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  • Is this dog scary if you saw me walking it on the street?

    A rottie mix. Looks like a rottie (black and tan points, rottie figure) but technically is also mixed with collie and sheppard. Would a dog like this make me less likely to get attacked by hoodlums? Of course any dog will lower the odds at least a little, but I mean is this breed effective compared with other breeds of dogs? Base your answer solely on the breed it is, not thinking about what kind of personality the particular dog has.

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  • Do you have pictures of blonde lab/dachsund cross?

    I am considering breeding my male blonde lab with a friend's female dachsund. But there isn't much info on the internet about it, and I want to know what they might look like.

    If you have any pictures, would you please post them in your response if you know how or else tell me a URL I can visit? Or if you personally have pictures on your computer you would like to share, advise me of that and I will proceed to email you through yahoo answers to ask for them.

    Thank you.

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  • How to get my lab to eat more slowly?

    He eats so fast he doesn't chew. Someone recommended putting a stone in there but he has already chipped some baby teeth from chewing on hard stuff, so no go there. I got him a couple weeks ago and he has not been on a schedule, just kinda do something different every day. So today I started a routine for daily activities, and I will feed him 3 times a day not 2, so maybe that will work. But in case it does not, what else might I try?

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  • Will my puppy grow out of this?

    This is our first puppy so I hope you can give me some advise on these things...

    He is a 5 month maybe 6 month old lab puppy. I got him 2 weeks ago. The people I got him from said he is housebroken, goes out 4 times a day, sleeps in the bedroom all night without peeing, and needs 3 half hour walks a day. (We give him more than that much exercise.)

    He does understand that he is supposed to go outside, and he does so immediately when we bring him out. He has a favourite spot. For the first several days I thought a few accidents were normal because he was just getting used to what going to the bathrrom entails in our home. However, when he is awake he goes pee every 2 to 2 and a half hours, unless we take him out before the 2 hour mark comes. If he is asleep he can hold it for only 4-almost 6 hours, which means I either have to take him out at 5am (after going to sleep at 11 or 12) or wake up to find pee. I think for a puppy his age this is excessive! Will this get better?

    Also he won't stop chewing up the contents of our home, even when we are home. Of course we do walk him, let him off leash to run, etc. He is definitely getting enough exercise. In fact at times we have accidentally over exercised him and he has hyperventilated when we got home. Not every day is the same exactly, but most days after this morning walk or run, he comes home and wants to play and chews up everything. Of course we scold him appropriately and have consulted with an expert on how to do this. But he seems to just need to chew and chew and chew. I realize he is teething. It has gotten to the point that we have to put him in a crate when we go out for a little while during mid-day. Also, if we are home during that time, I have started just today putting him in his crate even when I am home, because I literally can't do anything around the house because I have to contantly stop him from chewing on stuff. Is this normal and will it stop when he gets older?

    And he pees when he gets excited, like when he is chewing on a new toy, which of course is all the time, every time we play with the cat laser with him, and if we take him in the hallway to do anything other than go outside, like walk to the laundry room, garbage shoot, etc.

    Your thoughts? Are these things normal and will they lessen or stop? If so, when approximately?

    Thank you.

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  • Do you know anyone who...?

    puts salt on their granny smith apples?

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  • What are some uplifting feel good bands?

    positive message, feeling joyful, etc? talking about God and love?

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  • What are some uplifting feel good bands?

    positive message, feeling joyful, etc?

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  • What are some liquid foods for toothache?

    I had my wisdom teeth taken out and am eating only liquid and semi liquid foods. This week I have eaten fruit smoothies for breakfast, yogurt for lunch and cream of whatever soup for dinner. My mouth is still too sore to chew and I am going grocery shopping tomorrow for next week. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

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  • Lost cat reward: how much?

    1. If you found a lost cat and the tag said "reward," how much would you expect the owner to pay you when you returned the cat?

    2. How about if it was a beautiful long haired Himalayan?

    3. What if it was just an ordinary cat but it had a really loving personality?

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  • What should we call our mostly white Himalayan kitten?

    He is white with grey/silver ticking and 8 weeks old.

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  • What should we call our mostly white Himalayan kitten?

    He is white with grey/silver ticking, 8 weeks old.

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  • What should we call our mostly white Himalayan kitten?

    He is white with grey/silver ticking, 8 weeks old.

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  • Asians only: What is it that motivates Asian families to come to North America?

