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I am a Christian, currently not attending service. i become more clear in my point of view by reading into questions and answers of other people. I enjoy many of the questions asked, while wondering, why some of them are not asked in a different forum. I love to use the bible to find answers and I am very happy if I find bible quotes founding questions and answers of others. At times I feel unhappy if I find references to the bible without quotes, because I cannot duplicate the statements used to make up questions and answers. At times I am just sitting in front of my computer and laugh about the naughtiness of answers given. God bless you.

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    Angry IP Scanner Output - New results?

    I am still looking for an intruder into my Wifi network. The following is the output of the freeware "Angry IP Scanner" program.

    I currently have 2 devices attached via WiFi- 1 phone: B0:72:BF:C4:7B:B1-  one Kindle device: mac: 68:DB:F5:2F:33:74- one voice ip adaper: 00:0B:82:F1:06:73- There seem to be 2 different mac addresses related to my Hitron mode: - 78:8D:F7:AA:9E:12 and- 00:25:11:24:DB:97The last line looks suspicious as there is a valid ping (no dead host according to "Angry IP Scanner" will be listed), but no other information is available. Does this have any particular meaning?Can 1 device have two different MAC addresses as I assumed in the context of my Hitron cable modem?

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    Interpretation of an "Angry IP scanner" freeware program output?

    Angry IP scanner seems to be listing devices connecting to my WiFi network.

    Currently I have an Android phone and a Kindle device connecting.

    Also the hub seems to be listing as a connection device.

    In the image you can see there is one device connecting with a [n/a] host name, listed next to IP address Is this a device different from phone/Kindle/Hub devices? Could this be a "hacker"?

    In case a hacker would invade the WiFi network, what could I do?

    WiFi settings in my Hitron cable modem has guest accounts turned off.

    Could you please help with one or both of my questions:

    - Is one "Angry IP Scanner" entry designating the IP of a hacker

    - Can I do anything to prevent a person from accessing my WiFi network?

    Thank you.

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    Hi: My problem here are the style sheets. I don't understand why the output is as in the attached image.?


    #dev-1 {

    position: fixed;

    top: 60px;

    left: 10px;

    width: 500px;

    height: 200px;

    background-color: yellow;

    text-color: white;


    #dev-2 {

    position: fixed;

    top: 60px;

    left: 550px;

    width: 500px;

    height: 200px;

    background-color: red;

    text-color: white;


    #dev-1.#lb1, #dev-1.#lb2, #dev-1.#lb3, #dev-1.#tb1, #dev-1.#tb2, #dev-1.#cities{

    position: relative;

    width: 150px;

    height: 20px;


    #dev-1.#lb1, #dev-1.#lb2, #dev-1.#lb3 {

    position: fixed;

    left: 10px;


    #dev-1.#tb1, #dev-1.#tb2, #dev-1.#cities {

    position: fixed;

    left: 180px;


    #dev-1.#tb1, #dev-1.#lb1 {

    position: fixed;

    top: 70 px;


    #dev-1.#tb2, #dev-1.#lb2 {

    position: fixed;

    top: 100 px;


    #dev-1.#cities, #dev-1.#lb3 {

    position: fixed;

    top: 130 px;


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  • How could I compile c++ code (mingw) referencing c++ thread?

    I would like to compile the following code:

    I read the article multithreading = C++ 2011 on stackoverflow.

    This is what i tried as a command line:

    g++ -std=c++11 source.cpp

    this is the message I received:

    t.cpp: In function 'int main()':

    t.cpp:18:3: error: 'thread' was not declared in this scope

    thread first (foo); // spawn new thread that calls foo()


    t.cpp:18:10: error: expected ';' before 'first'

    thread first (foo); // spawn new thread that calls foo()


    t.cpp:19:10: error: expected ';' before 'second'

    thread second (bar,0); // spawn new thread that calls bar(0)


    t.cpp:24:3: error: 'first' was not declared in this scope

    first.join(); // pauses until first finishes


    t.cpp:25:3: error: 'second' was not declared in this scope

    second.join(); // pauses until second finishes


    This pertains to above code you can find here:

    In this directory there *is* an include file named thread


    The same as above if I use this compiler:

    C:\Program Files\mingw-builds\x32-4.8.1-posix-dwarf-rev2

    C:\Program Files\mingw-builds\x32-4.8.1-posix-dwarf-rev2\mingw32\lib\gcc\i686-w64-mingw32\4.8.1\include\c++

    Actually on ideone (c++11) above code seems to compile and link, just has some runtime issues ...

    Please let me know, what I can do.

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  • Gimp Question - Installation?

    The latest version of gimp (for windows) I found is version 2.8.

    The latest version of gimp (for windows) help I found is version 2.6

    As this did not work out - F1 is not functional in gimp - I looked for gimp 2.6 and could not find it.

    Eventually I found gimp help version 2.8 as a tar and probably not for windows.

    The person I want to give this program to - does not want internet access.

