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  • Best way to prepare to become a roomate with my best friend out of state? Best way to provide income for rent?

    At some point next year, I am planning to move in as a roomate with my best friend of 10 years, in Atlanta, GA, from a small town in Florida. The main reason for this move is because I have a Bachelor's Degree in Gaming & Animation, and there's no demand for it where I currently live.

    However, moving & becoming roomates is a process I'm unfamiliar with. I still live with under my parent's roof and they don't charge me rent, I must pay rent in order to live with my friend in Atlanta, but I don't know how to go about this.

    I am being laid off from my job here in Florida due to Covid. so I don't have a steady income.

    I was planning on moving to Atlanta by Spring or Early Summer.  Should I have a certain amount of money saved? I don't have much.

    It would be nice if I could land a job before I move in, but how do I apply for jobs out of state. Ive never done this before either. I dont have my portfolio ready yet, but I'm asking in advance to prepare myself.

    Bottom line is, how do I prepare myself to move in as a roomate in a different state?

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  • Am I eligible for the Coronavirus Stimulus check?

    1. I am a 28 year old Single Male, still living at home with my parents

    2. I filed my 2019 tax returns in February of this year, and my parents have yet to file this year

    3. My income is roughly $16,000

    4. I was a college student and graduated in December of 2019, there are education credits applied in my 2019 tax return

    5. In 2019, I did not apply as a Dependent. On the 1040 forum, under standard deduction “Someone can claim - you as a dependent” is left blank. However in my 2018 1040 forum, it was checked.

    6. I worked 3 jobs throughout 2019

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  • Will I get a ticket for cutting off a moving school bus?

    I was on my way to college, and I was told by my parents that there was a shortcut to get to school, so I used my GPS map to take me there. I was moving with the flow of traffic when the school bus decides to come in my lane from the highway, so I went around the moving school bus with the speed of the left lane traffic (50mph), with not enough time before my GPS tells me to take a right turn.

    I had to get into the right lane as I the school bus did as well, and I unintentionally cut off the school bus while turning in the right lane. I would say the bus was only 8 feet behind my car.

    The bus didn't have any yellow or red blinkers on and was moving while making a right turn. I just feel bad that I mistakenly cut off the school bus.

    Will I get a citation in the mail?

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  • How to protect a hardcover book sleeve/jacket?

    I just want to know, what do you recommend me do to help protect a collectible hardcover book?

    The book has a holographic book sleeve/jacket that falls off and I was wondering what I can use to protect the sleeve/jacket from damaging and falling off, and something that won't damage the book physically, because the book may be worth money some day?

    Thank you.

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  • Can my friend sleep over in my hotel when I'm visiting him? Should I book the room for 2?

    I am visiting and meeting my friend in Georgia for the very first time, so it's a pretty exciting moment for me. We've discussed our plans on what to do around Georgia and he wants to spend the night in my hotel room one night out of three nights I'm staying there.

    What should I do about this? Should I book the room for 2 adults although only I am sleeping in the room by myself for all three nights while it's only one night he wants to sleep over?

    I'm staying at an EconoLodge, which is fairly cheap in price. They only charge 3 more dollars a night for 2 people compared to just one. And they don't charge extra for 2 double beds! Should I just book the room for 2?

    I don't want him or me to get in trouble or fined more if he gets caught sleeping in my room when only I am paying to stay there.

    What should I do? Thanks!

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  • Should I end my friendship over this?

    I am a 23 year old male and I met a friend named Brian in 2010 online and he's 20. We have so much in common and I can say this is my only online friendship I've had and we could be best friends if we knew each other in person, but we don't, and that's what's troubling me.

    I've been thinking of coming to visit him for a couple of days by bus back in August and I wanted to come and see him in November. I've mentioned it to him, and he just keeps skipping around the subject, he hasn't said a word about it.

    Now he is a busy guy, working in a computer shop and he has a girlfriend that he truly loves. He's been through a lot after moving out of his biological family's house and moving into his girlfriend's family's house.

    I can understand him not accepting me to come down, but I don't expect him to take care of me either, especially since his girlfriend's family doesn't know me especially, not one bit.

    I planned on buying a bus ticket to Atlanta and taking a taxi to stay at the hotel next to his workplace, and perhaps hang out with him and go back to the hotel, so it's no burden on his family.

    I can understand that he's busy and that his new family doesn't know me, but it hurts that he won't mention a word of the trip.

    It just comes across as if he doesn't want me there period. It just doesn't seem right being friends after almost 5 years and not being able to meet face to face, and I don't know what to do or tell him.

    What do I do?

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