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  • How do you home school in England?

    How do you do group work?

    How well do students fit in if they return to public education?

    I am curious to know how experienced and successful home school parents went about covering all the subjects.

    4 AnswersHome Schooling1 decade ago
  • Why smoke cigarettes?

    Now that it has been shown that cigarettes contain poisons like arsenic; are addictive and harder than heroin to give up without withdrawal symptoms; cause the DNA in your body to mutate; make your clothes smell; reduce overall fitness; cause emphysema or chronic cough; cause lung cancer in some people; cost a quarter of a million dollars over a lifetime to maintain the habit - Why do people still begin to smoke? Why do they have a second one if the first was just curiosity? And if the reason is peer pressure, is there anything else you do for the same reason?

    8 AnswersPsychology1 decade ago
  • Can anyone read Arabic?

    If you can answer his question, you can earn 10 points here and 10 points on Yahoo Answers

    2 AnswersLanguages1 decade ago
  • How will planes fly when all the world's oil runs out?

    A scientist told me that there won't be any oil or petrol left by the year 2099. My grandcholdren will probably still be alive so will they be able to fly overseas? Please don't say yes in a hot air balloon.

    1 AnswerGeography1 decade ago