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  • How many can one take to a military ball usually?

    Well I recently got asked my one of my friends to a military ball in California. My first one. Me and him hang out a lot. I recently started developing a crush on him. He recently asked me out of the blue if I wanted to go to his military ball. I wasn't sure if he wanted me to tag along or if its because he's asking me as his date to go because he wasn't clear. Just wanted to know in case I don't end up alone or something in a table all awkwardly because I'm just tagging along. Is it just usually one other person you invite as your date or.. Are you allowed to invite more?

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  • Not having sex till marriage? Even if not a virgin?

    Well heres the deal. What do you guys opinion on a woman waiting till marriage to have sex and making a man respect that. Even though she isnt a virgin anymore. Lets say as a change of view...

    Well I am dating a man whom I'm starting to like. I haven't been in an intimate relationship in a while. I have a two year old daughter. But just because I have a daughter does that mean I have to give it sooner or later. I've had so many different opinions on this. And I can't seem to get a good answer. I believe other women ask themselves this as well. Well this time should they make a guy hold off? I believe that at times it does confuse things. So I want to make sure. That if I find anyone. That we focus on our feelings mainly. But is it possible?

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  • Can my partner and I get married while he is in the marines?

    My bf and I have been wanting to get married for awhile and he is already enlisted for the marines and I am joining the police force. We already have a daughter together . He wants to get married next year. His training will start soon. I have read that it is difficult to get married with someone while in the marines. What are the pros and cons. How can we make it work? What should I be prepared for and so as we'll for him? If someone could provide me some information that would be great.

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  • How come our heart is older than our documented age?

    It doesnt make sense. Our heart develops in our mothers womb. And fully develops when in the womb. But somehow it is considered the age we are born.

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