    How can I provide a version of gimp (i.e. version 2.8) with working help system. Thank you for your help

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  • Can a security guard in Ontario, Canada remove a person from premises using physical force?

    A resident from a condominium approached the security desk asking for help to prevent her ex boyfriend from entering the premises, because he threatened her. She provided a photograph of this person. My question is: How can this individual be brought off premises? It is my understanding that NO ban notice has been delivered to that person. It is my understanding that the resident had told her ex boyfriend to not return to her site. It is my understanding that the ex boyfriend may have other friends in the building. In my mind the secuirty guard can request the person to leave property. As soon as this is refused the person is in violation to the trespass to property act. This would leave the guard with the option to:

    a) arrest the person (which should not be done according to the site supervisor)

    b) call the police

    The site supervisor detailed steps to "talk the person out of the building" and also seemed to argument another means of "use of force" with the intent to remove an individual from property outside the Liquor License Act)

    What would be the legislation to allow to "remove a person from property" using force? Can I physically prevent above person to move around in the building without performing an arrest and getting this individual off site?

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  • Geometric sort using Visual C++ ...?

    My problem is to sort vertices in order to get a polygon rather than scattered areas. Currently I am wondering about planes, not 3d. I am out of math quiet some time, so please be as easy as possible, provide links, examples, etc. thanks you for your efforts in advance:

    Please also check out the commented image at

    to answer my question.

    Here is some sample code, which is not gaining desired results:

    The points are random generated. I want to sort them in a way that they describe a polygon. Currently I tried sorting by x and by y coordinates. The following examples shows how I sort

    using x-coordinates as order criterium. The call to qsort and the compare function are further down.

    #include <windows.h>

    const POINT globalPointArray[] ={

    {rand() % 800 , rand() % 600},

    {rand() % 800 , rand() % 600},

    {rand() % 800 , rand() % 600},

    {rand() % 800 , rand() % 600},

    {rand() % 800 , rand() % 600},

    {rand() % 800 , rand() % 600},

    {rand() % 800 , rand() % 600},


    // this would be a function call to the Win GDI Polygon function!!!!

    void fct(HDC hdc) {

    Polygon(hdc, globalPointArray, 7);


    static int compare(const void *a, const void *b)


    POINT *ptA = (POINT *)a,

    *ptB = (POINT *)b;

    return ptA->x - ptB->x;


    This is the compare function I am currently using for the quicksort. As u can see, the sort order is by x coordinates.

    qsort(globalPointArray, iCounter, sizeof(POINT), compare);

    Thank you.

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  • Geometric sort using Visual C++ ...?

    Please check out the commented image at

    to answer my question.

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  • Problem designing a template class?

    In my CLinkedList (template) class I implemented a find function which should be accessing the

    overloaded operator== function

    of the Data class, which in this case happens to be CPerson,

    but instead comes up withe the following compiler error:

    c:\projects\templatell\templatell.cpp(95) : error C2679: binary '==' : no operator defined which takes a right-hand operand of type 'const class std::basic_string<char, struct std::char_traits<char>,clas

    s std::allocator<char> >' (or there is no acceptable conversion)

    c:\projects\templatell\templatell.cpp(91) : while compiling class-template member function 'bool __thiscall CLinkedList<class CPerson,class std::basic_string<char,struct std::char_traits<char>,c

    lass std::allocator<char> > >::find(const class std::basic_string<char,struct std::char_traits<char>,class std::allocator<char> > &,class CLinkedList<class CPerson,class std::basic_string<char,struct std::char_traits<char>,class std::allocator<char>

    > > &)'

    Here is the code I consider relevant, but if you need more, please let me know:

    (10 points for relevant answer)

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  • Visual Studio Express 2010 / Visual Studio Beta 2 Setup problems?

    I receive the following error message for the Visual Studio Express 2010. Please check the following link including the comment underneith.

    As always the person who - hopefully - successfully answers my questions will be awarded 10 points, right after I fixed my problem. Thanks for your efforts in advance. :O)

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  • vb express 2008 problem?

    If I want to start a new VB 2008 Express project I receive the following error message:

    Anyone who would know how to fix this? I uninstalled everything related to Visual Express 2008 (VB, VC++, C#, Webdevelopment - not SQL Server though) and tried to reinstall multiple times.

    In case you could help you would be awarded the usual 10 points :O). Thanks for your efforts in advance.

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  • c question - macros!?

    consider the following:

    #define SQR(x) x * x

    printf("%d", 225/SQR(15)); /* Output is: 225 */ why?

    Note: Both of the following result in output of 1

    #define SQR(15) (x * x)

    printf("%d", 225/SQR(15));

    #define SQR(15) x * x

    printf("%d", 225/(SQR(15)));

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  • After 4 or 5 years of usage my Windows XP Professional needs to be activated again. Why is that?

    I am speculating about recent software installations, but I was quiet surprised. I have 3 days left to comply with the activation request. Until then I hopefully have found my CD. Any clous?

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