther - Cars & Transportation1 decade ago
  • How and why do the British put with with ridiculous auto insurance rates?

    I've heard of times where it costs more to insure the car than what the value of the car is worth. How did this happen and why do people let it continue?

  • Why do people insist that if they have even the slightest mental/physical problem think that they are disabled?

    I'm 28 years old, I've had ankylosing spondylitis (hereditary arthritis) my entire life, I'm also dyslexic and have ADD. I do not consider myself disabled at all. I manage to work 2 jobs, I haven't missed a day of work in 10 years. Sure I have spell check everything, and I go through Tylenol like it's candy. But it's really not that big a deal. It bothers me that alot of people are so weak-willed that they can complain about such minor things and then want special concessions made for them. Unless you're in a wheelchair or drooling on yourself, you're not disabled IMO.

    12 AnswersPeople with Disabilities1 decade ago