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  • Christians... Isn't God telling you he is angry you still support Trump?

    In the past, when tragedies like hurricanes, tornados, illnesses, etc. happened Christians were quick to claim that it was God's retribution (hurricane Katrina was punishment for "wicked New Orleans" and AIDS was punishment for "the gays").  

    Now, we have wild fires from California to Colorado, the hottest summer in American history, so many hurricanes that they've run out of names for them, and 200,000 Americans dead from COVID.  America is being hit with multiple natural disasters, and the biggest common denominator for all of these disasters is that Trump is president... largely because of Christian supporters.  In fact, the number of natural disasters SINCE Trump took office has steadily increased and we've had record wildfires, droughts, and hurricanes almost every year since he took office.   

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  • Arguments for/against playing high school football?

    My 8th grade son plays junior high (full contact) football.  He has ADHD and struggles with his behavior and his grades.  Being involved in sports helps him burn off his excess energy, keeps him busy, helps him make friends, encourages him to work harder in school (he needs to pass to play), and just generally provides a structured environment. 

    He wants to try out for the high school football team this summer.

    My wife has 'put her foot down' about high school football. She has become obsessed with the recent news about kids getting badly injured, or even dying, in high school sports related incidents.  She has no objections to other sports.

    My feeling is that the benefits of him playing outweigh the risks.  It helps with his behavior and grades, and he has actually gotten injured more playing on his soccer team than playing football.      

    I am curious what other's experience has been in situations like this.  

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  • Does anyone else dislike Biden because he didn't 'step up' last election?

    At this point, I don't have a strong preference of most of the Democratic candidates... except for a dislike of Biden. I personally hope that Biden is not the candidate.

    My biggest problem is that he WOULD have won against Trump three years ago, saving us all from a lot of pain and two seats on the Supreme Court. He remained out of the race as a favor to Hillary even when it was clear Hillary was vulnerable to attacks by the GOP and Fox News.

    I feel his moment has passed, and he cannot now come back and try to fix what he allowed to happen in the first place.

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  • My house is a 'fixer-upper,' should I sell as is or pay to fix it up?

    I own a house with an good location, large wooded yard, and good floorplan. However, it is 40 years old and is showing its age. The bathrooms need renovations. It needs new flooring throughout. And, there are other small or large projects that likely need completion.

    Assuming the house has an estimated sale price around the $400K, am I better off putting $30-50,000 repairing the house before the sale? Or, sell for $30-$50K less 'as is.' I an not worried it will sell, the neighborhood is very desirable, and about to get more so given nearby new businesses. (I suspect a realtor will say do the repairs because it ups their commission.)

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  • What should I expect with weight training... starting to feel frustrated.?

    I lost over 50 pounds last year through a diet. I decided to start weight training to help keep off the weight, lower my body fat, and to generally feel and look better.

    I am a 50, male, and have been lifting 4-6 times a week for 5 months. I have run through a "beginner's program" and am now over a month into an "intermediate program." However, I am not seeing significant gains in either the weights I can lift or improvement in my physique. I am not saying there aren't changes, just not what I have hoped after months of hard work.

    Starting from nearly zero, what is typical before you really start to see results? Do they come in waves (like weight lose tends to do) or something slower and more gradual? I know it is different for everyone, I am just interested to hear what others have experienced.

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  • Explain to me again how the Bible is a guidebook of morality...?

    A father a son, devout Christians imprisoned their stepsister in a basement and raped her repeatedly. They believe their actions are entirely in line with the Bible, a book that encourages its followers to treat women as property.

    I know you will say these are "bad apples." However, Christians claim that the Bible and Christianity foster moral behavior, and yet we have a many examples like this one where the Bible is used to justify clearly immoral behavior. And, people like these two would argue that Christians who condemn them are the ones who do not understand God's will.

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  • Watered down religion... what is the point?

    A church near my house has advertising showing people holding cards that say, "More Change", "Less Talk", and "No religious aftertaste."

    My question to Christians... What is your reaction to this watering down of Christianity to make it more palatable to a wider population? Isn't somewhat ridiculous that a church - a religious institution - is marketing itself as not religious?

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  • Should I apply to every job I see on a company site?

    I was looking at a Jobs/Careers section for a large and well known company. There are at least a dozen jobs listed that I am qualified for, but worry that if I apply to them all I might hurt my chances. For example the HR screeners will get tired of seeing my name or if some of the jobs have the same hiring manager they might be bothered that I wasn't focused on a single job. The problem is that the jobs don't have enough detail for me to know if one of them is a better fit than the others.

    Should I just apply to them all on the assumption that everyone does that?

    Should I just apply to a couple and hope hit the ones that are a good fit?

    Or, should I consider some other action or method?

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  • Composter not 'cooking'?

    A month ago I bought to a composter with two 40 gallon barrels that rotate. I filled them both with materials, mostly from my old compost pile, mostly leaves, but some grass and food scraps, all about 1/2 way through the process. Neither of the barrels have started to heat up the way my old pile used to when I was good about keeping it turned. I even bought some "Compost Food" to see if that would kick start things.

    Any recommendations to get my compost cooking?

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  • Does it bother you when your clergyman lives "well"?

    I have had the opportunity to visit the homes of many clergy over the years. I have been to the homes of ministers, rabbis, and others. In almost every case, those homes were in nicer neighborhoods and were priced well above the average for the city; much nicer than the homes of most of their congregation. There are also frequent stories of clergy from 'mega churches' living in mansions and driving expensive cars.

