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My name is Chris.I live in South Australia,Australia. I have learnt a lot about relationships.I've made my mistakes and I've been with women who have made their mistakes too.Every relationship is a learning experience.I hope to be able to help those who genuinely need help. If you want to contact me please do.Respectful contact please.

  • What do girls love talking about with a guy?

    To all girls and women,this question is for you:

    When you meet a new guy,what do you love talking about with them?

    List the topics you enjoy talking about most.( and it makes you feel good as well.)

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  • What topics to girls/women like to talk about with a guy?

    One subject that often gets neglected here in the Dating & Singles section is no one ever asks girls/women what things do girls/women like talking about when they are with a guy.So,I put this question to every girl/woman :

    What topics do all of you girls and women like to talk about when you are with a guy?And,mention the reasons why.

    Please list your favourite topics.

    Do you like it when guys ask you questions about you? And why?

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  • After a break up my ex got too nervous to come near me again?Why is she unable to come near me?

    My ex fiancee was going through a lot of stressful situations in her life at the time we were still together.Her life was falling apart.Things going wrong in her life.At some point we broke up.Despite trying to get back together again she has become too nervous to come near me.She would drive past and stop 2 houses away and get out the car.This was usually if I was out the front at the time she would stop,get out the car and try to talk to me.It never worked.She just wouldnt come near me.

    This has been going on for ages.Her sister got involved trying to help the 2 of us talk.She would get out of the car,walk over to me and hand me her moblle phone(cell phone) and my ex and I would talk.This was an ongoing thing for ages.But now she's so nervous she wont even talk over the phone.Between my ex,her sister and I we are all frustrated.We have become strangers since.Her sister doesnt understand why I have given up.So she's upset about that too.

    I finally gave up despite both women continue to turn up.I need to know what going on in her mind? Why is she too nervous to come near me? I know she is frustrated more than I am.I know her sister is trying to get the 2 of us to talk.and it is frustrated.How do I resolve this? I know her and I can never be together again.She just wont come near me.What am I supposed to do?

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  • Chord progression for love song?

    I'm trying to write a love song on piano.I'm looking for some ideas for chords that can create a deep and meaningful love song.The song will be using a 4/4 drumbeat.I have a Roland RD700SX stage piano with a built in drum machine.I would really appreciate any ideas.

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  • What do you women want in a loving relationship?

    I am asking all the women and girls who read this question to think about this question and then reply.What do you genuinely want from a guy in a real loving relationship? What does it take to make the relationship work for you,and,work with you? What responsibilities should guys have and what responsibilities should women have in that relationship? Think along the lines of a relationship that you want to last forever.

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  • How do some posts to yahoo answers have links that work while other links dont?

    I read & reply to yahoo answers.When people post a link with their question sometimes the link does work and you can go to it.Other posts there are links that dont work yet some people seem to be able to go to that site.

    I use mozilla firefox most of the time.Those who post links that do work seem to have a certain amount of points.My links work when I reply to a question that requires a link.How is it that some people are able to see a link on a post?

    4 AnswersYahoo Answers8 years ago
  • Why are some guys nervous around pretty/beautiful girls/women?

    I used to have the problem myself.I would see a pretty girl or pretty woman and I'd be really nervous for no reason.I was very nervous and shaky and had trouble talking.Thankfully I was cured of that issue and it was so simple too.The reason it happens are interesting.So,I want to ask other guys of all ages,why are you nervous when you see a pretty girl? I'll even give you the cure to it if you want.

    Desrcibe how you are feeling when you see a girl thats pretty/beautiful,etc? Be detailed so you can compare how it affects others.

    I know that some girls have a similar problem good looking guys too.

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  • Why do some links work in yahooanswers?

    One thing I've noticed is that when people post a question on yahooanswers sometimes the links they've posted will either work or it wont.I use mozilla firefox everyday.Can you tell me why there is a problem with some links but not others?

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  • Why are some /girls/women nervous around good looking guys?

    Have you noticed that there are women out there of all ages that get nervous/intimidated by good looking guys?And,there are guys who also have similar problems with gorgeous women?

    For you girls/women,what makes you nervous about good looking guys? What makes you nervous?

    Did something happen somewhere in your life where you suddenly became nervous for no reason?


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  • Where to find photographs of a Chinchilla cats?

    I would like to put 2 or 3 photos of Chinchilla cats on my facebook page just to brighten up the page.Can anyone provide me any photographs that I can have on my facebook page?

    3 AnswersCats8 years ago
  • What are the best sites to find avatars suitable for forums,etc?

    I'm trying to find websites where you can get free avatars for forums,etc.What websites can you recommend?

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  • What form of OCD is this?

    I saw a guy who was in pain and a physical mess.His hair was hadnt been trimmed.His beard was growing and also never trimmed.His fingernails and toe nails were extremely long.,They hadnt been trimmed in years.He was a wreck and in obvious pain because of it.His appearance was extremely grotty.I spoke to him as he owns a business.He said it was obsessive compulsive disorder.I have tried to find out what this version of ocd is called.It stopped him doing things.It stopped him doing all forms of grooming.There has to be a name for it.Do you know what its called?

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  • Do Aquarius women keep things private?

    I know a few Aquarius women.They all seem to have a problem keeping things private.They dont seem to have a problem broadcasting everything.No privacy what so ever.

    Even a few guys I know who are Aquarius.They are just as bad.And between the men and women they seem to be non conformists.

    8 AnswersHoroscopes8 years ago
  • What women star signs are compatible with a Libra Man?

    Which of the stars signs are most compatible for a Libra male? I have the moon in sagittarius.

    5 AnswersHoroscopes8 years ago
  • What are the latest good books on star signs?

    I would like to find some new books on Star signs.I have the various Linda Goodman books.I used to have the Penny Thornton Book,"Romancing the stars".That was one of the best books I ever had until I lent it to someone and never got it back.

    What star sign books show each of the 12 star signs and their compatibility?


    2 AnswersHoroscopes8 years ago
  • Can you help,I'm looking for websites on how to recognise the traits of each star signs?

    There was a book on astrology published about 1990s.It was called:

    "Romancing the stars". By Penny Thornton.

    In each chapter was a section that tells you how to recognize each star sign's physical features.

    I want to find a website that does show all that information.Most websites just tell the usual things but not like the way Penny described in her book..I havent been able to buy a copy of that book either.

    If you know of any websites that provides such information could please provide the links?


    1 AnswerHoroscopes8 years ago
  • When you start a new yahoo group how long before it shows in the yahoo directory?

    I started a new yahoo group.I chose the option to have it listed in the Yahoo directory.How long does it usually take before a new group appears in the listing? And,will it be the last on the list of the category?

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  • How to write a song about falling in love?

    I want to write a song about falling in love.I need some hints on what makes a great falling in love song.

    1 AnswerLyrics8 years ago
  • why wont the yahoo group homepage show the management page so I can change settings,etc?

    I started a new yahoo group so I can give to my friend.I cliiked on "managment" on the group home page.It takes me to some listed page.I still cant edit,etc.Whats going on there? I cant even make changes so that people hasve to be approved first. Is there a server problem this weekend? It cant be a web browser issue.

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  • I'm trying to find a good email-pen pal site in Australia.Can you recommend any?

    I'm looking for email pen pal websites in Australia.Can you recommend any respectable sites?

    2 AnswersGeneral - Australia8 years ago