    I tried asking this in another category but just got two white people saying the usual like American dream and overpopulation in China. Those are not concrete reasons why anyone would actually move. If you are Asian, what made your family move?

    Most Asians I notice have lots of money in the family and are well educated. So if you were well to do back in Asia, then why come here (Canada or probably USA as well)? I know there must be some good reasons because there are so many people doing it and the Asian population of first generation Asian immigrants is very high here. I am just wondering why.

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  • What is it that motivates Asian families to come to North America?

    Most Asians I notice have lots of money in the family and are well educated. So if you were well to do back in Asia, then why come here? I know there must be some good reasons because there are so many people doing it, I just can't imagine why.

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  • How easily does HPV spread?

    They say every sexually active female needs to be tested regularly. But in the situation where two virgins get together and stay together and get married and never have sexual contact of any kind with anyone else then it seems it would be impossible to have HPV, right? Also if one or both parties have had sex with others before becoming a couple but they have been tested and neither one has HPV at the start of the relationship and they are 100% faithful to each other then there is no way they could have HPV, right? Now it says on a website I was reading that HPV can be spread by intercourse as well as oral or hand to genital touching. Is it possible that a woman could give a hand job to an infected man, not wash her hands, shake my hand shortly after, I go to the washroom and accidentally due to clumsiness or not enough toilet paper touch my private parts and then infect myself with the virus? Because unless this is possible then I think it is impossible for me to have HPV in which case there would be no need to get checked out all the time. But what I need to know is can it be spread by touching an infected person's hand (or a doorknob or other object he/she touched) and then touching oneself? Also can it be spread by sitting on a toilet in the house of someone I know who has HPV and if that is not possible then what if there was urine on the seat which had the HPV virus in it as a result of coming out through the infected skin and then could I get it from sitting on the drop of urine?

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  • Why isn't grooveshark working?

    It times out when I type the url in my browser. So i tried typing it in google and then clicking it, still didn't work but the description under one of the results that came up said "If grooveshark isn't loading try getting the latest version of..." and that was all it said but i couldn't click on it to read more because it was on and I can`t load the page. Man, the other internet radio stations suck, can anyone helpÉ

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  • Canada only! How much does it cost for a kitten to be taken to vet first time?

    Getting a new kitten soon for the first time, need it examined, dewormed, and first set of shots (Feline Distemper, Upper respiratory viruses, Leukemia and Rabies shots only). It will be too young for neutering yet. I am aware of how much Frontline costs already.

    What I am looking for is for you to tell me how much this cost you when you took your kitten to the vet for the first time so I know what to expect. Canadian people only please because things are cheaper by a lot in the states including vet care; you see I already checked out this question on yahoo answers but all the figures were in US dollars and that didn't help me. Thank you for your help.

    DO NOT tell me to call my local vets I already know that and the touchscreen on my phone just broke so I can't make phone calls right now. I will call them before I go but I just want a ballpark figure because I am so excited to get a cat but I have to be realistic and figure out when I can afford to go and actually be responsible about it. Thank you.

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  • Does anyone else here feel like they have no life?

    Do you go on here because you have no friends and no money to go out and nothing to do?

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  • What is a good maintenance practice for preventing parasites in cats?

    You see, I had 2 cats and I never took them to the vet because they appeared to be healthy. I recently noticed they had fleas and tapeworms. Before i could afford the treatment i locked them in a spare room but they got out the window and ran away. It occurs to me that they probably had these parasites for quite some time before I noticed. So now i know that next time I need to be financially ready at any time for an emergency and I need to bring them to the vet regularly and maintain their health. But the thing is that I never ever want to get fleas or worms or any other parasite in my home again because I still have them several weeks later and I have had to throw out all my furniture and I am moving because the whole building is infected and the landlord won't do anything so even if I disinfect my unit it will become reinfested. So my point is that I want another cat in the future but this has been a terrible experience and i never want it to happen again. Obviously I will not get a cat while living in a privately owned apartment building. But my question to you is, how often should I do what to prevent the cat from getting anything? For example, how often should the cat be dewormed, taken to the vet for a check-up, or should it be on anti-flea pills, etc? In a perfect world, what would be the absolute ideal routine for preventive health care for the cat to avoid parasites?

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  • What is the most fun thing to do with $28?

    I want to do the most fun thing possible for me and my husband and I have $28 to spend. It will be for tomorrow evening. We do not have a car but we live in a medium sized city. Any ideas?

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