    Churches and other religious institutions are considered charitable and non-profit organizations. When it is discovered that a charity like the United Way or a Susan G. Komen Foundation pays their directors fat salaries and gives them huge perks, there is usually significant complaint and backlash. Does the same happen with churches?

    As a member of a congregation, how do you feel when you go to the minister's or rabbi's home and see it is nicer than yours? Does it bother you that money you gave to the church is going to fund their lavish lifestyle?

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  • Would you lie for your religion?

    You believe your religion is the only road to salvation and you are - proverbially - throwing a life raft to drowning people. You have heard others have had success when proselytizing by giving testimonials about how they, themselves, were saved (from drugs, lives of crime, abusive family, etc.) through conversion. It is unlikely that a secondhand account of a conversion story will have the impact needed to get your audience to convert.

    Would you lie? Would you repeat the testimonials of others to make it appear that YOU were saved from a terrible life (addicted to drugs, homeless, in jail, prostituting yourself, etc)? Would you embellish your own stories, so that it appears your conversion was more dramatic than it actually was? Would you knowingly lie to convert others?

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  • should I wait to plant my shrubs?

    I live in central Texas and we are in the third year of a drought. We got more rain this year, but are still at a deficit. I have a strip I prepared for planting over a year ago, but I decided not to plant anything there until the drought was over, or at least a little better. The plan is to put in something drought tollerant, like a sage or rosemary.

    We are entering the prime time for planting shrubs in Texas (Feb). I don't want to plant only to have them all die when the summer heat and dryness hits. Should I wait another year to see if the drought ends or just go ahead and plant, taking the higher risk that I will lose them. My wife is tired of the empty beds.

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  • Early 50's Austin Model?

    My father says he had a small Austin, likely a sports car, back in late 1950s New York. He was not wealthy, so I have to believe it was a model from the late 40's or early 50's for him to have been able to afford the car.

    Apart from it being an Austin, the only detail I know is that the car had small paddles or flaps that would pop out the side as a turn indicator. Looking through the Wiki page for Austin, I don't see any with this feature. Does anyone have any ideas on what model he might have owned?

  • Don't you hate it when people delete their questions before you have a chance to answer?

    This was the question...

    What proof and evidence is there that proves atheism is accurate and correct?

    I was watching the atheist experience show and they evaded the question on live t.v. How would you answer it?

    This was my answer...

    They didn't evade the question, you just didn't like their answer. Their answer, correctly, is that atheism doesn't require proof. It is those who believe in God who are making the positive claim, and therefore it is they who must present proof.


    Me - "I want to buy your house, will you take a check?"

    You - "Sure, but I will need to see your bank statement prove you have the money"

    Me - "Why should I have to prove I have the money, isn't it enough that I write you a check?"

    You - "No, how can I be sure you have the money?"

    Me - "You cannot DISPROVE I have the money, thus, you must accept that I have the money."

    This argument is exactly the argument you are making. "You cannot DISPROVE God, thus you must believe in him." No... Just as in the example, I am not going to believe until I have proof it exists.

    2 AnswersReligion & Spirituality7 years ago
  • Christians and others... Give me your best shot?

    Christians, and other theists, I believe I have heard or read all of the arguments from you as to why I should believe in God. Thus far, none of them are worth the electrons required to display them on my screen. I ask you, do you have anything new? Do you have that one argument or proof that will sway an atheist like me? Before you write something, please make sure you are not just rehashing the old arguments below. (To the non-religious, feel free to add to the list.)

    “What if you are wrong?” – Pascal’s Wager. Fail. I could use the same argument for Zeus and Odin.

    “The Bible says…” – Circular argument. Fail. The only proof that the Bible is true is that the Bible says it is true. By this reasoning, the Koran and Book of Mormon as also true.

    “There is evidence of design…” – Argument from design. Fail. There is no evidence for design. Most of the cited evidence is either a misinterpretation of the findings, lack of education, or outright fabrication.

    “Two billions people cannot be wrong…” – Argument from popularity. Fail. The entire world population could believe the moon is made of cheese, but that wouldn't make it happen.

    “You cannot explain this...” – Argument from ignorance. Fail. The inability to explain a phenomenon does not point to God; it just means it hasn’t yet been explained. What is more, many of the claims that something cannot be explained are incorrect. (You also have the problems of “God is in the gaps.”)

    “I was lost, but now I am found…” – Anecdotal evidence. Fail. Saying, “I prayed and [this] happened” is meaningless on an individual basis. If everyone who prayed had it happen, then you would have something.

    “Morality…” - Have you read the Bible? It advocates slavery, rape, child abuse, genocide, etc. Fail. I can find plenty of examples of immoral acts by believers, often done in the name of God. I can also find many examples of non-believers who lead exemplary lives.

    “Something cannot come from nothing” – Argument from ignorance, again. Fail. The Big Bang doesn’t say the universe came from nothing.

    “You cannot prove God doesn’t exist” – I don’t have to. Fail. You are making the claim that God exists, I simply don’t believe your claims.

    “The Ontological Argument…” or “The First Cause Argument” – Both of these are logically flawed and make ridiculous assumptions. But, the bigger issue is that no Christian believe BECAUSE of these arguments, they are just arguments people use to justify what they already believe. Fail.

    “I feel God” or “I have faith” – That is nice. But it isn’t a reason for me to believe. Fail.

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